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Danger Always Comes From Where You Least Expect It: My Thoughts on Maldivas

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I just finished watching Maldivas: a Netflix show.

The story begins when a young woman wants to find out for herself how her mother died.

The Maldivas

The Maldivas are luxury condominiums where the ultra-wealthy stay: There's a large pool, handsome men, and a hell of a lot of alcohol.

The residents want for nothing it seems.

But...there is also a lot of drama behind closed doors.

Trickery that makes your skin crawl.


People literally being seduced by the act of committing crimes.


The Diversity Claim

There is a surprisingly spooky message ending with "We're always watching you" to residents, claiming that the luxurious condo community embraces diversity.

Ironically, most women who reside there are bottle blondes, and most of them have also committed heinous crimes.


Without giving too much away, I have to say that this particular series really throws you for a loop.

At first, you believe the daughter—the woman who visits the Maldivas condominiums in search of the truth behind her mother's death.

Then, as you continue watching, you realize just how intricately the web of deception she's entangled in has been woven.

The Fire

For all we know, Liz's mother died in a horrible fire, but there was killer involved (Liz is the daughter).

We just don't know who it was.

The mysteries continue to resolve themselves, but only partially, leading you to wonder just who is innocent, and who is guilty.

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An Unreliable Narrator

I especially liked this story because I found the choice of narrator to be extremely creative: She had been there during the murder and knew things no one else did.

She was the one telling this story in a way that benefited her.

As the plot rolls along, she even confesses that she isn't trustworthy: She's cherry-picking story lines, leaving out important details so that no one knows just how involved she was.

She is more cruel than you could ever imagine, but she seems harmless enough—at first—if a bit quirky.

In reality, she's anything but.

Danger Always Comes from Where You Least Expect It

This TV series had everything you'd want in a drama: It was rife with murder, seemingly good people doing bad things, and a lot of hidden agendas.

There was sex, but rarely love.

There were friendships, it seemed, but those were mainly based on favors.

There were a lot of financially successful people, who got rich for all of the wrong reasons.

The place was supposedly diverse, but, in reality, it was filled with a bunch of women who died their hair blonde—and one who got a lot of plastic surgery to feel like she was the "it girl."

Her story was one of the most devastating ones: She fell in love with a plastic surgeon.

When she met him, she was a brunette with a face that was beautiful, but one that he believed wasn't perfect.

He performed extensive procedures on her: She was his work of art.


He left her.

I cannot reveal too much without giving the ending away, and I would never do that but, to put it concisely, no one—and I mean no one—is trustworthy.

Liz has fallen for a grand charade she never volunteered to participate in.

When You Feel Too Safe, Bad Things Can Happen

This story reminded me of when I've trusted people who betrayed me.

It was scary to note that, sometimes, the people you give your heart to—the people whom you would entrust with your life—are the very ones who are the most dangerous.

Sometimes, when you feel too safe around someone, bad things can happen.

As the narrator states, "How well can we really know another person?!"

I would give this show 4/5 stars because it was brilliantly written, the plot was appropriately fast-paced, and it delivered on its promise in the end, with plenty of shocking plot twists along the way.

That being said, I found the villains to be overly one-dimensional: I like a complicated villain who believes they are doing the right thing and has a strong motive—someone who makes you question whether he (or she) actually is doing the right thing because the morality of their goal is ambiguous.

In this show, the villains seemed to be 100% evil, and, although there were hints of a backstory, these weren't extensive enough for me to see the antagonists as well-rounded: I like to know how evil people became evil, and the show was lacking in that sense.

Every other element of the storyline was compelling though.

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