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Darksynth Single Review: "Versus" by Void Stare and Eyeshadow 2600 FM

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Void Stare’s collaboration with Eyeshadow 2600 FM entitled Versus has produced a thick, glitchy wedge of intense dark synth that isn’t afraid of being right in your face with aggression and shadows galore. The two of them certainly didn’t pull back when it came to making the darkest of dark synth here.

The track opens with dark, heavy bass and crunchy, glitchy synths over a stuttering beat. Chimes move behind that glitchy twist and stutter as a tripping melody comes into the track, playing on a high synth that cuts through the glitch and grind under it.

Now a minor key synth pattern moves through, feeling high strung and extremely nervous in nature as it skips over the notes. The drums and bass are relentless as they push on. Now a higher, warmer synth melody moves through the track as that drum assault continues. Wind blows through the track and then it slows down to dark, rough oscillation and the driving beat thumps into the track with aggression and we launch again.

The driving beat and those rough glitchy sounds continue to move through the track, grinding away. Now the harshness is even more intense, growling as a high synth churns in the back of the track, feeling like it is tripping along. Now a winding, twisted melody moves in to complete the track. There is slight warmth over that broken, rough synth as the track fades out.

The way in which Versus combines roughness, darkness and depth with the high synths that give a feeling of tension and worry creates a darksynth track which is unapologetic about expressing the elements which make the genre so challenging and powerful.

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