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Cute Anime Outfits You can Easily Copy

Okay, I'll admit, I'm OBSESSED with clothes my fav characters wear. Sometimes I'll wear an outfit just because it matches an outfit I saw in an anime. Maybe I'm a bit crazy, but it brings me happiness, and I go about my day pretending I'm the main character of a cutesy shoujo anime. Sometimes people will even TELL ME I look like an anime girl when I wear certain outfits, which immediately provides me with a good amount of serotonin. If you're also obsessed with cute anime outfits and want to romanticize your life by pretending to be an anime character, I've got some outfits you can easily recreate!

Kaori Miyazono Pink spring Fit


Your Lie in April may be a heart-shattering anime, but once you wipe your tears you can appreciate how beautiful the storyline is. Not to mention how absolutely adorable our violin prodigy Kaori is. Kōsei describes her as spring. Spring is my favorite season, so I would MELT if somebody were to refer to me as a walking version of spring. Nobody has blessed me with that compliment yet (sadly), but I'm planning to wear this cute springy outfit Kaori wore in the first episode until someone finally tells me that I AM SPRING. You can become spring with me by copying this fit! There are SO many ways you can recreate this outfit and still make it your own. I'll give you a few ideas!

  • Pink tank top over a white shirt, pink skirt
  • Pink tank top over a white dress

Now make like Kaori Miyazono and emit SPRING! (Bonus points if you're a musical prodigy.)

Kagome Higurashi Schoolgirl Fit


Okay, first I want to talk about how Kagome will run around feudal Japan battling demons in her school uniform, with the shortest skirt I've ever seen. A badass move, sure, but SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE HER SOME PANTS. There is no way she hasn't been exposed to all these demons. No. Way. I wear a skirt and a small breeze nearly exposes me. I mean, I guess it is an anime, so some real-world problems won't exist. Although this isn't Kagome's school uniform, this outfit is so simple and cute.

All you need to recreate this look is

  • a white sweater
  • a denim skirt (or dark blue skirt)
  • White knee highs socks
  • some white sneakers

Easy, outfit is done!

Tohru Honda's Sweet Girl Next Door Fit


Tohru Honda is the love of my life. I would DIE for this girl. I admire her selflessness so much and aspire to be as kindhearted as she is. If you adore Tohru as much as I do, you're gonna want to recreate this fit. I'm planning on making an entire article dedicated to Tohru's cute outfits, so stay tuned for that!

To recreate this outfit, all you'll need is

  • Black turtleneck
  • Yellow Skirt
  • Pink coat and scarf if you want to do the FULL look
  • I also recommend doing the hairstyle with ribbons. Classic cute Tohru!
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Misa Amane Cheerleader of an Insane Man Fit


I both love and hate Misa Amane. She can be sweet at times, but she's a bit too boy crazy for me. Also a complete psycho. At least she's a cute psycho!

Recreate her outfit with

  • A simple pink skirt
  • Pink crop top, you can probably find this one on Amazon or somewhere online, but even just a basic pink top will do the job
  • White thigh high socks
  • Don't forget the cute pigtails!

Now you can go out and unleash your inner dramatic psycho girlfriend!

Kagura Sohma's Obsessed with a Hot Catboy Fit


Out of every anime character I have seen, Kagura is the one I relate to the most. Being in love with a boy who doesn't love me back? Check. Wants to destroy everything in sight when something doesn't go her way? Check. Stubborn but loyal. I LOVE Kagura. Recreate her pretty yellow outfit!

  • Yellow dress
  • Yellow long-sleeved shirt to wear underneath
  • This is my FAVORITE anime girl hair to copy, so simple and cute!
  • Bonus points if you have a cat backpack

Sailor Moon's Hero off Duty Fit


When Usagi isn't busy defeating bad guys, You can find her wearing the cutest Outfits! If you can recreate her hair along with the outfit, I admire you. My hair is, sadly, too short :(.

  • Cute light blue dress
  • Moon necklace

That's how easy you can become Sailor Moon! Go out and save mankind, baby. If you're reading this, I hope that someday you will meet a talking cat with a moon on its forehead. I would kiss that lil moon every second of every day.

There you go! Now you can dress like a little anime girl and pretend to be the main character of a cute romance anime. Thank you so much for reading my article! Let me know what you think, and which outfits you want to recreate! Also, let me know what kind of content you'd like to see from me! :) Have a good day!

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