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Days of Our Lives: Paulina IS Frantic After Confronting a Possessed Marlena

Cheryl has been writing spoilers, breaking news, and recaps for soaps for five years. She has been a daytime drama fan for five decades.

The devil you say?

The devil you say?

Marlena is busted by Doug

Days of Our Lives fans have become weary with the possession storyline but it looks as if things are about to wind down. On Wednesday, Johnny told Steve that Marlena was hanging out at the DiMera Crypt and Steve arrived just in time to see a bloody Susan coming out of the door. Marlena had threatened Ej's life is Susan did not kill John but chances are there is another explanation for the blood. The point is that Susan, John, and soon Steve can tell the tale that the devil is loose in Salem. Meanwhile, Julie brought Doug home and as they were about to eat with Shawn and Belle Marlena burst in. Doug finally regained his voice after weeks of being over-medicated. Shawn helped Doug to stand up and he pointed at Marlena and said she was the devil. Spoilers don't say whether she will play it off or if anyone will believe her. It is being reported that she will cause two torches to burst into flame at Christmas which is still a move away. This indicates that Marlena will be running amuck at least until then. Her exorcism will more than likely take place during the December holiday but in the meantime, Paulina had a histerical encounter with the devil doc. No one can cut their eys and looked as surprised as Paulina and on Wednesday she indeed had something troubling to happen.

Olivia tried to warn her daughter.

Olivia tried to warn her daughter.

Paulina has met her match

Jackee Harry has a flair for humor and drama and some Days of Our Lives fans had already predicted what took place on Wednesday. After patching things up with her daughter Chanel, Ms. Price went straight to Marlena's office and told her off about revealing her secret to Chanel. Paulina said Marlena ruined her life and the possessed psychiatrist came back with the fact that Paulina wants her to lose her medical license. The two women argued as Marlena said that Abe, Lani, and Chanel would never forgive Paulina who was so upset she called Marlena a bitch. The devil's eyes began to glow and in that raspy voice the evil one asks "Who are you calling a bitch, bitch.?" Paulina looked shocked and ran off then later dialed 911. She began to make a report but then decided she did not know what she was dealing with. Earlier in the week, Olivia told her daughter that "Doctor feel bad" was evil but she had no idea how close to the truth she really was. Paulina is sass and feisty but has met her match because she is not dealing with the supernatural.

Will Abe believe Paulina's tale

Will Abe believe Paulina's tale

Paulina will run amuck

Paulina will do her usual and run amuck through Salem. The question is if anyone will believe her. There are sure to be many more funny moments as she tells her tale to Abe, Olivia, or anyone who might listen. The winter preview for Days of Our Lives show Paulina at Horton Square with Abe standing just behind her, It's not clear if they are together but Lani and Eli walk by without even speaking. Paulina asks if she can at least get a Merry Christmas and her daughter turns around and gives her a nasty look. This preview lets Days of Our Lives fans know that Marlena does not do anything to Ms. Price between now and the holidays but viewers know some laugh-out-loud moments are sure to take place soon.

Jackee goit her start in daytime as a character named Lily on Another World where her love interest Roy was played by Morgan Freeman. She kept fans in stitches when she portrayed Sandra Clark on the NBC sitcom 227 where Marla Gibbs who plays Olivia on DOOL was her neighbor. Ms. Harry also portrayed the mother of twins on the WB comedy Sister Sister. Days fans are loving what she brings to the table as Paulina and before Marlena is exorcised there may be a few more moments between the two women. Steve, Doug, and Paulina will help close in on the evil and eventually Marlena will be back to her old self.

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