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~Do You Know when a Romance is Over? Deep Blue Water: Music~


Deep Blue Water

Deep Blue Water

Remember when you left me sitting all alone?

I told you to forget me and not to telephone.

She’s left you and you’ve had your fling,

Listen to the telephone ring.

DEEP BLUE WATER can have you,

I won’t be answering.

When you’re in DEEP BLUE WATER you sink or swim.

There’s no one to help you through thick n’ thin

Deep blue waters are calling you.

DEEP BLUE WATER caught up to you.

2. Two times you you’ve left me and came running back

This time I don’t want you, take your bags and pack.

You’re over your head for the third time

And I ain’t gonna throw you a line.

Deep blue waters can have you; you ain’t no friend of mine.

© 1974 by Reynold Jay in association with Country Star Music

Performed by Reynold Jay on Passing Stranger Album

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Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on January 19, 2012:

Thanks for the ears! I stopped by your HUB and checked out your latest. Beautiful!

Rochelle Ann De Zoysa from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on January 19, 2012:

beautiful heart touching lyrics:)

Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on August 16, 2011:

Vidhimayur...Thank you for stopping by and giving your eyes and ears to this HUB.

vidhimayur on August 15, 2011:

Beautiful poem and indeed very point wasting time behind someone who fail to understand your feelings and do not value you...."Heart goes where it is appreciated"!!

Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on August 06, 2011:

Naw--he is just fed up with the cheat'n gal. Time to move on with someone who appreciates him.

Radioguy from Maine on August 06, 2011:

Being an old country disc jockey, I really enjoyed this! I also like the ending. I was afraid a suicide was going to come up in the last line. Video is excellent!

Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on July 21, 2011:

It is one of the prettier tunes. Thanks for the comment SUE. Yep ---this guy is all done with this cheat'n gal.

Sueswan on July 20, 2011:

Great song RJ! Very catchy tune.

My philosophy is three strikes and you are out.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on July 20, 2011:

Great song!

Don A. Hoglund from Wisconsin Rapids on July 19, 2011:

Very nice song.voted up, beautiful and awesome.

Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on July 19, 2011:

Thank you to everyone above. Yep--this is a new Hub of the song.

Dallas W Thompson from Bakersfield, CA on July 19, 2011:

Enjoyed! awesome...

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on July 19, 2011:

Hi RJ, I love the song but it seems I heard it before. Did you post the video on another hub?

PenMePretty from Franklin on July 19, 2011:

Really like your song!!! Love the sax...

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on July 19, 2011:

I love the consequences...not just deep water, but deep blue water. Very nice indeed. I enjoyed it very much.

Reynold Jay (author) from Saginaw, Michigan on July 19, 2011:

Thank you for giving it a listen. I checked out your IDEA HUB too.

Marlin 55 from USA on July 19, 2011:

A vote up and awesome because the lyrics, Deep Blue Water. It adds a lot to the song for me as far as the meaning of the words. And this is what I think makes this song a stand out and memorable.

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