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Mad Hatter Costumes


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Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Costume

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter character in Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland movie, is sure to be a popular costume this year.

Whether you are attending the premiere of the Alice in Wonderland movie, hosting or attending an Alice in Wonderland Movie Party or getting a head start on Halloween, you will find a large selection of Mad Hatter costume ideas and supplies here. Some of the Mad Hatter costume looks you will find here include:

  • Custom costumes
  • Handmade pants & coats
  • Complete Mad Hatter costumes
  • Orange Mad Hatter wig
  • Costume accessories
  • Makeup ideas
  • Mad Hatter hats

If you plan on hand sewing your own costume, there are clothing patterns here as well for the coat, pants, shirt and top hat.

Planning an Alice in Wonderland Movie Party or looking for officially licensed Alice in Wonderland Movie merchandise, you will find that here, too!

Mad Hatter Costumes

2010 Mad Hatter Movie Costume

The 2010 Mad Hatter movie costumes are here!

The first is the Mad Hatter Prestige costume. This costume is available in size Teen (38-40) and Standard (42-46). The costume includes a velvet fitted jacket, faux shirt front, over sized printed bow, a pair of pinstriped pants, hat featuring peach satin ribbon, 10/16 patch and attached electric orange hair.

The next costume is the Mad Hatter Elite costume. This costume includes a pink collared shirt with white lace cuffs, an attached green plaid vest, a faux crushed velvet brown jacket, dark purple pinstriped cropped pants and a pair of un-matching purple and orange socks. To top off this mad look, the costume also includes a Mad Hatter dark green hat with a “10/6” printed card and attached red hair.

Other Mad Hatter costume accessories include hat, red hair and eyebrows.

Mad Hatter Adult Costume

Costume Hat Pattern

This top hat pattern would be great for your Halloween costume.

It is a Wellington, Mad Hatter, Muller Cut Down Style Top Hat. The small image showing it made up in black wool. This pattern has three views of this flared top hat style with an optional shaped brim pattern.

Mad Hatter Hat Video Tutorial

How To Make Mad Hatter's Top Hat

Mat Hatter Costume Hat

Custom Costume Jacket and Pants

There is a seller that offers an awesome Mad Hatter coat and pant set. This clothing is custom made and would be perfect for an Alice in Wonderland Movie premiere party or for a Halloween costume.

The coat is a vintage blazer, reworked, distressed and trimmed to be as screen accurate as possible. It features an embroidered bird and flower on left chest pocket. Rich trim and notions spill out of the left pocket and lace is attached to cuffs. The coat is available in sizes medium, large and extra large.

The custom pants are also vintage , reworked, distressed and trimmed to be as screen accurate as possible. The sizes available are 34 (medium), 36 (large) and 38 (extra large).

Costume Accessories

Mad Hatter Hat Card: Card is fabricated by hand with real burned edges and hand drawn numbers.

Drink Me Bottle: This small vial includes a "Drink Me" label that's been coated with a heavy diamond glaze.

Eat Me Cake Pendant: Each pendant has been hand sculpted from clay and fired to make it quite durable. This small "Eat Me" pendant comes with a 24" chain and can be worn around your neck.

Mad Hatter Pink Shirt with Lace Cuffs: The lace cuffs on this shirt have been gathered and hand stitched to the sleeves. The collar is perfect for popping out so it can be seen above the neckline when worn with a high collar coat and bow tie. This shirt is being offered in all sizes.

Mad Hatter Pincushion Ring: This ring has been handmade with quality velour and is filled with tightly packed woven cotton to ensure your straight pins won't fall out when you are wearing the ring.

Mad Hatter Accessory Kit: Includes pincushion ring with pins, Red and White handpainted thimble, Blue and Gold handpainted thimble, Bandage thumb wrap, Ribbons, Tea Cup and Saucer, Colorful eyeshadow makeup, yellow fingernail polish, and pink handkerchief.

Mad Hatter Hat Pin Set: Pins are fabricated by hand. The set includes six pins including the peacock feather pin.

Drink Me Bottle: This is an actual antique glass bottle which may have even existed around the time Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". You can even see tiny imperfections and bubbles in the glass.

Mad Hatter Make Up Video Tutorial

Mad Hatter Costume Tailcoat

Mad Hatter Face Make Up

The make-up video tutorial here is courtesy of kandeejohnson. I have viewed the entire video and will highlight some of the instructions below. Kandee's video is a wonderful guide in how to create the Mad Hatter look as portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie, however, it is also fine for you to do your own thing and create your own unique look. You can also watch the full video for detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Face: Kandee used the Make Up Forever white grease paint for her face. You can also use white eye primer, white facepaint or white clown make up.

Eyelids: Kandee used shades of powder blue and sky blue to highlight the eyelids. She used a combination of power, liner and cream shadow to achieve the desired look.

Under Eyes: Kandee used full fushia blush from MAC for under the eyes. Any rosey pink color would work. She then accented the area with MAC's vibrant grape shadow and Urban Decay's Last Call shade from the Ammo palette.

Eyelashes: Kandee curled her eyelashes with a Magical eyelash curler and then applied a lash primer. You could also use white mascara for this. She then used white eyeliner to bring out the desired look.

Lips: Kandee outlined her lips using a hot pink lip liner from MAC. She then filled her entire lips in using the lip liner and then added a top coat of dark pink blush.

Hair & Eyebrows

For eyebrows, you can do what Kandee did in the video above.

She purchased orange feathers from her local craft store and glued them on using Ardell eyelash glue. Do not use the glue on your eyebrows. Instead glue them directly below your eyebrows. Make the feathers curl up slightly. You could also create Mad Hatter eyebrows by using a Halloween crayon or orange facepaint.

For the hair, Kandee curled her hair and made it look as crazy as she could. She then applied orange hair spray. Another option would be to purchase an orange wig. If you decide to purchase the orange Mad Hatter wig, you could cut off a few small pieces from the underside and apply them as your eyebrows using eyelash adhesive.

Mad Hatter Costume Supplies

  • Neon green colored contact lenses
  • Pink shirt
  • Orange wig or orange hair spray
  • White face paint
  • White eyelash primer and white mascara
  • Gold stopwatch
  • Thimbles and thumb wrap
  • Colorful neck bow & top hat
  • Tea cup and saucer
  • Hot pink & blue eye shadows and liners
  • Pink lip liner and pink blush for lips
  • Pair of worn brown boots, army boots or dress shoes
  • Pin set, ribbons, and cushion ring
  • Old tuxedo, top coat or business suit
  • 3/4 length pants
  • Colorful mix matched socks
  • Black tooth wax to get the look of a space in your teeth like Depp's Mad Hatter character
  • Many of the Mad Hatter costume items can be found at second hand stores or in your own closet.
  • Have Fun, Be creative and make the costume your own!

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Mad Hatter Costume Chat

Janet21 (author) from New York on April 27, 2010:

We were at a Disney a few weeks ago and we saw a lot of people wearing the Mad Hatter hat! Thanks for stopping by my hub. :)

Miss Take on April 27, 2010:

i hear the film is great...... i have seen people in Disney walking around in those clothes, awesome. loved the hub

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