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Creepy or Romantic: Elivis and Annabelle(2007) ⭐⭐⭐ out of 5 Stars

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Elivis, a self proclaimed "nice guy" takes care of his disabled father who is both mentally and physically disabled. Elvis pretends his dad still works as a mortician but does the job for his father. He does not have an embalming license. This may mean he does not want to fully commit to the family business of working as a mortician. The media has a weird way of normalizing creepy behavior especially if the creepy behavior is coming from an attractive "nice guy." Elvis fits this criteria and the audience is left thinking Elvis's actions are normal when you are "in love." Elvis kisses Annabelle's dead body with no consent from her. Even if Annabelle stayed dead, it still felt like Elvis did what every other man did to her which was take advantage of her. When Annabelle suddenly wakes up from being dead, she questions Elivis multiple times of what actually happened when she woke up. She knew he was not telling her something as she continually had a flashback of when she woke up. Elvis's excuse for not telling Annabelle that he kissed her was that he did not have a balming license. He continually lies to her about his previous actions and let's her fall for him.

Besides Elvis's creepy actions of kissing Annabelle when she was supposedly dead there is something else that does not set right with me about this film. It is how easy the main characters tried to commit suicide when they knew they could not be together. I really think that Annabelle would not want to be with Elvis because of the creepy actions he did while she was dead. I think the love she felt would not be as passionate to the point of trying to commit suicide. In reality, she would move on with her life. It seemed more of a fling instead of romance between her and Elivis. Honestly, I can see Elivis trying to commit suicide because depression runs in his family and that his mom committed suicide herself. I can see him choosing this because his feelings towards Annabelle is stronger.

Overall, I think that Annabelle and Elivis should not have ended up together. I think that Elivis sexualized Annabelle just as much as her step father. I honestly believe that it would make sense to the overall plot of the film to have Annabelle move on and Elvis try to commit suicide but decide to live and continue his family legacy. But this did not happen and both characters tried to commit suicide and decided to live and be together. Even though Elvis seemed like a good guy on paper, in reality he was able to lie, cheat, and take advantage of those around him. Annabelle was taken advantage of by everyone else in the film and did not seem to be her own person even in the end she was more part of Elivis than herself. Who is Annabelle really? In the end, the audience is left wanting to know her instead of how people want her to be.

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