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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Gold Diggers

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Gold Digger Shames Poor Guy At Bar, Lives To Regret It


Many people hang out in clubs to meet other people, mostly people of the opposite gender.

The video opens with the blonde girl talking to her brunette friend that she wants to land a rich guy who drives a Porsche.

They talk about a guy in a red sweater they see sitting in the bar.

The guy looks like an ordinary Joe and wears glasses.

The blonde girl says he looks like he drives a Volkswagen.

The guy in the sweater approaches the two girls and introduces himself as Benjamin.

The blonde girl acts rude towards Benjamin and says they are not interested.

The brunette girl though, acts nice towards Benjamin and agrees to meet him at the bar.

Richard then approaches the two women and asks them to come over with him as he has Champagne with V.I.P. bottle service. The blonde girl agrees to go with him.

Benjamin and the brunette girl talk about the blonde girl not liking him. The brunette girl explains that her friend only cares about finding a rich guy with a Porche. Benjamin responds that that behavior is typical in women in Los Angeles and asks the brunette girl if she was the same.She says that she is looking for a nice guy with a good heart.

The bartender then gives Benjamin and the brunette girl complimentary drinks. The brunette girl wonders why but thinks nothing much of it.

Richard and the blonde girl end up in the parking lot. She thinks Richard owns the Porsche Cayenne. Richard then admits he owns the Volkswagen.

The server chases after Richard as his card was declined. He then asks the blonde girl for help with the bill.

It turns out that Benjamin owned the club and several other clubs.

He was not "broke Benjamin" after all.

The moral of the story is "don't judge a book by it's cover."

Gold Digger Dumps Broke Boyfriend, Then Regrets Her Decision


John is starting up a new business and as such did not have that much money as starting up a new business requires a lot of capital and effort.

Despite limited funds, he tries to get his girlfriend Bella the best he could afford.

He gets her a bag and she gets upset that it is not a Louis Vuitton bag and that it is a mere Kate Spade bag.

John tries to take Bella out for dinner and she wants steak and wine but he could only offer Denny's. Bella gets upset and this is compounded by the fact that his car is old and takes a long time to start.

Not long after, John proposed to Bella. She rejected the proposal as the diamond ring had a small stone. She broke up with John as she found a guy named Estephan that could buy her what she wants.

At first, things were great with Estephan as he was able to buy Bella what she wants.

She later discovered, he was cheating on her and broke up with him.

John focuses on his business and later meets Rose.

Rose is unlike Bella and is very supportive of his business. She made meals for him and refused any expensive gifts.

Bella later meets John in a parking lot and sees that he is doing well financially.

She thinks of getting back with John but finds out that Rose is already his fiancee.

The moral lesson of the story is "If someone doesn't believe in you during your worst, then don't let them celebrate with you during your best."

Gold Digger Humiliates A Retail Worker, Instantly Regrets It

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Stacey Jones is living the high life on the back of her husband being the vice president of a major company.

She does not have to work a day in her life and gets to spend money like water.

Her husband is going to be nominated for an award and she is looking for new clothes to wear to the company event.

She carelessly throw clothes around and does not have any regard for the retail worker on duty.

Unfortunately, many of her selections did not have extra smalls in stock.

There is a line in the fitting room and Stacey throws a hissyfit. The other customers let her go first to avoid a scene.

When she finally makes her selection, the retail worker asks for an I.D. as it is above the $250 limit. Stacey gets insulted and acts like a Karen and demands to see the manager.

Stacey's husband comes in and tells her he has been fired and they need to save money now and she needs to find a job.

Stacey finds work as a retail worker in a clothing store and sees how hard it is.

She returns to the clothing store where the video began and apologizes to the retail worker as she realized how hard the job was.

The moral lesson of the story is "You never know how hard someone’s job is until you have to do it yourself."

Gold Digger Mocks Poor Woman's Ring, She Instantly Regrets Her Decision


Amber, the gold digger, sees her friend Gale and wonders if she was still dating Andre.

Gale proudly shows her ring to Amber. Amber scoffs at the ring as it has no diamonds in it.

Amber then flexes her diamond ring which is a 5 carat vvs diamond. She says her fiancee Derek makes a lot of money.

Amber asks Gale what Andre's job is. She says it is a personal assistant. Amber then mocks Andre's position as the position only pays $40,000 a year. She says her fiancee Derek earns six figures as a senior director.

Amber then flexes the Lamborghini Urus Derek just picked up. She asks Gale what car Andre has. Gale says it is a Honda Civic. Amber then makes fun of Andre's car.

Andre emerges from the Dhar Mann studios office and says he was promoted to senior director and shows Gale his new car and the new engagement ring he got for her.

Gale is overjoyed and they drive off.

Derek emerges from the studio and says he was fired for using the company's credit card to buy for personal expenses and says he needs to sell his Lamborghini and the engagement ring he gave to Amber.

The moral lesson is You should support someone even when they have nothing, because one day they'll have everything.

Gold Digger Sues Her Rich Husband, Lives To Regret It


Angela threatens her husband that she will get everything he owns.

Judge Jacobs arrives and the couple argues with each other.

Angela's husband accuses Angela of cheating but has no proof.

Judge Jacobs is close to making a judgement then the husband's lawyer arrives.

It turns out that the lawyer was Milton, Angela's former boyfriend.

Milton tells the judge that ten years ago, when he was still studying at law school, Angela left him for Chad, another guy, as he could not afford to support Angela's lifestyle.

This shows that Angela is a serial cheater.

Milton hired a private investigator to follow Angela and document her nefarious activities. He then present pictures of Angela with another man.

The judge decides against Angela and she ends up with nothing.

The moral lesson is "You get what you give."

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong

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