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Covert Affairs: Annie's Men

Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey)

Annie first lost her heart to Ben Mercer in Sri Lunka, and I believed he loved her as well. When he became a rogue CIA Agent; the CIA Agency used Annie a female spy as bait to bring Ben out into the open. And the day he turned himself in---proved the CIA had chosen correctly--- by assuming how important Annie was to Ben.

Ben knew Annie would be his Achilles heel and the CIA would use this against him and to keep him in control. Did Ben love Annie enough to give her up---I would say he did.

Annie loved Ben with all her heart, but sometimes love is not enough when you work for the government in Annie's position.

However, her love blinks would continue until she finds her soulmate. Then, she will know what true love really feels like. It is not the lovemaking that speaks to the heart--only true love.

Ben was First


Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham)

Annie cared deeply for Auggie before he admitted his love for her. However, he could not stay faithful to Annie because of a past love came back into his life. I believe he realized that Annie had his heart, but when Annie found out he made love with another woman---that was it for their love. He ruined a beautiful love chance between them.

Auggie's blindness did not stop women from wanting him. He knew how to use braille for other things besides reading; he could tell a lot about a woman's face using his fingers.

Auggie remained Annie handler while she worked for the CIA and a great friend who loved her forever and a day.

Eyal Lavine (Oded Fehr)

Eyal was Annie’s Guardian Angel and he loved her also, but could not tell her. For years their paths crossed and he constantly rescued Annie and she saved him. A friendship that did not develop into a passionate love because it was restrained. A love they both seem to want, but did not act upon it.

Annie's multilingual skills impressed other, while often saving her life and others like Eyal.

I feel that Eyal and Annie squandered a beautiful experience. When Earth is dust particle in space their love will still be searching for a blissful ending. Their love will only be spiritual as far as we know about the spirit world.

Eyal is My Favorite

Simon Fischer (Richard Coyle)

Simon was such a sweet man and proved his love for Annie over and over again. Annie could not stay away from his passionate love and in the end their love became exposed to the evil person who shot them both.

Simon had a great love for Annie and he would not listen to anyone who warned him against her. He tried to save Annie by pushing her out of the way and took the bullet himself. I missed him and the story line of his and Annie's meetings.

This is one time when Annie used her lying to win him; but did she love him too?

Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramamurthy)

Jai Wilcox’s assignment from Arthur Campbell was to get close with Annie to find out anything that would be useful to the CIA. And, Jai wanted to get ahead in the Central Intelligence Agency and did what they asked. He became a friend to Annie and while spending time with her---his feelings for Annie became more than he wanted.

Annie never knew how much she meant to him because he would not allow himself the luxury of love. However, you cannot tell a heart who to love and not to love. Annie became more in his heart than a Langley, Virginia interest. And, we know he tried to warn Annie the day of his murder---so Jai’s heart wanted to talk to Annie---but never got the chance.

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Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop)

When Ryan first met Annie while she still worked for the CIA, he knew she would belong to him sometime in some way that only a man’s heart could tell. Men feel the same deep feelings a woman does by a first attraction---some call it love at first sight.

No man wants an easy woman for his love. A man wants a good woman who cares deeply for others and their safety and well-being. Ryan knew Annie’s heart held the love of others, but he wanted the title of being her last lover and the biggest part of her life.

What would Annie’s answer to his question of marriage have been? We can only guess since we will never know because one of the best TV show is now cancelled. All good things must end or should they? No! However, we do not control it---we can buy the DVDs of the five seasons and still enjoy Annie and her adventures.

Annie had a great co-worker and lover relationship with Ryan. I hope their future looks bright.

Covert Affairs--Recap

Covert Affairs---Best USA Show

Updating July 2020---I still miss this show--it was one of the best on television with beautiful Annie and her handsome men. Does Canada have all the handsome actors? USA I have not seen one of your shows that match the fan base like this one. I saw Annie in "Angel Has Fallen" and she is still beautiful.

Life without Covert Affairs has been rough on Annie and Auggie's Fans. No other show did we wait for season after season like we did this one.

See if you can make this happen for all the Covert Affairs fans in 2016. Thanks! We will be waiting.

Auggie and Annie are Very Good Friends


Has USA Network Lost Viewers Because of Cancellation?

USA Network states the cancellation is due to the ratings. They are the ones that change Covert Affairs from Tuesday to Thursday night on October 3rd 2013; this could be the reason.

Viewers become accustomed to a certain night for their favorite shows; suddenly changing to a different night after being off the air for weeks before returning---of course there will be a decrease in viewers.

Not Happy to Say Goodbye to Covert Affairs

And, just when Covert Affairs had electrifying storylines that kept viewer on the edge of their seats; they cancelled the show will a huge cliff-hanger.

