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Cute Japanese Actress Ayame Gouriki From the City of Kanagawa

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Actress Ayame Gouriki from the 140th issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine

Actress Ayame Gouriki has also worked as a fashion and bikini model. This photo is from the 140th issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine.

Actress Ayame Gouriki has also worked as a fashion and bikini model. This photo is from the 140th issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine.

Who is Ayame Gouriki?

Ayame Gouriki is a young and rising celebrity from Japan. Gouriki is a native of Kanagawa Japan and entered the world on August 27, 1992. Her name is sometimes spelled Ayame Goriki. She lacks the sexiness of some of the other Japanese actresses but she is still cute and has a really nice smile. She is under contract with the Oscar Promotion talent agency. Ayame has made appearances in TV movies, TV dramas, and movies also. Her TV movie debut came in 2009 when she starred in “Samayoi Zakura” and “Ghost Town No Hana.” She also has appeared in an extensive list of TV dramas and most of the translations of the titles are available. I will not be listing all of them, just some of them so you can get an idea of this actress’ volume of works.

A brief list of Ayame Gouriki's TV drama appearances

  • Battery (2008)
  • Love Letter (2008-2009)
  • You Taught Me All the Precious Things (2011)
  • Asuko March! (2011)
  • IS (2011)
  • The Reason I Can’t Find My Love (2011)
  • Teen Court (2012)
  • Future Diary (2012)
  • W No Higeki (2012)
  • Beginners! (2012)
  • Yae No Sakura (2013)
  • Backhug (2014)
  • Tenshi to Akuma (2015)
  • Jungle Fever (2016)
  • Dr. Car (2016)

Ayame Gouriki becomes the host of an awards show

Her movie list is still short but she has starred in “Fireworks from the Heart” and “Thriller Restaurant” in 2010, and “Quartet!” in 2012. And for Ayame Gouriki her interesting life does not stop with her just making movies. How did it become this way? On September 27, 2012, Ayame was the host of SkyPerfecTV!'S “SkyPerfect! Award 2012. It was held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. Earlier that month, Ayame Gouriki threw out the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game. Gouriki was host for the first time but did a great job. She was wearing a pink dress at the event which I must say looked great on her! She has such a nice smile too. If you are chosen to be a host of an awards show, that is one indication that you are rising in popularity. How has Ayame become more popular even though most fans in Japan would probably say she is not very stunning or sexy? I can probably guess luck might play a part in her rise.

More photos of Ayame Gouriki from the Weekly Playboy Magazine

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What was the purpose of the Sky Perfect! Award and who were the people that presented it?

She has had an interesting year in 2012. She has thrown out the first pitch before a Japanese league baseball game and she has been the host of an awards show. The Sky Perfect! Award has the purpose of acknowledging the most popular shows on the SKY PerfecTV! Digital satellite broadcast service. There are a total of 10 genres. There is a long list of genres including news, movie, anime/tokusatsu, music, foreign drama/variety, Korean/Chinese pop culture, hobby/utility, domestic drama/variety, sports/public contests, and documentary. This marked the fifth year that this award was being given out. The winners were decided by the fans votes that were cast online. Some 77 shows were voted on this time.

The list of award presenters included the now retired badminton player Reiko Shiota. As a special added bonus to the ceremony, female pop music group Nogizaka46 gave a special live performance.

Ayame Gouriki witnesses a special event and talks about actress Aya Ueto's marriage

Ayame Gouriki has also endorsed Mr. Donut in 2011. Ayame Gouriki also was in attendance at the opening of a new Tiffany & Co. jewelry store inside of the SOGO Chiba department store in Chiba, Japan. This new store is the 55th such store in Japan and it is the biggest one in Chiba. Gouriki was exceptionally dressed for the occasion. She wore over $160,000 worth of jewelry! She was asked about actress Aya Ueto’s marriage to Exile front man HIRO. Gouriki said that she does want to get married someday but that she has to become more reliable as a woman first. She also mentioned that for her wearing jewelry means that she feels that she has become an adult. The new Tiffany & Co. store opened on September 29th 2012. Ueto of course is the person that remarked that actor Hiroshi Abe’s body was “delicious.” She really thought of him as a sexy and charming man. Ueto herself is one of the most beautiful actresses in Japan! Gouriki and Ueto are good friends.

Ayame Gouriki collaborates in a duet with Tatsuya Ishii

Ayame Gouriki collaborated with Tatsuya Ishii and his group Ishii Tatsuya to Tokyo Del Amigo for a duet. The pair sang the song called “Wasurete mo Sukina Hito.” This is the 1969 song by the artist Purple Shadows. Gouriki's’ mentioned third single is about a love that’s about to start and this cover that they performed will talk about a love that’s about to end.

Ayame Gouriki: the singer

Ayame Gouriki, the young and rising star actress has announced that she would hold mini live and handshake events to celebrate the release of her third solo single. This single is called Kuyashi Kedo Daiji na Hito. Her singing work is the second part of her entertainment portfolio. Her first solo single is called Tomodachi Yori Daiji na Hito and this single is the second part of what is described as the “important person trilogy.” Gouriki’s events started on September 27th, 2014 in Chiba. These events went on through November 2nd, 2014 where the last event was in Kanagawa. Gouriki would also make stops in Tokyo, Ibaraki, and Fukuoka, the birthplace of former AKB48 idol singer Mariko Shinoda. Gouriki would also end up going to a Halloween event called “Happy Halloween in Shiojiri on October 25th, 2014 at the Shiojiri Daimon Shopping District in the city of Nagano. She would hold a mini live and handshake event on this special stage. Gouriki was ranked 6th in a survey that described her as the celebrity that men would want to have as their girlfriend. This survey is done every two years so there was one done in 2013 as I really began to research her career more.

Ayame Gouriki: the fashion and bikini model

Gouriki who turned 22 in August 2014 has been featured in Weekly Playboy Magazine. She explored some different styles of fashion including dressing up in the traditional school uniform, in an elegant dress, and even in one-piece swimsuits. Unlike gravure model Miho Yoshioka and former AKB48 idol Yuko Oshima, Ayame Gouriki has more of a cute look but she can still be beautiful as well. Gouriki also has a solo album called Gouriki Ayame. On September 9, 2015, she released her 4th solo single called Sharing an Umbrella. She joins Atsuko Maeda as another famous Japanese celebrity to release four solo singles. So there is a look at the life and career of Ayame Gouriki.

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