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CupHead Show Season 2 has arrived on Netflix

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The Assessment...

The CupHead Show is an episodic series dealing with the escapades of CupHead and his brother Mugman. And while CupHead owes the devil his soul, it was an overarching subplot for the show. Yet the first season ended on a cliff hanger, and a big on at that. So imagine my shock when I found out we only had to wait five months to see the cliff hanger resolved.

Though given that the animation for the CupHead Show is done digitally and doesn’t fully replicate the rubber hose aesthetic, it would make sense that it’s take five months to make another season. If they pulled all nighters, cycled through animators in shifts, and worked week-ends. Like the process had to be grueling if we’re getting another twelve episodes, but I digress.

The CupHead Show was announced in July 19th that is was green-lit by Netflix. It was later revealed at the Anncey Animation Film Festival. The first season ran premiered on February 2022 with the first twelve episodes. The second season was announced for August 19th 2022.

They're free men. Cups...? Mugs...?

They're free men. Cups...? Mugs...?

The Conclusion...

In conclusion while it’s surprising to be getting the second season so soon, it’s a wonderful surprise. And since I finished season 1, I’ll be looking to check out the second season soon.

CupHead Show Season 2 trailer

CupHead Season 2 episode trailer

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