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The Young and the Restless" Nick and Noah wreck Valentine's Day for Rey and Mariah


Like father like son

On Monday, February 14 Nick Newman (Josh Morrow) and his son Noah Newman (Rorey Gibson) will give viewers a glimpse of how they really feel about Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbank). This will not go over well with fans of Shey and Teriah who desire their favorite couples to remain together. There has been an outcry from viewers who do not desire to see Tessa and Mariah break up but in soap land no couple is safe. Messa as some call them are not off-limits simply because they represent an often neglected community in daytime television.Spoilers have teased and now the storyline is suggesting that the father and son will may be about to break up two happy homes.

Y&R writers don't know what to do

The rumor mill has attempted to pair Noah not only with Tessa but also with other women in Genoa City. Even so, his eyes and his heart have seemingly remained with his sister's significant other whom he once dated. Spoilers have suggested that Crystal the woman in the green dress (Krystal Mosley), and even Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) might be possible love interests for Noah but this was only speculation and nothing came of it. Tessa and Mariah know how he feels but accepts that he is attempting to try to move on. The writers don't seem to know what to do with Noah or his dad as Nick has been back and forth with Phyllis Newman (Michelle Stafford) and later alleged to be getting back together with Chelsea but it never happened. Ever since they returned to Genoa City together after Victoria Newman's (Amelia Heinle) Tuscany wedding the father and son have been getting closer to the women they long to be with and now will cause problems on the day of love.


The Day of love will be revealing

On Monday, Tessa will be about to sing a love song to the woman she wrote it for when there is a knock on the door. Mariah tells her not to open it but Tessa thinks it might be Sharon. Mariah says her mother would not interrupt them on Valentine's Day and Tessa's curiosity gets the better of her. She opens the door to find Noah bearing a housewarming gift. He soon realizes that the duo had a romantic evening planned and tries to leave but they ask him to stay. Teriah is planning on getting married and adopting a baby and yet Noah cannot simply leave them alone. Somewhere inside of him he had to know that the two probably had plans for the day of love but insinuates himself into the situation anyway. Mariah loves her brother and still feels somewhat guilty because she took Tessa away from him. She wants things to go smoothly between them all as does Tessa. The issue is that Noah still loves his ex and on some level wants her back. There is no telling how this storyline will play out but viewers should be ready for anything.


Shick will probably heat up

Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasaro) is going to walk in on a close moment with Nick and Sharon and the green-eyed monster will hit him. He has already shared with his wife that he never had children and will not have the bond that he sees between Nick, Noah, and Sharon. Rey has had to take the backseat to his spouse's feelings for Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) but for now, he seems to be out of the picture. The detective will walk in as Shick is going down memory lane and discussing when they met as teenagers Nick and Sharon will be close together and the intimacy between them will be noticed. Rey cannot compete with their past history nor the love they share for Noah. He is feeling like the odd man out on the day he should be expressing his love for Sharon ad having her do the same for him. Will February 14 simply be one moment in time or will Nick and his son pursue the women who have their hearts? Tessa seems totally committed to Mariah and has not shown any interest in reminding her love with her soon-to-be brother-in-law. Sharon, however, is being drawn closer to Nick whether she realizes it or not. Whatever happens next, Rey and Mariah will have had their plans for a romantic Valentine's day interrupted by the Newman men.

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