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Dmx the Great

Earl his mother and his sister

Earl, his mother

Earl, his mother

Arnett, Earl, Bonita

Arnett, Earl, Bonita

DMX the great Part 1

To be honest this is my second article on X and I knew once I did the first. I didn't like it because I wanted to capture the essence of the gift of who I felt he was. I wanted to use more his own words, thoughts, fears, struggles, truths, and prayers. I had to hunt down the book because as you could guess it was a hot commodity after his death. I really regretted two years ago when I had the urge to try and reach for his story I let life get in the way. After a whole month I found the book and I thought maybe it was better that a little time passed before I dove into it.

Then the TVONE final DMX interview was announced that took place three weeks prior to his transition to glory, so I thought I want to watch it and react to it. That was kind of a bad move because once you begin reading the book it sucks you in and you can't put it down. It brought me back to the nostalgia of my childhood in the 90's with the Timberland boots, because that made you official back then with so many other fashion trends that hold weight to this very day.

When X appeared on TVOne I didn't see DMX, X the unknown, or Crazy Earl but I saw Earl. I saw the warrior and the nobleman reflect on some of his life and he seemed settled. I was unfortunately was hype and heated because as I stared at the television I heard a recounting of the incident that happened when Earl was just four years old. He found a dime on the ground and like any other little kid he needed to buy something to enjoy. He knew he wasn't supposed to cross the street by himself but the allure of the candy and rubber ball that would await him was too much for a four year old to resist.

After little Earl had his lollipop and rubber ball in tow he headed back towards home but his innocent body was hit and drug by a drunk drive who ran a red light. The impact landed little Earl underneath a parked car. In the book X said, "The impact was so hard, I got knocked halfway up the street, all the way under a parked car. But for some reason, even though I was badly hurt, I didn't feel nothing. All I was thinking about was how my mother was going to whip my ass because I wasn't supposed to be outside.

When I tried to get up, this white lady with a clipboard was standing over me; she must have been checking parking meters or something. "Stay down! Stay down!" she kept yelling. Then other people walked by and they started screaming. I can imagine how folks must have felt to see a little boy pushed under a car like that. Luckily, I didn't break anything, so I got better in a few weeks, but what hurt the most was when I found out later that I could have gotten some money from the accident. A month after the accident an insurance company man had come to my house talking about a settlement and my mother turned down ten thousand dollars!"

His mother turned down the money because they were Jehovah's witnesses and believed in being self-sufficient. Well little Earl felt like many of us did that if they were offering ten he could have gotten more and he was owed that money, lol! See little Earl was highly intelligent even for four and he was always thinking. He thought that was supposed to be my money and when I get older it would be waiting for me. I agree with him.

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Earl recovered but the trauma didn't stop there. There was a need for the personas of Crazy Earl and X the unknown to surface. So his mother dated the mailman who would religiously beat his sister and himself when he showed up. I guess Earl finally had enough and screaming and cursed at the top of his lungs and the mailman never beat him again. He caught beatings from his aunt's girlfriend with a night stick and he was so swollen his Uncle Pinky promised to talk to them and his father's family was beefing with his mother's family over it.

It seemed little Earl was free at his father's mother's home. He had uncles around his age and there he could breathe and be free to be himself and explore. There was a day he chased a huge beautiful butterfly down and he almost got in trouble because he was in a neighbor's yard when he caught it. He quickly put it in a jar and spent the rest of the day admiring it and fell asleep with it tucked under his arms. He was mortified when the next morning he realized it was dead because he forgot to poke holes in the lid. He cried and his grandmother comforted him.

At his grandmother's home he didn't have to be Crazy Earl. He didn't have to be the problem child or anything he could just be himself because he was grandma's baby. Though he got into mischief and had many adventures he knew there he was safe and truly accepted and he would do anything for his grandma and that would never change. I will say to his mother's credit she did take up for him and she sacrificed her dream of singing and traveling on the road to raise her children and work.

Even though some of her methods and actions were more than questionable when it was time for her to show up for him when he got older and chased healing. She definitely showed up to give her son some semblance of healing. It sad he had to get it so late in life because all little Earl wanted was love, acceptance, understanding, and to be taken care of. Most of us want that in some way, shape, form, or fashion. This is the end of part 1 of DMX the Great. Check out his autobiography or the album in the meanwhile I will provide a link for both. I want to end this first part with one of his prayers from the book. Thanks for reading!

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