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Days of Our Lives: Bill Hayes Officiates at His Grandson's Wedding

Susan and Bill Hayes and grandson

Susan and Bill Hayes and grandson

Bill Hayes does it again

Days of Our Lives actor Bill Hayes has reached another milestone. The 96-year-old actor continues as Doug Williams on the NBC soap and even fought the devil and lived to tell about it. In June of 2022 he will turn 97 but for now Hayes has done something else he can be proud of. He recently officiated during the marriage of. his grandson David Samuel to Amy Shpall. Hayes like a lot of celebrities received his ordination through the Universal Life Church. including Bryan Cranston and Conan Obrien,Hayes posted on Instagram that on January 16, Hayes, his wife, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams on DOOL). and a group of 20 guests enjoyed participating in the nuptials The blessed event took place at the famous Tony Duquette Dawnridge Estate in Beverly Hills. Entertainment included a gospel choir, a magician, a Barbar Shop Quartet, and a fire dancer. Hayes said it was "A thrilling occasion awash in love and music, perfect for David and Amy – and all of us."

Bill and Susan Hayes

Bill and Susan Hayes

Bill and Susan's love story

.The love story of Bill and Susan Hayes is legendary and began in 1970 when they met on the set of Days of Our Lives. The couple married in 1974 and have been together ever since. On-screen, however, Doug showed up on DOOL as a prison inmate who was a con artist but over time mended his ways.He and Julie had a rough beginning as.they dated and broke up and went their separate ways. This is when Doug married her mother Addie Horton (Patricia Barry) who gave birth to his daughter Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso). Over the decades Julie has been more like a mother than a sister to Hope. Addie was diagnosed with cancer and refused treatment because she was expecting a child. She gave birth to Hope without a problem and the cancer went into remission. Sadly three months later Addie was walking with her daughter in a stroller and was hit by a car. She pushed Hope out of the way but died of her injuries. Due to some misunderstandings, Doug ended up with his former wife Kim Douglas (Helen Funal) and Julie began dating Don Craig (Jed Allen). Longtime fans will recall that when Doug was about to remarry Kim he had a vision of Addie shouting "No." He broke things off with his once and not so future wife and Julie broke up with Don. In time Doug and Julie married, divorced and remarried. Their onscreen romance does not mirror the stability of the relationship of their protrayers.

Doug and Julie

Doug and Julie

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Bill and Susan Hayes: Love has kept the together

On April 29, 2018, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded Bill and Susan Hayes with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Susan was awarded Photoplay Gold Medal Awards in 1977 and 1978, for Favorite Daytime Female Star for her role as Julie Williams..In 1977 she received two Soapy Awards for Actress of the Year and Favorite Heroine. Bill Hayes was nominated for Daytime Emmy Outstanding Actor, Daytime Drama Series in 1975 and 1976.In 1977 he won the Soapy Award as Actor of the Year.. He won the Daytime TV Magazine Reader's Poll: Best Actor in 1973, 1976, 1977,[and 1978. Hayes also won Best Actor in 1974 for Afternoon TV Magazine. He won Photoplay Magazine's Gold Medal Award for Favorite Male Star in 1977 and 1978. In 2016, the Bill Hayes Prize in Musical Theater was created by the National Association of Teachers of Singing.The couple has given advice on how they remain together including kissing every morning and each night, singing together, and saying I love you often. On Days of Our Lives they are now the backbone of Salem and the current patriarch and matriarch of the Horton clan. Bill Hayes was previously married to Mary Hobbs ​​from 1947 to 1969 and they have five children. There is no record of Bil and Susan having any children together. The couple also co-authored a book about their lives titled Like Sands Through the Hourglass.Be sure to keep up with Bill as Doug and Susan as Julie by tuning in weekday afternoons to Days of Our Lives at 1:00 PM EST on NBC.

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