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Cute Caption Quotes

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  1. Calm over chaos.
  2. You are still my 11:11 wish.
  3. Not a care in the world.
  4. Dressed like a daydream.
  5. Happy mind, Happy life.
  6. Always tired but never of you.
  7. To be loved and to be in love.
  8. I wish you were here with me.
  9. For your eyes only.
  10. Can we do it all over again?
  11. But we know where we belong.
  12. We're only getting older baby.
  13. I won't act my age.
  14. Moments in time.
  15. This is far from mediocre.
  16. Staring at the perfect view.
  17. Are you done now?
  18. As beautiful as you are sweet.
  19. I don't need my love you can take it!
  20. I come alive when I hear your voice!

Sarcastic Instagram Captions

  • You do you, I'll do better.
  • Just in case you need a new wallpaper.
  • Posting while ghosting.
  • Wish you well, in hell.
  • A vibe no one can replace.
  • Happiest here.
  • Had to show him who the baddest.
  • They want what you had.
  • Don't text me when you see this!
  • You could've had it all.
  • All smiles.
  • Don't get the same me twice.
  • Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I don't wanna wait, not anymore.
  • Let's see where it goes.
  • Just like a movie.
  • Waiting on words.
  • Shorty be catching mood swings.
  • The whole thing upside down.
  • High on life, low on sleep.
  • The right one.
  • Destiny.
  • Hear me sin.
  • Thug love.
  • Anticipation.
  • Taming the dogs.
  • Playing with fire.
  • Preachers daughter.
  • What a twist.
  • Love unrehearsed.
  • Falling for a thug.
  • Heart of the street.
  • Mixed feelings
  • Thank you,next.
  • Out and about.
  • Much needed.
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