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Cryptobiosis, "Chainsaw Crucifixion" Album Review

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A Little Introduction to the Band Cryptobiosis

Cryptobiosis is a Swedish and German death metal band but a mostly German band that has been active since 2014. Their 3rd studio album Chainsaw Crucifixion is described as having elements of old-school death metal and thrash metal but in my perspective their 3rd album has more of a death metal sound and approach to it than thrash metal but the characterization is just one of those things that is described differently by some reviewers.

Musical Influences In This Album Are Numerous

The only non-German member on this band is Bror Sjoblom who is from Sweden. Stylistically, you may hear a big Hypocrisy influence in this one along with traces of Cannibal Corpse style vocals though for the most part the vocals remain like that low and rough style that Peter Tagtgren used in the early 1990s.

"Silent Disintegration"

Interpretation of The Band's Name Cryptobiosis

Trying to break down and analyze this band’s name may be kind of tricky but based upon initial analysis, the band’s name could mean that they might have come up with this name because they might have been trying to prove that they could be some kind of good underground metal band discussing lyrical themes about life in general. Crypto can also refer to something that is online such as cryptocurrency but that’s beyond the scope of this review. Bio refers to life but I’m sure you already knew that.

"With Strange Aeons"

Analysis of the Songs In "Chainsaw Crucifixion"

Stylistically, Chainsaw Crucifixion lives up to its name first of all because there is the sound of a chainsaw prior to the title track. The style of the album resembles Arch Enemy and In Flames to a degree. Lyrically, the album explores concepts related to things such as beasts and other monsters as well as the larger meaning and context of life such as evil versus good. In spite of the heaviness of the guitars and vocals, Cryptobiosis is not some Cannibal Corpse clone. They are more in the style of melodic death metal even if it is not exactly like the way of the 1990s melodic death metal bands. However, there is a song called “Consumed by inhuman Powers” that has that sort of fast drumming style that Cannibal Corpse and or Napalm Death use in their music. There is a middle section of this song that is influenced by the great Dark Tranquillity so these guys may as well have been influenced by them. The drumming in this song is well, in one word savage. It is so heavy that it may send chills down the spine. “Screams From the Void” has a repeating vocal section that almost resembles the style of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. “Celestial Noise” lyrically may be about how the human mind compares to nature and the vast galaxies. The beginning of the song is melodic before it gets into this fast picking death metal. “Covoid 19” (yes, that is the title of this song) sounds very much like Whoracle era In Flames and it is possible to notice this if your ears are tuned into the style of melodic death metal. The neoclassical style lead section added to this song only makes it stronger. Then there is a section that might take you back to 1996 because it sounds like The Jester Race. Here is yet another band that most likely was influenced by these Swedish metal legends. This album ends with the mostly soft and short song called “Silent Disintegration” as the piano playing style is sure to give our eardrums a break and allow us to relax for a brief moment after all of those heavy, hard-hitting songs.

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