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PanamaTrickster Reviews: DC League of Superpets (2022)

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The opening five minutes gives you hope that Super-Pets is not going to waste your time. It gives us all the information we need for a backstory in a timely manner before introducing us to Krypto’s involvement in the Man of Steel’s life. Unfortunately, that’s where saving time on meaningless plot points end. While the film is riddled with slapstick humor, parodied self-humor, and unpredictable humor, only about twenty percent of the jokes truly land well. But when they do, they land perfectly.

The plot itself takes nearly half the movie to develop, and by that moment, you’ve already predicted the ending. At that point, it doesn’t really feel all that rewarding to have been right about the outcome. It takes so long to get to the resolution that you stop caring about anything that is going on throughout the movie just so you can see it end the way you know it will. Most of the movie is just unnecessary filler.

That being said, Super-Pets is a very fun, albeit mindless movie that is an excellent choice to turn on for the kids when you want a family movie night or even just a little time to yourself, knowing that they’ll be occupied and involved the whole time. The animation style was surprisingly well done, with the lighting techniques standing out the most. The character designs were very unique takes on classic heroes that you may know, and in my own opinion, very welcomed renditions.

The soundtrack is fun and catchy, but tries to tie in to the scenes they are included in for added emotion. This doesn’t work out all that well however, since most of the songs used are well-known, beloved songs that don’t really give off anything other than nostalgia or happiness. All in all, this is a great background noise movie, and most kids would probably really enjoy it. It is, despite it’s slightly boring and predictable plotline, very rewatchable.


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