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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Celebrities

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

From Drug Addict To Billion Dollar Empire: The Shocking Life Story Of Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone is known today as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author.

Grant is known for his books - If You're Not First, You're Last, Sell to Survive, The Closer's Survival Guide, Sell or Be Sold and The 10X Rule.

He also produced a reality show called “Whatever It Takes” and this can be viewed on YouTube.

However, things were not always smooth sailing for Grant.

He lost his father at the age of 10 and lost his older brother at the age of 20.

This has led Grant to become a drug addict.

Grant was in and out of rehab as he could not seem to straighten his life out. Even Phil, the drug counselor, did not believe in him.

Despite his struggles, Grant's mom was there to be supportive of him. She believed Grant could change.

Grant tried his best to turn around his life.

He was given an opportunity to be a car salesman and worked his way to being the top producer.

Grant was able to parlay this opportunity into the rest of his life.

Today, Grant has several multi-million dollar companies, a huge real estate portfolio and a lifestyle one could only dream of.

He is the loving husband to Elena Cardone and a good role model to his two daughters - Scarlett and Sabrina.

The moral lesson of the story is to change you gotta change. When you change you gotta keep changing.

From Monk To Best Selling Book Author, Story Of Jay Shetty


Jay Shetty was a former monk who had this great idea to make videos to make wisdom go viral.

He tried to pitch this to a media executive.

Daniel, the media executive did not think the idea would click and belittled Jay's ability as he has no background or degree in film

and has hardly any professional experience.He promised Jay that his idea will never work.

Jay is dejected and talks to his friend. He is saddened that everyone he talked did not think his idea would work.

His friend encouraged Jay and lent him his camera.He encouraged Jay to make content on his own.

Jay then uploaded his content to Facebook and YouTube

He was able to gain millions of followers and billions of views.

Jay soon became on the biggest content creators and motivational speakers in the world.

He would appear on numerous television shows and in print media.

Jay bumped into Daniel again and Daniel apologized to him for not believing in him. Instead of getting upset, Jay thanked Daniel as his rejection helped make Jay a success. Daniel then autographed Daniel's copy of Think Like a Monk.

The moral lesson of the story is "Don't worry about rejections, all you need is one person to say yes, you"

"The Shocking Story of Nas Daily Quitting His 6-Figure Job!"

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The story opens with Nas staring at the sticky notes at his desk which say 25/76 33 percent life.

This means that with a life expectancy of 76 years as a male New Yorke, Nas has lived out essentially a third of his life.

He then talks to his office mate and tells him about the idea he is about to pitch to David, the boss.

Nas' office mate says that David is not exactly the best boss in the world and wished him luck in his presentation.

He goes to David's office and David is asking Nas for his reports.

Nas enthusiastically goes on with his presentation. He proposes that the company gives its employees a voice through making videos that tell their life story.

David thinks Nas' idea is stupid and tells him to go back to work and to get his report done by the end of the day.

Nas goes back to his desk dejected.

His office mate cheers him up and reminds Nas about how short life is.

David approaches Nas' desk and reminds him of his report and threatens to fire him if he does not comply.

Nas is upset that he has been in the company two years and David does not know his name.

He decides to quit and told his boss he will make videos to tell stories of people all over the world so no one feels invisible.

He tells his boss that someday he will watch Nas' videos and beg him to come back. David laughs at the notion.

Nas then tells people's stories in one minute videos.

He meets a homeless man named Julian who made toys from trash. This ends up going viral and changes Julian's life.

Nas goes on to become one of the biggest content creators in the world.

He sees David again and David apologizes to Nas. He says the company implemented Nas' idea. David offers Nas a job and he politely declines.

The moral lesson of the story is "Life is not forever and it's really good to use whatever time we have left to be heard or to do things that give us meaning."

Girl Shamed For Skin Problems Featuring Jamie Kern Lima


Jamie had a skin condition called rosacea which caused her to have a reddish face which may look like acne or sunburn.

She worked as an anchor for a newscast and she lost half of an eyebrow on air. The cameras had to switch to Rachel as it would not be a good look for the audience.

Jamie tried to explain to Ron that she has a skin condition but Ron does not want to hear it.

She discusses her problems with her husband Paulo and he supports her and says she should create make-up for people with rosacea and that they should use real women as their models and not people who looked perfect.

Jamie had an argument with Ron and quit her job.

She and her husband used their savings to start their own make-up company.

After experimenting with different formulations, they were able to find one that works even with people with rosacea.

Jamie was overjoyed and tried to market the product to big clients.

She was able to secure a meeting with one of the largest make-up retailers in the world.

Everyone was impressed with Jamie's concealer except the big boss. She laughed at Jamie for using herself as the model instead of someone who looked more like a traditional model.

This did not deter Jamie and she tried to market her make-up line IT Cosmetics through QVC.

Her product sold out and this began a string of successes for Jamie. IT Cosmetics became the largest beauty brand in the network.

Lima sold her make-up line to L'Oréal for $1.2 billion in 2016.

She has since dedicated her time to motivational speaking and empowering women.

She tells her story in her book Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable.

The moral lesson of the story is "You are beautiful."

Student Humiliates Special Ed Kid Featuring Lewis Howes


The story opens with Lewis failing his second test that month.

His classmate, Sean, makes fun of him and belittles his intelligence.

Miss wilson sends him of to special education class as Lewis is having difficulties keeping up.

Miss Green welcomes Lewis to her class.

Lewis did not have much self-confidence and thinks he will never be as great as Tony.

She notices his book "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins.

She said that she met Tony before and he signed her picture with the message "Whatever you believe, you can achieve."

Miss Green gave the autographed photo to Lewis to inspire him.

Lewis becomes inspired and learns how to read and begins to excel in class. He even graduates on time.

He then pursues his goal of being an author by writing LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website.

He was so excited to get his book out, but it did not click.

He meets Miss Wilson again and this time, he is determined to succeed.

He writes the book, The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy.

This time, he succeeds and he becomes a famous motivational speaker.

He even meets his idol Tony Robbins.

Lewis goes back to his school to give Miss Greene a copy of his book.

He sees Sean and Sean is now the school janitor.

Sean says he listens to Lewis' podcast all the time and asks a copy of the book.

The moral lesson of the story is "Whatever you believe, you can achieve."

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