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20 Cringeworthy Documentaries (26.5 Hours)

Why Cringe?

Cringe has always existed in human culture. We are constantly seeking to find the strange and different to entertain us. This can be seen in humanities long history of fascination with freak shows and oddities. Freak shows eventually became unacceptable, but humanity found a way. Reality TV is the modern day freak show. Think of Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians and who can't forget Jersey Shore. All of these shows are just modern day freak shows, and no one will admit it. The internet is blatantly honest though, at least when anonymousness is allowed. 4chan is a seedy underground image forum online, where people can come together and say terrible thing and share terrible pictures. Cringe threads were born on 4chan to make fun of awkward people and shame beta males. This is the internet's new form of freak show.

Why waste the time and effort involved in searching for individual pictures of cringe material? There are plenty of quality documentaries for you to watch. Some are on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or even free on Youtube. Enjoy and make sure to support the creators of these interesting stories.

The question begs answering; why would I encourage you to watch cringe documentaries? I am overtly interested in learning anything and everything, this has brought me to some weird places on my internet travels. In my travels I found a sick reality. I watched a documentary about a depressing person. Afterwards I felt better about myself, because at least I didn't have their problems. This may sound really wrong, but I searched out more depressing people until I found cringe and fandom based documentaries. There is a common theme to all of these movies. Every person in these documentaries is obsessed with something. They may mistake it for passion. I'm convinced that if this is effecting your life negatively, it is an obsession. I hope every person in these documentaries finds peace and acceptance, but I also thank them for sharing their stories. They have inspired me at one time or another to feel better because my problems and obsessions may pale in comparison to theirs.

Have fun watching the 1,590 minutes of cringe goodness!


This is the movie that started it all. If you want to start somewhere about cringe documentaries, this is the place. I love this movie all all of it's retro awkwardness. Star Trek is a great show, and I see why everyone loves it. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to obsess about it to these lengths.

86 Minutes

Trekkies 2

I remember when this came out. I thought it was going to suck. I was surprised. This documentary delivers just as much cringe as the original. I hope this is an ongoing thing, where every couple years documentary artists check to make sure Star Trek fans are still crazy as shit.

93 Minutes

Jedi Junkies

Did you like Trekies? You will probably hate this. It's a Star Wars themed rip-off of Trekies. It is cringe from the other side of the Star Trek/Star Wars debate, but horribly produced. Enjoy.

73 Minutes

A Brony Tale

This is a documentary more about the voice actor of My little pony than the Male fans that like the show. This girl is really annoying and obviously hates the Bronys. She is afraid of them, and I guess for good reason. This in actuality a horror documentary about being a voice actor to a cartoon series that has a fandom of creepy older men stalkers...

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80 minutes

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

This documentary plays like a propaganda film to recruit people into the Brony lifestyle. If you don't already know, Bronies are the male fans of the popular little girl's cartoon My Little Pony. This documentary is chocked full of awkward men that are obsess about MLP. The film tries to stamp out the assumption that all Bronies are gay and/or pedophiles. The opposite is really gathered from this. All of the Bronies featured are effeminate and down right creepy at times. This movie is a little long, but is very entertaining.

90 Minutes

Life 2.0

This is one of those cringe documentaries that made me sad. The people in this are members of the internet "game" Second Life. It's not really a game, but a place to "socialize" online and have cyber sex. This movie follows the depressing lives of some anti-social, awkward and isolated people. This is quite long so be warned. I think this was too long, this movie could have been cut into like 40 minutes.

100 Minutes

Monster Camp

This is a documentary about LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying). Popular movies are being made about this like Role Models and The Knights of Badassdom). I have met a couple LARPers in my day and they are all nice people, a little weird, but aren't we all a little weird. Enjoy the cringe. *Lightning Bolt* *Lightning Bolt*

82 Minutes

Dungeon Masters

I like the idea of Dungeons and Dragons, I think it can be a healthy way for teenagers to express themselves. I think that it is a great escape from a cruel reality. Although, everything in moderation. Maybe things like this should be left behind when we grow up. This is proof that some people never grow up, and it gets cringy-er and cringy-er the older they get.

93 Minutes

I think We Are Alone Now

This documentary covers the dark lives of some stalkers. These guys stalk a 80's Pop star named Tiffany. This documentary is like looking into the lives of a typical 4chan user. It's cringe, but even more creepy. Make sure you are in a good emotional state before attempting this movie. This is depressing, creepy and makes my skin crawl.

