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Sally Spectra Comes to Genoa City to Work With Lauren on The Young and the Restless’

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Lauren and Sally will team up.

Lauren and Sally will team up.

Sally is up to no good.

There is good news for fans of The Young and the Restless who enjoy seeing Traci Bregman on the screen, Her devotees will be delighted to know that her character Lauren Fenmore will soon be involved in a new storyline. Traci will be working with Courtney Hope who will be bringing her character Sally Spectra from the LA fashion scene of The Bold and the Beautiful to Genoa City. The two CBS soaps have a long history of cast members crossing over from one show to the other. Amber Moore, Deacon Sharpe, Sheila Carter, and Lauren are four who have been involved in episodes on both daytime dramas. Now Sally Spectra is going to bring drama as well as a personal agenda to Genoa City. Spoilers indicate that Lauren and Sally will be working together and suggest that Ms. Spectra will have ulterior motives. This should encourage fans of Sally that she has not lost her edge. During her last months on B&B, she became a shell of her former self. The fiery, spunky redhead was replaced by a scheming, woman with low self-esteem who pretended she was dying of an incurable disease. Viewers were shocked to see that the writers had reduced Ms. Spectra to such a low level. It's sound like once she is a part of the GC scene, she may be more like she was when she first showed up in LA.

Lauren has been missed

Lauren Fenmore has been greatly missed on The Young and the Restless and viewers have complained on social media. The wife of Michael Baldwin was involved in the wacky storyline where she and Phyllis and Kerry were running the company that John Abbott founded. Later, after Jack was back in power, he named Lauren as a COO, but she was not once shown working at Jabot. Lauren showed up last week and was talking to Jack about a necklace he is trying to locate for Dina. Viewers don't know if Traci Bregman has chosen to work part-time or if the power that be have sidelined her. What is apparent is that Michael, Lauren. Paul, Kevin, and Chloe have all been on the back burner in Genoa City. Chloe was seen coming down the steps of the Chancellor mansion on her way to the hospital to give birth. A few days later Lauren announced to Jack that her sister-in-law had given birth to a son. Viewers were angry that they did not get to see Kevin and Chloe's child come into the world. Even with COVID restrictions, there could have been a way to give the fans what they desired. Now the question will be whether or not Lauren will truly be a part of a front-burner storyline, or will she take a back seat to Sally Spectra.\?

Sally faked that she was dying.

Sally faked that she was dying.

The future of Genoa City

Spoilers say that Dina Mergeron's death is coming quickly so the missing necklace will probably be found very soon. Fans don't know whether or not Sally's coming to LA might have something to do with finding Dina's jewelry but that is possible. Lauren runs Fenmore's fashion boutique and Sally is a clothing designer. Perhaps Ms. Spectra will be designing a clothing line for Lauren's company. Details will probably be coming soon but in the meantime, fans of Traci Bregman and Courtney Hope can at least take comfort that they will see both of these actresses together at some point on The Young and the Restless. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and breaking news related to what Sally's agenda will be when she comes to Genoa City. Fans will enjoy seeing Courtney Hope given a storyline that makes them forget what happened during Sally's last days in LA. Y&R viewers will be paying close attention to see if Lauren will remain front and center and if Michael and the rest of the family may get more airtime as well. Judith Chapman is scheduled to return soon as Gloria so perhaps Genoa City will become more than just about the Abbotts and Newmans only.

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