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Darkwave Single Review: "Your Flesh Is Calling" by VVMPYRE and Guests

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“Your Flesh Is Calling” is a seething journey through shadow and dark desires. The song opens as sepulchral bass oscillates in gigantic, terrifying blocks and a string-like synth screams. The tremendous weight of bass and pulsating drums is slashed by a harsh, ragged guitar that lashes the track in lacerating notes. Neaon’s atmospheric voice drifts in a whispering line while the shadows wreathe the track and the powerful drums, bass and guitar growl.

There’s a “B” segment in which organ-like notes interlock in minor, slightly grating lines before the guitar churns into the song again. The guitar's gritty surge is touched by delicate piano. The hissing, sibilant vocals emphasize the darkness of the lyrics. Guitar cuts like a razor while organ-like notes flash out. A rapid rush of aggression pours from the guitar as well as the smashing bass as it speeds along. Harpsichord-like synth is doubled by the dense bass before the song explodes forward in a mad, headlong charge to the end.

The narrator has felt the touch of dark need as she talks of finding “bliss within your arms” as she reaches into the mind of the one she desires and takes their blood into her heart. As she satiates her need, she watches the other “twist shake and disappear for eternity.”

Our narrator tastes “the fear in your eyes” and adds that the heartbeat of the one she hungers for “sounds like ecstasy.” She calls to the other person to “come to me” as she wants their love and “it’s only for eternity.” The narrator beckons and says, “If you come for me, I will come to you.” As the song ends, she feels the ache as “your flesh is calling, for eternity, forever.”

Punchy, vast bass and ear-grabbing percussion open “Bodies Without Blood” along with a distant, high burst of pained sound. A sweeping, churning synth line drones behind hollow, unevenly pulsing drums. The background has a rough, jagged edge and growling synth shifts as distant, delicate chimes drift in a lost pattern. NightRazor and VVMPYRE combine their sounds well here.

The drums have a loose-limbed power while a tightly wound arpeggio spins. A haunted melodic pattern drifts slowly by on gently swirling, medium-high synth. A distant howl accompanies the disjointed beat as an uneasy series of sounds move around it. Diaphanous synths drift like a disembodied spirit over the guitar’s grit and the beat hits once more before finally fading out with a high floating sound.

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"Your Flesh is Calling (Draven Remix)” starts out with pattering percussion and a haunted, muffled piano carries a tension-filled arpeggio doubled with a high synth that feels lost in open, echoing space. The rapid battering of guitar, drums and bass attack ferociously while the piano arpeggiates rapidly. Screaming sounds move through before triumphant darkness rises and the ferocious drums, bass and guitar rend their way into the track. Choral synth adds a more ethereal touch underpinned by a raging percussive maelstrom that erupts and charges onward.

Harsh metallic and demonic sounds are broken by a flashing keyboard pattern before the piano dances in a nervous, ominous line. The notes wriggle above the power and propulsion underneath. The piano rapidly jangles as the angry drums, guitar and bass are on the attack again before much more flowing, distant piano echoes and falls silent.

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