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Darksynth Single Review: "Speak To The Dead" by Leifendeth and guests

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Speak To The Dead Original Mix

Leifendeth’s "Speak To The Dead" captures all of the dark portent of a summoning of spirits back to the earthly realm. Gigantic blocks of harshly pulsing, jagged bass seethe below chimes that shimmer icily over the shadowed, incantatory vocals. The pounding drums smash into the track while jagged bass blocks oscillate heavily and a drifting, medium-high synth wanders in spectral whorls.

A sharp-edged synth cuts in as ghostly sounds float out into the void over the rough bass slabs and drum heartbeat. A distant melodic pulse, ominous and lurking, shifts underneath a haunted synth with round tones over the relentless, muscled surge of drum and bass. High chimes sparkle desolately over the stentorian voice summoning the spirits. The twisting, elevated synth writhes in a slow melodic line and the endless drive of the drums and bass batters on before fading.

Baying Ridges Remix

This remix begins with ghostly sounds that feel more lost and writhing here than in the original piece while chimes still sparkle like dead, distant stars. There’s a synth flow that’s still jagged, but not as heavy in the remix. The bass is like a gaping black void that moves underneath the rush of shadowy sound. The remix is spectral in an indistinct, atmospheric way that’s in keeping with Baying Ridges’ style.

The bass lurks like something awful in the corner of one’s eye a rush of harsh, threatening sound is a constant companion. Higher sounds howl, growing in intensity like tendrils of dark mist reaching and grasping. Ambient sounds crackle and rush while the slow bass moves in a deep pattern below that wall of sound. As the track comes to an end, tense sounds drift over the quietly seething bass.

Wraithwalker Remix

The remix comes into being as a terrifying void of deep bass churns with a hellish threat below the chanted vocals. Nervous, frightened synth echoes out much more broadly than in the original version and the harsh, drum ’n’ bass beat is supported by the rumbling depths. A writhing, spinning melody arcs and leaps over the speeding beat as the insanely deep bass rumbles below it.

Trumpeting, worried synth twists in tortured lines while the beat stutters. A lower melodic pattern wriggles and the summoner’s chant echoes out over the Stygian bass. Scraping, jangling bells distort over the broken beat and the rapidly unfolding melody jumps. Trickling glitches ripple through as that beat keeps unevenly throbbing, imbuing the remix with more speed and dynamism than the original piece.

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ghosts on the radio mix

This remix starts off with growling bass as nervous, frozen chimes ring out below the dark chanting. The massive-feeling, rough bass pattern snarls under a wraith-like, twisting synth as the slower drum tempo adds weight, feeling less aggressive than the original version. High, insectile sounds chitter and the horror-filled bass void adds grit underneath the filmy, high synth that carries a nervous, minor key melody.

The shadowed chant rings out while the track presses onward and waves of sharp-edged synth swirl over the relentless drumbeat and bass throb. This remix is easier going and more gentle than the main version with a muted darkness to it. A slinky, minor key melodic pattern winds through, trailing a ghostly shroud of sound before fading away on the dark, rough bass pulse.

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