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Despicable Acts by Hotel Owners Featured in Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.


Verindar Calls the Cops on Employees Asking for Their Paychecks

The historic Brick Hotel was purchased by Verindar Kaur and son CJ in 2006 and things went downhill quickly.

The hotel is in disrepair and staff morale is very low. In fact, the hotel has gone through hundreds of employees since Verindar and CJ took over.

The sad part is that when the employees who were fired or quit try to collect their backpay, Verindar calls the cops on them as she has connections with the local police.

This is an underhanded move as employees deserve to receive their final paycheck.


Robert Dean Steals His Staff's Tips

Robert Dean and his boyfriend Ari Nikki liked to live the good life. They acquired the Juniper Hill Inn using Ari's savings.

Ari intended it to be their residence while Robert wanted to run the place as a business.

Juniper Jill Inn has been bleeding money as Robert and Ari let their friends eat and stay in the hotel for free. They also have a poor billing system that leads to uncharged drinks.

Robert mostly serves as the front of the house and helps in serving guests. When he does, he takes a portion of the tips.Gordon Ramsay lambasts Robert for this behavior as he is the owner and should not be stealing tips from his staff.


Robert Dean and Ari Nikki Do Not Pay Their Staff Properly

Robert Dean and his boyfriend Ari Nikki acted like the lords of the manor and treated their staff like indentured servants.

The two have amassed a huge collection of furniture, trinkets and artwork while having difficulty paying their staff. Giulian, their head chef, only makes $400 a week and the staff always experience delays in pay which range from days to weeks.

During the staff meeting, Gordon lambasts the two owners for not paying their staff properly.

The Spoiled Sisters Make Their Manager Quit


Vanda and Rina were two spoiled sisters who were bought a hotel by their mom and dad. Despite them wanting to have their own business, they did not put min the work. Vanda is frequently out of the hotel and Rina wakes up late.

The one doing most of the work was Mandy, the general manager, who was stripped of her powers by the two sisters.During the staff meeting, an argument ensued between the two sisters and their staff.This led Mandy to walk out as she felt that the two sisters did not appreciate all the efforts she had done to help keep the hotel afloat.


Cali Is Ungrateful for the $150,000 Worth of Hotel Upgrades

Cali Szczawinski was an aspiring singer who never made a splash in the music industry. In, 2006 she decide to purchase Meson De Mesilla, a 14-bedroom boutique hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

She used her hotel as a platform to perform daily and tried her best to be Cher.

Cali was not the best person to be running a hotel as she made guests sign a cleaning waiver upon arrival and was constantly feuding with her General Manager, Zan.

Gordon tried his best to help Cali by donating $150,000 worth of hotel upgrades. Instead of thanking him, she complained about the changes being more work for them and s was wanting her old tapestry and drapes back.This irked Gordon and Gordon said he can return the old stuff and undo the changes if she was not happy. Cali quickly backtracked and apologized.

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Brent Refuses to Give Ice Cream Samples to His Guests

Brent and Afni MacDonald owned the Lakeview Hotel in Chelan, Washington.

However, instead of endearing themselves to the local community, they alienated themselves by not supporting local businesses, not allowing children to stay
at the hotel, charging high prices and not giving free samples in their ice cream parlor.

Gordon chided Brent and Afni for not giving out free samples as most ice cream and yogurt shops do. It is part of their business model.

Gordon then pointed out to Brent and Afni the multiple signs they put up that said "Sorry No Samples."

He explained that this would not create a good relationship with the locals if they continued to act this way.


The Brothers Profit While Their Mom is Teetering Towards Bankruptcy

The Applegate River Lodge in located Applegate, Oregon. It is located alongside a beautiful river and is surrounded by trees.

Despite the beautiful scenery, the Applegate River Lodge was drowning in debt.

It turns out that part of the problem was that Joanna's ex-husband Richard was barely helping out in the business as he viewed the lodge as their home and that her sons Duke and Dusty made money through their restaurant and concerts but did not contribute towards the lodge's finances.

Duke and Dusty were too busy fighting and Richard was busy smoking pot. This left Joanna to try to run the lodge almost on her own.


Robert Dean Lives in Luxury While His Staff is Mired in Poverty

Robert Dean's boyfriend Ari Nikki received a huge severance package when his company let him go. Robert and Ari spent the money to acquire the Juniper Hill
Inn and live a life of luxury. It is unclear if Robert was actually financially independent but the show was implying that the lifestyle was being sponsored by Ari.

While Robert and Ari have parties with their friends and acquire all sorts of appliances, furniture and art pieces, their staff is underpaid and experience delays in payment. Their head chef Giulian only gets paid $400 a week and the rest of the staff are also underpaid and always experience issues in payroll.

Instead of trying to be sympathetic to his staff, Robert gives the excuse that he is busy and does not have a secretary to handle these things.


Lisa is Ungrateful For the Upgrades Made on the Vienna

The Vienna Inn is an Austrian themed hotel owned owned by Jonathon and Lisa Krach.

While the hotel aimed to give people an Austrian experience, the food was substandard and the place was full of clutter.

The Vienna was known more for being a swingers hangout than a proper hotel and this was not good for the hotel's reputation.

Gordon tried to work his magic and refurbish the hotel with new furniture and fixtures as well as a Webrezpro system to help organize the hotel's operations.

Instead of being grateful and concentrating on the upcoming relaunch, Lisa concerned herself with the quality of furnitures and fixtures that Gordon gave them.

Gordon then chided Lisa for not having her priorities straight.


Hotel Owner Threatens to Punch Gordon

John Hough bought his former school and converted it into a hotel. He did this without his wife's approval and they have been in a financial hole ever since.

Gordon pays a visit to the hotel and John takes him on a tour and they end up in Gordon's room.

John is upset at the feedback Grodon gives him and threatens to punch Gordon.

He then leaves and does not pay attention to Gordon telling him to come back.

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong


Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on March 13, 2021:

Hi maam Mona. Yes most of these businesses ask for Gordon Ramsay's help then go back to their old ways or don't change at all and many of the hotels featured in Hotel Hell have shut down.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on March 13, 2021:

It's unbelievable how arrogant people can be, especially when they're getting the help of an expert. Looks like if they don't change their attitudes, they will be out of business before they know it.

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