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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Homeless People

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Chef Kicks Out Homeless Customer, What Happens Next Will Shock You


Giovanni is a selfish and narcissistic restaurant owner who took pride in having a Kitchelin Star as it is an honor that could make or break a restaurant.

Having one star means that Giovanni's is a "A very good restaurant in its category."

This star has led to Giovanni's being very busy.

Giovanni calls for a staff meeting in order to announce that an inspector is coming to the restaurant.

The staff is less than enthusiastic during the meeting as there is nothing in it for them if the restaurant becomes more successful. They do not get any additional compensation for it. Everything just goes to Giovanni.

Instead of motivating his staff to perform better by providing incentives or pay raises, he says they should be thankful to have a job.

The Kitchelin Star is patterned after the real life Michelin Star which is the ultimate hallmark of culinary excellence. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants who have the highest of standards.

Also, just like the Michelin Star inspectors, Kitchelin Star inpectors are anonymous and go to great lengths to make sure they remain that way.

Mark Davis was a particularly crafty inspector and he dressed like a homeless person in order to not get special treatment.

Mark comes into the restaurant and Giovanni's receptionist tries to assist him.Giovanni sees Mark and he then panics and says Mark is not welcome in his restaurant. He then seats Mark at the back and hopes Mark won't stink up the joint.

Giovanni sees a nicely dressed lady and proceeds to welcome her to his restaurant, thinking she was the inspector. He then tells her that he has a belief to "Treat every customer with respect because they are the key to success." Giovanni then proceeds to try to butter up the lady, thinking she was the inspector.

Mark tries to call the attention of Giovanni. Giovanni approaches him and gets annoyed. He then tell Mark that he is not a server. He accuses Mark of dining and dashing and he wants to see money upfront. Mark shows him the money and Giovanni tells his waiter to get Mark a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of water.

Mark's order is taking a long time and he tries to call Giovanni's attention to follow it up. The waiter then brings a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate cake. Mark asks what the food on the other plate was. Giovanni tells Mark that he is luck that an inspector is here. Otherwise, he would have kicked him out on the street.

Giovanni then tries to butter up with the "inspector" with his double chocolate cake with chocolate imported from Italy. The lady confesses she is not the inspector and she was merely observing the restaurant as she wants to put up one of their own.

Mark then surfaces from the kitchen with Giovanni's Kitchelin Star. He showed his business card that he was the inspector and that nobody will eat at Giovanni's after his review comes out. He also gives business cards to Giovanni's disgruntled staff and promised them better jobs with other restaurants.

This shows an important lesson that businesses should treat their customers with respect as they are the lifeblood of any business.

Businesses should not be too quick to judge as many well to do people dress ordinarily and many people with no money dress in a fancy manner.

CEO Catches A Homeless Man Stealing Pizza, The Ending Will Shock You


A homeless man orders pizza from a local pizzeria. They have a 5 slices for $5 deal for their cheese pizza.

He turns around and bumps into the CEO of a company. The CEO gets upset at the homeless man and tells him to be careful as his suit is expensive.

The CEO then proceeds top order 3 slices of pizza. The server tells him they have a 5 slices for $5 deal. The CEO then agrees and proceeds to find a seat.

The CEO gets seated and places his Macbook on the table and waits for his order.

The homeless man joins him and the server then delivers the five slices of cheese pizza. The homeless man quickly grabs a slice to eat. The CEO gets annoyed and proceeds to grab the plate containing the pizza.

The CEO and homeless man would take turns getting pizza from the plate and the homeless man grabs the last slice. The CEO calls him out for it and the homeless man offers to share the last slice. The CEO loses it and accuses the homeless man of stealing other people's food.

The server comes back and delivers 5 more slices of cheese pizza. The CEO tells her that he already got his order. The waitress then tells him that the order she delivered earlier belonged to the homeless man.

The CEO apologizes profusely and offers to share his pizza.

The moral of the story is "Don't be so quick to assume."

The CEO assumed the homeless man was stealing his pizza and he should have asked the homeless man and the server for facts before jumping to conclusions.

Homeless Man Finds A Woman's Wedding Ring, Ending Is Shocking

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This was based on a true story.

Billy Ray Harris was a homeless guy trying to beg for money to survive.

Sarah Darling felt sorry for him and generously gave him $20 to help him out. Billy thanks Sarah and asks her for her name. She introduces herself as Sarah Darling and she says she works across the street.

After Sarah leaves, Billy goes through his cup to check the money he has accumulated.He finds Sarah's wedding ring in the cup. She must have dropped the ring when she handed him the $20.

Billy tries to find Sarah but did not have any success. He stops by a local pawnshop to have the ring appraised. The owner offers him $4000 and Billy is tempted to take the money but decides not to.

He remembers that Sarah said she works in one of the offices across the street. He decides to scour each office until he finds her.He finally does and returns the ring.

Sarah's office mate suggest that Sarah should go start a "Go Fund Me" for Billy.

Sarah starts raising funds for Billy and ends up with $190,000.She then hands the money over to Billy and this changes his life.

Billy has then been able to buy a house and car and has since reconnected with his family.

The family has not seen Billy in 16 years and did not know his whereabouts.

This is a happy ending with the moral lesson of "What goes around comes around."


The sneaker culture has taken over the world and premium shoes have become items that now cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Here, a shoe reseller named Skyler agrees to meet Sam at the park.

He then sees Skyler and she says the shoes are $200 but Sam only has $150. Why Sam does not bring enough money is a mystery.

Skyler is nice and still agrees to sell him the shoes for $150.

A homeless man accidentally steps on Sam's three hundred dollar shoes and Sam berates him.

The homeless man apologizes to Sam and tells him he has been walking barefoot for months.

Skyler feels sorry for the homeless man and gives him the shoes instead.

Sam is upset that he lost out on the deal and Skyler tells her about her story. At one point she was in the same condition as the homeless man and she too did not have shoes.

Sam understands and decided to hand over the $150 to the homeless man.

The moral lesson is "You should always put yourself in other people's shoes."


Talia's daughter Bella is hungry and Talia tells her that they only need a few more bottles to earn enough money to buy food.

Talia sees Jasper with a plastic bottle that he is about to toss to the trash. She asks Jasper for the bottle and explains to Jasper that they recycle bottles in order for her and her daughter to survive.

Instead of feeling sorry for Talia and her daughter Bella, he feels disgusted as they are dirty and throws the bottle in the trash instead of handing it over to her.

This is very selfish behavior for Jasper. All Talia was asking was for an empty bottle he would discard anyway.

Jasper goes back to their vehicle and tells his mom Cynthia about his encounter with the homeless people.

Cynthia is saddened and explains to Jasper that his dad abandoned them and they ended up homeless.

She only survived due to the help of a homeless woman who taught her how to recycle trash.

Jasper grabs the bottle in the vehicle and hands it over to Talia.

Cynthia follows Jasper and is surprised to see Talia. She then invites Talia and Bella to live with them in their home.

The moral lesson is "One person's trash is another person's treasure."

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