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Days of Our Lives: Sami Gets Revenge as Alison Sweeney Exits yet Again

Sami leaves destruction behind in Salem

Sami leaves destruction behind in Salem

Sami makes a grand exit from Salem

It's that time again as Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) will get sweet revenge before she leaves Salem. Sweeney has wrapped up her latest stint on the NBC soap and will be going out with a bang. Sami has been hurt by both the men who claim they love her as well as her little sis and she is furious. Lucas Horton (Brian Datillo) kidnapped her and blamed it on EJ and was going to marry Sami knowing he was lying to her. she called off the wedding after finding out the truth and has been on the warpath ever since. Belle Brady ( Martha Madison and EJ DIMera (Dan Figueroa) slept together which was a double blow to have been betrayed by her sibling and the man she still loves. Lucas set all of this in motion with his scheme to keep Sami and EJ apart. Now Samantha Jean wants to leave it all behind, Spoilers say it all comes to a head on Friday when Sami does her worst prior to making her exit. She should be recalling that as a teen she used Lucas to make Carrie Brady (Christie Clark) believe she had slept with Austin Roberts (Austin Peck). Sami was a scheemer and should not be surprised that karma has come back to bite her.

Lumit is history again at least for now.

Lumit is history again at least for now.

Shawn gets confirmation

Sami is going to tell Shawn that she saw Belle in EJ's bedroom and her little sis is not going to deny it. Shawn is doing his best to care for the child he believes is his but it is not. He is a single dad to a baby whose mom is a psycho and he lost Belle in the midst of it all. Shawn suspected that EJ and his wife were getting closer but was hoping they would not sleep together, Now he has to add that knowledge to all the other issues he is dealing with. When Sami is hurting she can be selfish and lash out without caring who gets caught in the crossfire. Days of Our Lives fans love it when Sweeney returns to the show because she always brings trouble with her. She will also be leaving Lucas in a messy situation as he now has guilt because Kate Roberts ( Laureen Koslow) and Roman Brady ( Josh Taylor) are no longer together. Once Roman found out that Kate kept her son's secret which affected his daughter he walked out on her. Sami may be making her exit from Salem but she is leaving trail of destruction behind that will last for quite some time.

EJ will have to live in Salem without Sami yet again.

EJ will have to live in Salem without Sami yet again.

Lumi fans are disappointed

Lucas and Sami's relationship goes back to 1993 which means they have been in each other's lives for almost 3 decades. Lumi fans had high hopes for the couple but the fake kidnapping was a bit too much for Samit to handle. The fact that Sweeney pops in and out of Days of Our Lives makes it difficult for her to sustain a relationship with anyone. There is no telling when Sami will return to Salem but the cleanup from her airing dirty laundry will go on for quite a while. EJ, Lucas, Roman. Kate, Belle,and Shawn have each caused problems of their own but this time around they are all connected through the Lumi situation. Be on the lookout for updates related to what happens next for these Salemites. Can Romand and Kate or Shawn and Belle recover and find their way back to each other? What will Lucas and EJ do now that Sami is out of the picture? The truth will eventually come out that Jan Spears lied and Shawn is not her baby daddy but will it be too late to heal his rift with Belle? Is it possible that something meaningful can take place between EJ and Sami's sister? Be on the lookout for updates on what projects Alison Sweeney will be working on next and stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays on NBC.

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