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Darth Lumiya: From Agent Shira Brie to Dark Lady Lumiya

Carreira is a Star Wars enthusiast who loves Star Wars lore, also owning a YouTube dedicated to Star Wars Animated Stories.


Shira Elan Colla Brie: The Imperial Intelligence Agent

Shira Elan Colla Brie was a human born on the Imperial Center during Emperor Palpatine’s rule. She studied and embraced the Imperial New Order tenets and Darth Vader took an interest to her, which sped her enrollment into Carida’s Academy, an academy for Imperial Intelligence Agents.

After she was done with her training, Darth Vader himself made her a Major and issued a classified mission for her to complete. The mission was to infiltrate the rebel alliance and kill Luke Skywalker.


The Birth of Darth Lumiya: Darth Vader's Apprentice, Lady Lumiya

She managed to cause Luke Skywalker’s disgrace, but she paid a high price for it as she was horribly injured and left near death.

Vader recovered her mangled mess of a body and gave her cybernetic prosthetics… as Vader was no stranger to body recovery through the use of technology himself.

He then took Brie as an apprentice and began training her as Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith.

Vader made her Shadow Hand, in secret, and she also served under Palpatine himself.

She crafted her own weapon.

It wasn’t a lightsaber, but a Lightwhip, a rare weapon she made famous.


Lady Lumiya and Carnor Jax: The Apprentice Betrays the Sith Lady

At the end of the original Star Wars trilogy, in Endor, Darth Vader and Palpatine perished, and so she was promoted to Dark Lady of the Sith, Mistress of All Sith.

She craved revenge against Luke Skywalker, the bane of her masters, and so she recruited an ex-stormtrooper as an apprentice.

Sith Lady Lumiya suffered an embarrassing defeat and suffered an injury that made her replace her armor and adopt her trademark triangular headdress.

After the Nagai-Tof war ended, she was thought to be dead and retreated to the Outer Rim, plotting her vengeance.

Lumiya started assembling a fleet to strike at the New Republic and took Carnor Jax as her new apprentice since her first had died mysteriously.

Jax and Lumiya then eliminated the Prophets of the Dark Side, but Jax was getting ambitious and plotted against Lumiya to overthrow her.

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He tried to assassinate her but ended up dying at the hands of Kir Kanos, a former Royal Guardsman.


Vergere as a New Master: Plotting to Take Jacen Solo, Vader's Grandson

Again without an apprentice, she learned Sith Lord Vectivus’ ability to summon Force Phantoms.

Meanwhile, a new Sith Order appeared on Korriban, and while on her way to join them she found the Yuuzhan Vong, who were preparing to invade. She escaped the Vong’s offensive, but their attack launched the Galaxy towards a spiral of Chaos.

She concluded that only a strong Sith Dark Lord could fix the situation, and she concluded her training by becoming Vergere’s apprentice.

Vergere was a Sith Lady Lumiya met who demonstrated her superior knowledge, and Lumiya was forced to admit she was superior.

Both of them conspired to bring a new Sith Lord to the galaxy, deciding to bring the Skywalker family to the dark side in the form of Jacen Solo, Darth Vader’s Grandson.


Turning the Skywalker Bloodline to the Dark Side: Darth Caedus is Born

Solo eventually reached Lumiya, and she managed to make him agree to take up the Sith’s way of life, falling to the Dark Side.

Happy with this accomplishment, she was proud to reveal herself to the Jedi, and distracted them from Darth Caedus by dueling Luke Skywalker, her nemesis, and the man who ended up slaying her in combat.

One of her biggest legacies for the Star Wars universe was how she was the one to make the Skywalker bloodline turn full circle and embrace the dark side again, and Darth Caedus is one of the last Skywalkers to go dark, but there are more which I certainly will write about at a later day.

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Lady Lumiya Animated Story: My Video on Shira Brie

Lady Lumiya: One of the Best Female Sith Ladies of All Time

There were more Sith Lords than ladies, but that doesn't mean there weren't some female Sith to consider.

We have Lady Lumiya, sure, but who else?

Well, I'd look at Darth Zannah, Darth Talon and Darth Cognus for example, those are good examples of strong Sith Ladies from the Star Wars Universe, and prove that girls have what it takes to be Sith Lords as well (well, Sith Ladies).

On the other hand, Vergere was also a female, though she seems more like a bird and so people usually don't remember her - claiming she wasn't a human, though Talon wasn't a human either and she instantly gets considered.

I wonder why :)

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