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Darth Traya: Jedi Master, Sith Lady and Something Else

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How Jedi Kreia Became Darth Traya:

Darth Traya, also known as Kreia, was a Female Jedi Master who turned Sith Lady and established a Sith Triumvirate.

She ruled over the remaining Sith after their defeat in the Jedi Civil War.

Before the Mandalorian wars, Kreia was a Jedi Master working as a Jedi Historian, and she was the tutor of many Jedi students who opted to follow the Jedi Knight Revan to battle against the Mandalorians in an unsanctioned way.

Because of this, the Jedi High Council exiled her.

Note that Kreia was also the master to the powerful Jedi Knight Revan himself for a time, and so she went after him and arrived at Malachor V, being drawn in by the Force Echoes.

At the sourced of the echoes was the Trayus Academy, a Sith Academy which helped corrupt the then Jedi Master, turning her to the Dark Side.


Recruiting Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion: To Be Betrayed...

She searched for Force Wounds and found two Sith to be her apprentices.

These Sith Lords were Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, both of them two powerhouses and among the strongest Sith to have ever existed.

It was with Sion and Nihilus that Darth Traya formed the Sith Triumvirate, which aimed to destroy the Jedi Order and rule over the Galaxy.

An alliance with the strong is never to be trusted though, and Nihilus betrayed her alongside Sion, stripping Traya of her connection to the Force.

Now Darth Traya was exiled by both Jedi and Sith, and she turned bitter and resentful.


Meeting Jedi Meetra Surik: Jedi Surik as a New Tool

She ended up wanting to rid the galaxy of the influence of the Force, and took up the name of Kreia once more.

It was at this point she got to know one of the strongest female Jedi Knights ever, the ex-Jedi General and now exile Meetra Surik.

Darth Traya found Surik to have enough power and potential to carry her plans, and so she got close to Surik, trying to alter her way of thinking along her journey on the Ebon Hawk.

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She helped Surik finding Zez-Kai Ell, Vrook Lamar, and Kavar and revealed herself as a Sith Lord in their presence, severing their connection to the Force and killing them in the Jedi Enclave’s ruins on Dantooine.

Once this deed was done, she went to the secret Jedi Academy on Telos IV, convincing Master Atris to turn to the dark side.


The End of Kreia: Darth Traya's Death

Surik was underestimated though, and she managed to redeem Atris and kill Nihilus, the ruling Dark Lord of the Sith and the biggest threat to the Galaxy since Sion had already been defeated.

She then pursued Traya, killing the Darth where her own path began, at the Trayus Sith Academy.

As a curiosity fact, know that Darth Traya was initially planned to be Master Atris, from the Jedi Academy, and only at the last minute did the story developers shift towards making Kreia the Darth instead.

There is a model in the Knights of the Old Republic II game files of Dark Side Atris labeled Darth Traya as proof.


Final Notes on Darth Traya: The Best Jedi / Sith Master Ever?

One of the things I think people gloss over is the fact that Kreia, as well as her Dark Side self Darth Traya, is one of the most important people of the Star Wars Universe in the sense that she is one of the best Mentors in the Galaxy.

Think about her padawans/apprentices:

- Meetra Surik;

- Revan;

- Darth Sion;

- Darth Nihilus.

Revan was one of the strongest and most powerful Jedi and Sith Lords of all time, while Sion was an immortal beast and Nihilus a prodigious world eater.

She was at the front of the top tier fighters and she even laid down a final lesson on Jedi Surik before dying, in which she gives not only valuable information and teachings but also predicts the future of the Galaxy for the next thousands of years and tells it how it is, with no Nostradamus level riddles or strange prophecies.

She has to be on the Star Wars Hall of Fame, if not for her individual power but the ability to teach people on both sides of the Force, being a tutor even in her final breath.

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