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Destruction, "Inventor of Evil" Album Review

Ara is a Journalism graduate who used to work for Countrywide and saw what was going on in the company during the mortgage crisis.

How Good Is This 9th Studio Album?

Inventor of Evil is the superb 2005 studio album by German thrash metal veterans and legends Destruction. By this point in their career they could definitely be classified as heavy metal veterans and they return to being the kind of band with those impressive riffs and this time, there is no experimental sound used and for some fans, this may be a sigh of relief. For its flaws, the previous album was still good but this one obviously beats that one soundly. Inventor of Evil came out in the same year that Kreator’s Enemy of God album did and if you are in that category, you are with elite musical company. The album’s cover is similar to one of those by Canadian thrash metal band Razor but these guys are on another level in the thrash metal realm. They also bring their humanity flaw based lyrics to the surface, trying to get across the point that the relentless hunger and need to feed the war machine is one of the biggest flaws for mankind.

This Album Shows the Greatness of German Thrash Metal

By now, an experienced listener of the band Destruction should see how the band has grown and evolved to be some sort of thrash metal machine, churning out one solid album after another, with maybe the lone exception of the one that was released in 1998. The reason that we don’t mention that album by name here is because of the extremely long title. Even that album though not a total flop did not represent what Germany’s Destruction was capable of as a band and it didn’t match their style.

The Band Destruction May Be Better Than Their Countrymen Kreator

But with Inventor of Evil, they return to their brand of relentlessly thrash metal riffs which fit very well like glue and it is a formula that works out. The question I’m beginning to ask is are these guys better than Kreator? Well they might be because the riffs in this album are on another planet, a planet of superb musical greatness. “The Alliance of Hellhoundz” (that’s how the song is spelled) shows that Destruction can be great even if the song isn’t fast. This is how thrash metal should be played if you are going to start out as a thrash metal band or a heavy, modern metal band. This song sounds like a better version of a similar kind of song on Judas Priest’s Painkiller. Germany’s band Destruction were meant to play thrash metal and they gradually moved away from their earlier albums and were able to hold on until Marcel returned to the lineup. Their patience paid off and the music on this album shows the result of their patience and resilience. “The Chosen Ones” has a riff section that resembles something that we heard from Arch Enemy in 1999. However, this is a thrash metal song with a section that resembles one of those songs. Lyrically, the song expresses the fact that some people just live to lie and cheat to get their way. The chosen ones could be referring to the political elites that enact policies to favor them all the while ordinary people suffer.

"Under Surveillance"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Inventor of Evil"

However, this album certainly isn’t 100% flawless and this is because the song structure is the same heavy, fast riff filled formula. This structure may be tiring for some listeners. The good thing is that the band does a good job to bring awareness to the flaws if the world, particularly the flaws of politics and government. People around the world vote into power politicians that want to achieve world domination and they do so by feeding what is referred to as the war machine. Inventor of Evil is just as good of an album as any that has been made by Kreator. That’s quite a high level of praise for the band Destruction.

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