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Tumbleweeds Across the Sand

Always been a music freak but this genre is my very favorite of all time. ~Dark EthniCore~ or Dark Arab Trap. Come check this out!

Fearstbeats - Lagoon

What can I say about this amazing genre? I really don't know much about any of these musicians. I know a lot of them come from Russia.

Some of these songs are among the most haunting I've ever heard especially in current music. Dark Ethnic Trap speaks to me in a way no other genre has spoken to me, it's much like the music I would hear in my head when I was younger or went through periods when music was not readily available. Take out the trap style drums and that's similar to that music I heard in my head.

Bassacre - OWL

Trippy. This genre has an inherent psychedelic sound, no way to get around that. Not trippy in a psychedelic freakout free for all, like the Dead or anything long-winded like stoner rock.


Synthy trippy but done in a minor key or some other dramatic key and chord progression with a middle eastern instrument thrown into the mix, or several. Trap style drumming to give the overall sound an big screen epic feel.

"Lagoon" is one of my all time favorite songs, it stirs so much up. It really is a beautiful listen. It's adapted from a song from a famous east Indian movie.

Some songs like "Owl" by Bassacre have a slightly wistful spaghetti western feel to it.

These guys really know how to create an atmosphere, really know how to set the mood of the song.

Gameface x Mahoy - Veyron

I like trap in general but this trap is special. I've noticed what a huge following the genre has especially in America. Although it has been around now for about 20 years, it has exploded in the past 5 years, just blown up Youtube.

It's beautiful to hear the folk music of other countries as well as hear what different parts of the world do with comtemporary music, techno, synth and electronica.

What I like about Trap in general is the larger-than-life, epic quality it has. It's dramatic yet aloof, remote. Emotionally cool and heady. It has a forward moving motion to it, fluid and all-encompassing. Dark Ethnic Trap is a lot of times very pretty, other times very hypnotic, still others' very militant or abrasive.

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This music is primarily trap but also has elements of hip hop, heavy metal, cold wave, pop and reggae.

Visck - Dabke

Fearstbeats - Hatuba

This genre obviously incorporates elements of other genres, like EDM for instance. You probably could consider Ethnic Trap to be just as much EDM as it is Trap. This music has a primary techno/electronica sound to it, with exotic, ethnic bents. I think it's the freshest, most exciting genre currently out there.

Fearstbeats, what he does with Indian classic "Hatuba" is incredible! He completely transforms it and and makes his own. It's brilliant. Or what this same artist does with Mozarts "Lacrimosa" is pretty awesome. Imo better than Apashes' version of same song. Unfortunately I cannot find the Fearstbeats version of "Lacrimosa" on Youtube though if you have a VK account you can hear it there.

I could do a whole article about Fearstbeats alone. I'm not sure how old he is but he already has an extensive discography. He's my favorite dark arab trap musician. His depth and range of emotion within the synth based music scene is really refreshing. How humans interact with the machine-I for one, would never have thought it.

Visck - Hannya

Fearstbeats ☪ HARA ☪

This music is both ancient and futuristic. It's familiar yet foreign, like you've known it forever but it's fresh and crisp upon hearing it. It brings up lots of ingrained memories from where who knows? Probably from past life experiences encountering these same artists inspiring the same people like me, life after life.I don't know for absolute sure but that's what it feels like.

I relate more to this music more than just about any other genre. I mean it really goes straight to my core, straight to my gut. I love this stuff.

There's so much more that I've not covered here but I suggest going to Youtube to discover more of these great artists. This music is amazing and inspiring.

Anyone else like this music? Let me know in the comments below.


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