70 Minutes

The People vs. George Lucas

If you like hearing Star Wars nerds bitch about things for over an hour, you are in for a treat. I found this documentary not only cringy, but annoying as shit. I could barely make it through this one. I understand why they are angry, but George Lucas owes them nothing, shut up already you neckbeards. If you can make it through this documentary without getting annoyed, you have my admiration.

93 Minutes


Heart of an Empire

I think I originally saw this documentary on the blu-ray extras of Star Wars. This movie is about the lives of the famous 501st Storm Trooper Cosplay group. They are a very well organized, a bit militant, organization of Star Wars nerds. There are try-out tapes sent to them to go to the big event in the documentary, totally cringe. Warning, this documentary is pretty long.

113 Minutes

Ringers: Lord of the Fans

I'm a big fan of Tolkien, my favorite book is the Hobbit. I liked the Peter Jackson movies, but I like the books better (I'm still angry about Tom Bombadil being cut). The new Hobbit movies are shit. I could never be as big a fan as these people though. This may be cringe to some people, but I can actually relate to a lot of this.

97 Minutes

We are Wizards

Harry Potter is serious business to these people. The books were written for kids, and most of these people are adults. The "Wizard Rock" is hard to sit through. Most of the people in this movie are parents, teaching a new generation to be cringey. There is a guy that does a fan narration of the first Harry Potter movie, he is deeply...interesting. Enjoy the magical cringe.

79 Minutes


This documentary is also pretty depressing. The people featured in this movie are obsessed with movies so much that they can't keep jobs. They bitch about the stupidest things and it just makes me sick how much wasted potential the have. These people don't even feel real. They feel like they are completely hypnotized by movies.

83 minutes


This movie is about some people that are a little bit too into Indiana Jones, apparently this is a thing. I don't have much more to say about this. This is a little hard to watch, boring as hell but worth the wait for some gem moments of cringe. That last Indy movie was terrible, on a side note.

80 Minutes

Done the Impossible

I'm actually a big fan of Firefly, and just like everyone else I'm sad it ended. Although, I am capable of letting things go. Just like a love that never could have been, I let it go and appreciate what I had. One season of this great show, it was like a child dying and never maturing. This documentary follows some cringe worthy fans and conventions.

79 Minutes

Going Cardboard

This is a documentary about a group of people obsessed with board games. Board Games are fun, but couldn't all the effort be spent someone a little more productive? I guess they aren't hurting anyone, and this cringe hobby is kind of social. The social activity may only be with other cringey people though.

76 Minutes

Short Documentaries

Here are a few odds and ends from Youtube and the internet that are full of cringe.

Furries: An Inside Look

This is a short documentary. Furries are people that like to dress as animals like animals. Be warned; this documentary is cringe to the extreme for sure, but it is also a little boring. Most of this documentary is interviews with old guys pretending like they are important.

37 Minutes

Love me Love my Doll

This is a RS documentary about lonely guys with a strange attraction to plastic dolls. This is more than sexual, they are companions to these people too. These people take there dolls out into public at times and talk to them like they are real. I feel sorry for these poor people more than I cringe. This is really a sad tale of isolation, rejection and sexual frustration.

47 Minutes

Otherkin - Short Documentaries

Here are some short documentaries about members of the Tumblr influenced group, the Otherkin. These people think they are animals, kind of like furries but way more serious about the identity part. The videos on Youtube kind of makes fun of the people featured. Be warned if you are quick to be offended. It's really hard for internet trolls to stay away from people that bark like dogs and run around with fake tails.

40 Minutes

Most Cringe?


Ian McGonigal (author) from California on June 24, 2015:

@FatFreddysCat - I've never heard of the "Kiss Loves You" documentary. Sounds interesting, and possibly full of cringe. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the read.

Keith Abt from The Garden State on June 23, 2015:

That's quite a list. I have only seen a couple of these ("Cinemania," "People vs George Lucas" and "Jedi Junkies") and I agree, the people being profiled are quite cringe worthy and make you glad they don't live next door to you.

If you don't mind a suggestion, you might be interested in the documentary "KISS Loves You," about people's fascination with the rock band KISS - it visits KISS conventions, talks to KISS memorabilia collectors and people in KISS tribute bands, etc. Shamefully I must admit that I'm actually in it for about two seconds... and in spite of that, it still makes me cringe. Haha

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