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Creepy Photos and the Unbelievable Truth Behind Them

5 Creepy Photos, and the Unbelievable Truth Behind Them

A Victorian family portrait with a disturbing twist


Victorian Post-Mortem Photography

In the early days of photography, immortalising an image was expensive, and so only done at certain occasions – birth, marriage… and death. Post-mortem photographs were a common Victorian practice, and often the only photograph that depicted an entire family together.

However, this chilling fashion was not deemed as unusual by the Victorian populace: before the age of photography, it had been common practice for centuries to commission portraits of recently deceased loved ones. Upon the advent of photography, a post-mortem photo was a more affordable way for the middle classes to memorialize their loved one. And, since it the Victorian era was synonymous with high infant mortality, many of these photographs feature children.

Fidgeting Children and their Demonic Mothers


Cloaked Mothers

Although these images may look like a demonic being is holding these children captive, the practice of cloaked mothers was actually quite common from the invention of photography right up until the 1920s. When exposure times were gruellingly slow, having a hidden parent to hold fidgeting children in place allowed for photographs to be taken clearly. Although probably regarded at the time as a savvy solution to blurry images, the featured parents could not realise how the future would look back at their children's portraits and be disturbed by their ominous figure hiding under a cloth.

The Gas Mask Assembly


Gas Mask Island

Undoubtedly, you would be deeply disturbed if you woke up one morning to discover everyone around you was wearing gas masks... and would continue to do so everyday thereafter. However, for the residents of Miyakejima, a small island located in southeast Japan, this is an everyday occurrence. An island which rests on top of a chain of active volcanoes that leak poisonous gas into the town hardly seems fit to be the home of 3,600 people! In the year 2000, the residents were forced to evacuate the island after the worst eruption in a century. After the colossal eruption, 17,500 earthquakes hit the island in just a single month. Flights had been suspended for almost eight years after the 2000 volcano eruption.

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Today, the area is still prone to high volumes of sulfuric gas, yet continues to be home to thousands of people.

Hannibal Lecter's Beauty Pageant


Whoever Said Looks Were Important?

A series of scantily clad women with paper bags over their heads is anything but normal. Especially when you realise that they are purposefully concealing their faces so as not to be judged on their looks... in a beauty pageant. That is correct: a beauty pageant where looks are not part of the judging criteria!

The full story behind this image is yet to be revealed; however, it is undeniably disturbing. But, who are we to criticise? It might just be that this contest was to discover which of these dazzling beauties looked best with a paper bag over her head!

Cult Ritual?


Procession of Death

This image features the annual ritual dedicated to the sacrificing of a child to the Lord Imhotep......

Actually it is not - although you would be forgiven for thinking there was something sinister about to happen. This photograph was actually taken in 1940s’ Spain, and depicts a long-standing and still practised religious ritual. During this hooded procession of darkness, participants’ sins are repented for Semana Santa, namely Holy Week. Therefore, nothing unusual or creepy happening here at all...!

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