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Days of Our Lives: Andre Masset as Larry Welch


Larry Welch comes to Beyond Salem

Andre Masset portrays Larry Welch on Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem 2. He is a devilish character who is in heaven vexing Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) who is an angel. Longtime fans recall his antics during the 1980s and beyond but new viewers need a bit of history on this controversial character who continues to be a nuisance even in the afterlife. Masset originated the role of Larry on Days of Our Lives in 1983 in the beginning stages of Bo's romance with Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso). He was a constant thorn in their sides and although he died after being hit by a car in 1985 death did not stop him. The original Beyond Salem and A Very Salem Christmas were fantasy and had little to do with what was happening on the NBC soap. For that reason, fans were hoping this new installment of the spin-off series would reunite Bope as a couple but Reckell's character is still dead. There is also one actual storyline from DOOL that crossed over to Beyond Salem. Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) discussed with her mother why she left town in 2020 and was not around for the birth of her baby Bo.

Larry in Salem

During his time on Days of Our Lives, Welch became the Salem District Attorney. He decided he wanted to marry Hope because her family had money and was prominent in town and he did not care that she was currently involved with Bo. Bope broke up after Hope's dad Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) had a heart attack. Doug had been trying to convince his daughter that Bo was not the right man for her and she argued with her dad which led to the medical episode. Larry blackmailed prostitute Diane Parker, ( DeAnna Robbins) and said if she didn't keep Bo away from Hope he would cause trouble with her pimp. In 1984 Larry and Hope became engaged, but Bo rode into the wedding on his motorcycle and kidnapped the bride before she said "I do."Larry located the duo and threatened to hurt Bo as well as the Horton's if Hope refused to marry him. The wedding took place but Hope kept Larry out of her bed by pretending to be pregnant with Bo's baby. She later found out that the DA was crooked and turned him in, to the authorities. Larry then began dating Gwen Davies (Ann-Marie Martin). In 1985 Welch found Mrgan Dimera (Miranda Wilson_ spying on him and the two got into an altercation where he killed her and dumped her body in a hot tub. Gwen later heard Larry confessing to Megan's murder in his sleep and he tried to poison but she survived and left town. .

Larry's fate

Victor Kiriakis (John Anniston) found out that Welch had killed Megan so he blackmailed him by forcing him to take the fall for the crime syndicate Victor was running. Larry went to jail but returned to Salem in 2002 and kidnapped Hope in an attempt to get his revenge on her as well as Bo and Victor for ruining his life. Everyone thought he had died after a prison break but he escaped and was actually helping Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) in her plans to murder Victor. Larry These are but a few of the evil deeds committed by Larry Welch prior to his being hit by a car and dying for real. In May 2016, he appeared to Hope in a vision and taunted her about how she murdered Stefano Dimera (Joe Moscato), and framed Andre Dimera (Thao Penghalis) for the crime. Now he is in the afterlife harassing Bo and is just as hilarious as ever.

Andrew Masset facts

Andrew Masset was born on March 1, 1949, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. In addition to Days of Our Lives and Beyond Salem 2 he was in the films Remember the Titans in 2000, Kill the Messenger and Halt and Catch Fire in 2014 and Megan Leavey in 2017. He is a soap vet who also appeared as Joseph on Santa Barbara (1986) Trevor McCallum on Generations (1989-1990) Governor Harrison Brooks on One Life to Live (2004) Longtime DOOL fans are excited to see the actor back in action on the spin-off series.

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