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Days of Our Lives: Fans Hold Kristian Alfonso Accountable for Her Words


Kristian Alfonso says goodbye to daytime

In 2020 Kristian Alfonso who portrayed Hope Brady on NBC's Days of Our Lives announced that she would not be returning to the soap after the COVID hiatus was over. She said that after 37 years it was time and several news outlets reported the actress saying she was not going to return to her legendary role. Fans were distraught as this seemed so final. Two years ago Entertainment Tonight quoted Alfonso as saying she had no plans to return to Days of Our Lives but now the soap vet says she only stated that she would not be popping in and out like other Days cast who left the soap and returned. Alfonso surely knows that there are videos of her saying she was not going back to Salem and “ That chapter is over.” You can listen to her interview with Entertainment Tonight and hear the words right out of her mouth by clicking on the link.

Kristian Alfonso recants her statement

There is no confusion, misunderstanding, or miscommunication. Kristian said she was done but now she is backtracking in response to criticism from fans. She is now implying that she was misquoted but Days viewers disagree. The actress insists that she never says never and soap fans are baffled because of the tape.. The video speaks for itself and the daytime diva said she was done and that chapter was over. When it comes to soap stars it’s best to ignore what they say and watch what they do. Peter Reckell left Days in 2016 and asked that his character Bo Brady be killed off because he did not want a recast in the role. Reckell made it clear that he was moving on but now both he and Alfonso are reprising their roles as Bo and Hope on Peacock’s Day of Our Lives Beyond Salem 2. This is what has caused the controversy. Fans began wondering if somehow their favorite super couple might make their way back to Salem and Alfonso now says it's possible. This is why fans brought up the contradictions in her previous statement. It’s puzzling as to why she denied her own words but you can listen to the actress refute what she originally said by clicking on the link.


Wait and see

Actors have a right to change their minds and return to the soaps they walked away from and it happens all the time. Steve Burton left General Hospital in 2013 and said he was leaving acting behind and moving his family to the Midwest. Within a year he was on The Young and the Restless, later went back to GH, and now will be on Beyond Salem 2. Leaving a door open and having a change of heart is one thing but denying statements that can be verified through video is something totally different. Both Alfonso and Reckell are fan favorites and their followers are excited they will be reunited on Beyond Salem 2 which premieres for 5 episodes on July 5. Alfonso defended herself by saying that Peacock is not NBC or in other words appearing in Beyond Salem 2 is not the same as returning to Salem. Now, however, the actress seems to be considering a return to Days of Our Lives if she gets the right storyline. Hope is a legacy character and she did not have any front burner action going on when her protrayer left Salem.

The future may be different on DOOL

Both Reckell and Alfonso made it clear their time on DOOL was over and yet both will be appearing on Days of Our Lives beyond Salem 2. Reading between the lines many Days fans say they believe Alfonso was not satisfied with the direction of her legacy character so she left. Viewers are now on pins and needles waiting to find out of Bo and Hope will have a miracle and return as a couple to DOOL. Whatever happens next, the facts remain the same. Alfonso said she was done with the NBC soap and now considering a return. Something that all daytime actors should consider is that fans remember everything and thanks to the Internet they can back it up. Celebrities should be careful what they say because the video will be proof that they changed their statement. Be on the lookout for updates related to Days of ur Lives and Beyond Salem. Don;t be surprised if Hope and possibly Bo do turn up in Salem.

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