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Damarea Ogbuewu Is Making History and Breaking Records


Nigerian singer, Damarea Ogbuewu has been dubbed "The Voice of Her Generation" and "The Princess of Africa" in the past, but now raises eyebrows and turns heads as she breaks records no one thought could be broken. The musical artist has written over ten songs this year, but doesn't stop there. She has learned to fluently speak four languages, and showcases them when communicating with young fans in Africa, including Kenya and Uganda where she speaks Swahili to young school girls, encouraging them to continue their education and stay productive.

She has goals that she is ready to reach and places she is ready to go. "There are so many things that I need to share with children all over the world who may have the same dreams that I had." Her former teachers have spoken out about their personal experiences seeing Damarea's talents. "Now let's talk about where your motivation comes from. Who really inspires you?", asks Laura Reeder, Writer for Medium. "Everybody has inspired me in some shape or form. Even the people who have talked negatively about me, or doubted my success have inspired me to do what they say I can't. Every teacher who's classroom I've stepped foot in have motivated me, even in virtual learning."

"I know that it is hard to choose, but who would you name the teacher that really helped bring out your vocal and performance skills?" "I have to thank Amanda Rush from Dutch Fork High School and Walter Graham from Dreher High School for that. They both saw my potential and put me to work." She continued to say that even within the short amount of time that she has known Walter Graham, she has learned so much and is encouraged and inspired every day in his class. "When I walk into his class, he's very cheerful and welcoming, making jokes to wake us up if we seem out of it or not listening on a regular Monday morning."

Walter Graham was the Chorus teacher for 'The Voice' contestant, CammWess and can now say that he has two students that are taking on the world, and sharing their unbelievable talents with everyone,including (for Damarea) the natives of Africa, where her father originates. "I have too many things left to do. I don't have room for a break. As an African-American woman in America today, you have to work twice as hard. I'm working triple that number."

"I have vowed to bring home great titles to my home in Africa, and I was raised to never break promises."

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on November 21, 2020:

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Very inspiring.

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