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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Body Shaming

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Yoga Teacher Fat Shames Woman, Lives to Regret It


Jasmine and her mom are having a discussion in front of the largest yoga studio in town. Jasmine hesitates as she might get made fun of. Her mom encourages her though and Jasmine agrees to give it a try.

As Jasmine tries to get a yoga mat, she meets Emma, the yoga instructor. Jasmine tries to be friendly to her but the yoga instructed felt disgusted that a fat person like Jasmine wants to be in her class and wants to be a yoga instructor.

Jasmine struggles to hold basic yoga poses as she is on the heavy side. This frustrates Emma and she mocks Jasmine instead of encouraging her. She then sends her to the back of the class.

After the session Emma says that Jasmine will never be a yoga instructor as even in fitness magazines, it is thin people that become yoga instructors.

Jasmine goes and cries to her mom and says she wants to quit as she only humiliated herself there.

The mom then encourages her daughter to learn via You Tube. The daughter soon becomes good at yoga. The mom posts her daughter's journey on Instagram and she gets quite a following.

Jasmine eventually opens up her own studio and this eats up Emma's business.

Emma lost so much business that she tried to apply to work for Jasmine. Jasmine refuses as Emma made people feel bad instead of better.

The lesson of the story is "You can be anything you want to be, as long as you work hard for it. And don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise!"

Teenager Fat Shamed at Her School, What Happens is Shocking


Kimberly comes back to school after summer vacation and her teacher Miss Hope does not even recognize her. Kimberly has lost a lot of weight

and she now has braces to straighten her teeth. She even had a new Minecraft backpack. She also changed her name to Kimmy.

The teacher asks Kimberly what motivation she had to make these changes and Kimberly said it was the kids making fun of her.

The good feeling Kimmy had did not last as kids began to make fun of her for being too skinny, for having braces and for having a Minecraft


No matter what she did, there was no pleasing the kids at her school.

Kimmy starts to cry and Miss Hope tries to comfort her. She explains to Kimmy that people will always find was to criticize other people and

to do what makes her happy and not mind what other people say.

Kimberly then begins to stand up[ for herself and the kids at school are impressed. They began to treat her better.

The lesson of the story is "People will criticize you no matter what, don't let it get to you."

Boyfriend Fat Shames His Girl At Restaurant, Lives to Regret It

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Ashley is trying her best to treat James right but James is embarrased by Ashley's size.

He wants her to wear a jacket to hide her large arms as well as stomach eventhough it is hot.

He is looking at some Instagram models and wishes he had a skinnier girl.

He sees his buddy Roy and sees that Roy was able to get Violet, a pretty and thin girl. He becomes jealous of him and only introduces Ashley as his "friend" not his "girlfriend."

Ashley asks James why she was only introduced as a friend. James answers that he does not want people to know he is dating a big girl.

When dinner arrives, James chastises Ashley for ordering a burger and fries instead of a salad as she could lose a few extra pounds.

Ashley tries to surprised James with two tickets to Hawaii and bathing suits. Again, James feels embarrassed to be seen with Ashley in a bathing suit and breaks off their relationship.

He soon finds a pretty and skinny girl but she is not as kind and as affectionate as Ashley.

James sees Ashley again after a few months but she has moved on to a guy who treated her better.

The lesson of the story is "It’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside."

Guy Dumps Girlfriend for Being Too Tall, Lives to Regret His Decision


Matt is insecure about his height as he is the male in the relationship and he is significantly shorter than his girlfriend Gina.

Gina looks stunning and looks good enough to be a model while Matt looks like a dollar store version of Macaulay Culkin.

She wants to wear heels to the party but Matt opposes to it as she would look even taller.

Matt sees his friend and his girlfriend Rosa. Rosa wanted to get a wineglass but she and Matt cannot reach it. Gina goes to help and Matt is pissed. He introduces Gina as his friend.

They gang play a game of charades and Gina plays the giant. This embarrasses Matt and he breaks off with Gina.

Matt finds someone else but she is not as kind and affectionate as Gina.

He sees Gina after a few months and she has moved on with someone else.

The lesson of the story is "It’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what’s on the inside."

Model Skinny Shamed by Casting Director, Ending is So Shocking


Jolie always wanted to be a model.

She then auditions along with fellow aspirants Marie and Liz. Marie and Liz get chosen but the casting director thinks Jolie is too skinny to be a model. He encourages her to eat more. Jolie then explains to him that she has tried everything to no avail.

Jolie explains that people have made fun of her for being so skinny.

It so happens that the casting director's daughter Amelia has the same problem as Jolie. The teenagers at school made fun of her as well.

This makes the casting director realize the error of his ways and he gives Jolie a chance.

Jolie impresses at the event and the casting director does not regret his decision.

The lesson of the story is "Being skinny is okay. Not being skinny is okay. Making fun of someone for their body type is not okay."

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