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Darksynth Single Review: "Inferno" by Antisun

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Antisun's Inferno opens with a glitchy, twisting wall of sound as a pipe organ falls in shadowy, heavy, minor key waves of notes, playing a doom-filled melody. A demonic voice cuts into the music as the organ climbs and distorts along with tortured choral sounds. A sweeping wall of harsh noise moves in the background along with a hard-hitting bass pulse and a limping drumbeat.

A lacerating synth with a grunting quality slices into the track along with a wildly glitching 8-bit line of notes that stutters and leaps. The track is full of head spinning sounds and a feeling of torture and danger. The pipe organ adds dramatic power and the drums batter, the bass throbs and a horrifying wall of shattering sound explodes into the music.

The rbroken wall of sweeping sound moves below a line of 8-bit sound that writhes in pain, feeling digital and alien. The wall of noise crystallizes in a harsh pulsation, like a blade digging deep into flesh. The pattern breaks and stutters along above more gritty and unrelenting noise. Tension rises to a fever pitch before breaking back into triumphant organ notes and rapid digital arpeggios. The final segment is slower and steadier under the arpeggios and the organ’s weight.

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