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Days of Our Lives Halts Taping-Production Team Member Tests Covid Positive-

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Dr. Rolph will be up to no good.

Dr. Rolph will be up to no good.

COVID strikes the daytime world again

The four remaining daytime drama's stopped taping new episodes in March and did not resume production until July due to the coronavirus. When the soaps returned, there was social distancing, wearing masks, and hand sanitizer required for cast and crew. The crew members began working from behind plexiglass and random testing and temperature taking became the norm. In spite of all of these changes, there now have been reported cases of COVID-19 on one daytime drama. Soap Dirt is reporting that Days of Our Lives has halted production only 6 weeks after being up and running since the first shutdown. A production team member has tested COVID positive and the show execs want to take necessary precautions. The cast and crew were notified by email of the current situation and taping will not resume for 2 weeks. Unlike General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless, Days tapes episodes 8 months in advance and was never off the air. The other soaps had to resort to showing older episodes until they could tape new programming again. Deadline reveals that the soap will not resume production until October 26. The team member who tested positive remains unnamed and is said to already be in isolation. Contact tracing has identified the other staff members of DOOL who will need to quarantine for the next 14 days. The good news is that because of the taping schedule, viewers will not notice any interruptions in episodes and can continue watching the CBS soap.

Future Days

In the meantime, Soaps.com is revealing what viewers can expect on Days of Our Lives during the week beginning October 19. On Monday, Brady will catch Philip in the act of conspiring against Xander. On Tuesday, there will be a blackout in Salem and Clyde and Orpheus will form an alliance although neither is sure about it. Later on, they will involve Dr. Rolph in their plans. On Wednesday, Chad will be shocked when Rolph shows up at the Dimera mansion. On Thursday Belle checks on her dad who is concerned about Marlena. On Friday, Belle will be traumatized when she finds Jan inside her home. Keep in mind that Kristian Alfonso's last air date will be Wednesday, October 14. Hope and Shawn will find new evidence regarding what happened to Ciara and then Hope will simply be gone. There was no way to write her out of the show in a way that fans believe should have happened. Shawn's mom will simply be there on Wednesday and then gone. There has been no news on how days will handle the situation down the road. They could explain her absence or simply never speak of her again. During the first hiatus, spoilers reported that Hope and Rafe Hernandez would leave Salem together, but Ian Gerig is scheduled to return to the NBC daytime drama. Alphonso has shared that clearing out her dressing room was bittersweet and that she thought she might cry once she got in the car with her husband Danny to drive away. There have been rumors that she has been talking to CBS execs and might have a role on The Young and the Restless. There has not, however, been any confirmation.

Post-COVID days

Everyone believed that the coronavirus would be over by now. This is why soap opera production was resumed. In spite of all the precautions they have taken, the production team members tested positive anyway. There is no way to predict what will happen in the future so soap fans must hang in there and roll with the punches. The daytime world is not the only place where setbacks have occurred. Schools and businesses that have opened have found they had to shut down again. This is why everyone must social distance and wear masks. Hopefully, Days of Our Lives can return without a hitch on October 26. Viewers should be prepared, however, that until this virus is eradicated, there could be more downtime. In the meantime, Days fans can continue to enjoy the show without interruption because of their taping schedule. I'm certain that when the 8-month advance taping was put in place, that no one could have seen this coming. Fans are grateful that they can continue watching the action in Salem, without itneruption.

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on October 19, 2020:

One of the major problems of Covid-19 is the "symptomless" incubation period that would last days...Even when contracted a person would magnanimously be passing it to others albeit in ignorance. It is a worrying disease.

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