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Days of Our Lives: Fans Are Thrilled at the Return of Peter Reckell

Bo returns from heaven to help his family

Bo returns from heaven to help his family

Bo is back but not in the flesh

On May 3, 1983, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) was introduced to the viewers of Days of Our Lives who fell in love with the bad boy biker. He fell for the uptown girl the princess Hope Williams (Brady) ( Kristian Alfonso) and eventually they were married.. His final appearance was on June 8, 2016 when he died in the arms of his wife. Bo and Hope are considered by many to be the number one super couple of all time and their wedding was the most-watched episode of the decade of the NBC daytime drama.The couple had many adventures and trials along the way but always found their way back to one another. Fans cried when "Brady" passed away in the arms of his beloved "Fancy Face" and mourned the loss of a fan favorite. After six years without Bo, Days fans got a treat on Monday's episode when Reckell reprised his popular role. Bo returned to Salem but not in the flesh. He showed up as an angelic being to help his daughter Ciara Weston Brady (Victoria Konefal) fight the devil. On Tuesday Bo returned long enough to bring Tripp Dalton Lucas Adams) back to life after he succumbed to injuries caused by his jumping out of the church window. This time only Steve Johnson ( Stephen Nichols) saw him before he vanished.The good news is that he will be back.

Bo in the spirit but he will be in the flesh on Beyond Salem.

Bo in the spirit but he will be in the flesh on Beyond Salem.

Never say never

When Reckell left Days of Our Lives in 2016 he said that he was not going to return and did not want to see a recast of his character. Bo's death was supposed to be final and the writers killed him off. Obviously, Reckell had a change of heart and the powers that be welcomed him back. From 1992-to 1996 after Reckell left the soap Robert Kelker Kelly stepped into the role of Bo. While he was welcomed by fans they were elated when Reckell later returned. The actor was quoted as saying "It's Time" regarding Bo Brady showing up which is interesting considering he was the one to make his exit final. Some Days viewers are hoping there will be some type of miracle and Bo can return to Salem permanently. Bo in Salem without Hope would not seem right but Alfonso left the soap in 2021 and like her onscreen husband said she would not return. Soap fans understand that daytime actors should never say never because more often than not they do return. As a matter of fact, both Reckell and Alfonso are going to reprise their characters in July on the Days of Our Lives spin-off on Peacock Days of Our Lives. Beyond Salem 2. The first Beyond Salem as well as the holiday sow A Very Salem Christmas had very little to do with what is actually taking place in Salem on NBC. Bope fans will be eager to find out what their favorite couple will be up to. Whatever takes place it will be wonderful to see Reckell and Alfonso together again on screen.

Bo and Hope Beyond Salem 2

The success of Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem and Days of Our Lives A Very Salem Christmas have led NBC and Peacock to produce Beyond Salem 2 which will debut on the streaming service on July 11. The series involves DOOL characters but in what seems to be an alternate reality where they act out fantasies. Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso will bring Bo and Hope together again as if he never had died. The only details that are available at this point about the spin-off are that like its predecessor. Beyond Salem 2 will take place in exotic locales around the world and Bope will be in one of them. It's not clear how or why Reckell and Alfonso are reprising their roles but fans are thankful to see them together again. Is there a possibility that Bope could reunite in Salem or will they be a permanent fixture on the Peacock spin-off? Be on the lookout for spoilers and updates related to Days of Our Lives, Beyond Salem 2, and Peter Peter Reckell.

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