My Best wishes and continued success to all the actors and actresses and the crew. Thank you for five wonderful years of entertainment. And, the only good news is we can buy the DVD’s---I know I will. My girlfriends and I will have a Covert Affairs Marathon one weekend soon.

Auggie and Natasha

The 5th season’s tempo was a fast roller-coaster ride especially for Annie and Auggie. It ended with news from Auggie that was unacceptable to my ears. He told Annie he quit the CIA because he and Natasha had plans to travel the world together.

Why didn't Auggie tell Annie his hidden agenda sooner? Was he afraid she would talk him out of it?

Annie kissing Auggie.

Annie kissing Auggie.

My Make-Believe Storyline of Season 6 Episode 1---How I want it to Happen

Meantime, back at the CIA Joan and Annie are in the middle of work in the new special task force which Joan is in charge. Annie works for Joan again, and has been accepted back into the folds of the CIA, heart condition or not---they know the best person when they see her.

This put a frown on Ryan McQuaid’s face for Annie to return to the CIA---out of his loving arms into another zone for whomever to take advantage of Annie. Annie is strong, skilled in defense tactics who can most of the time--- (maybe with Eyal’s help ever so often) ---take care of herself.

We can tell Ryan loves Annie and he wants to watch over her to protect her from the dark side of life and the evil people in it. He is such a sweet guy----but I am not feeling it for Annie. He is too comfortable (like old worn tennis shoes---they feel good)---however, Christian Louboutin heels has her heart.

Arthur Will Not Run for Senate---Still My Make-Believe Storyline

Arthur decided not to run for the senate and is still working for Ryan McQuaid’s Security business, and has a big part in taking care of their son. Leaving Joan the time she needs to start the new Task Force for the CIA with Annie there to help. This is what Annie loves---her clandestine job where she feels in control of her own actions which she needs to get the job done.

Annie and Auggie---Still My Make-Believe Storyline

Back to Auggie and Natasha---an unfortunate train wreck occurred while they toured the Alps of Northern Italy. Natasha dies immediately and a helicopter airlifted Auggie to the nearest hospital with serious head injuries.

Annie flies to Italy and is by Auggie’s side for two days and nights; then slowly in the early dawn of the third day he awakens. Annie had her head on his bed asleep sitting in a chair. Auggie looks at Annie and says. “I knew you would be beautiful with long blond hair and eyes that softly touches a man’s soul.”

Annie wakes up with a shocked expression---and when she looked into Auggie’s eyes---she knew---he could see. And, we knew Annie would jump into his arms; and she did.

This is the end of my make-believe episode---but I enjoyed it ever so much. This proves I am a devoted fan who wants Covert Affairs to renew for—Season 6, 7, 8, 9, and so on.

USA please hurry and put us out of our misery---tell us when it will renew---please.

“Gold Soundz” Season 5 Finale--December 18th 2014

Belenko finally felt the chill of death as he viewed the entire police squad lying in the street dead, execution style; he knows it is a message from the FSB (Russian Internal Security and Counterintelligence Service) and they want him dead. This put a nugget of fear into him. He had a lump in his throat and he was silent for a while.

Joan has requested Annie to bring him in alive if possible. This puts extra stress on their efforts to get Belenko out of Argentina as she and Ryan are shooting their way through the back streets with these assassins hot on their trail. Fighting for their lives and trying to keep Belenko safe to bring him back to the CIA ; has become an all-out battle for Annie and Ryan.

Will they make it? With bullets flying hard and fast at times it is difficult for Annie and Ryan to aim and fire back. I’ve never seen Annie this stressed in a fight, and I know she’s thinking I am glad I kissed Ryan and told him I loved him, because I may die today without the opportunity of telling him again. Ryan thoughts are probably on the same subject as Annie’s because they love each other.

Ryan and Annie


Will Annie and Ryan Survive?

We know the strengths of both Annie and Ryan, but an army is after them. They are outmanned and outgunned giving their all to get away with Belenko alive.

This has to put a tidbit of fear into them both, if not for their own life, then for each other.

Will Belenko help them with a plan or will he use his demonic mind to try to eliminate them?

Annie and Ryan will need to reach for their last reservoir of power to get them out of harm’s way of the ones who’s trying to kill them; and return home safe.

What does the Future Hold for Auggie, Annie and Ryan?

Auggie and Deckard are back home, but are they safe from Belenko’s man Langer. Calder received a tip that Langer was in Virginia and he has proof he shot Sydney. And, it does not look great for her at the moment. Sydney’s doctor told Calder the longer she stays unconscious the less likely she’ll recover.

Calder cares deeply for Sydney and now he is out to get Langer and I hope he has plenty of backup to help him. Belenko hires the most successful assassins and that is why he hired Langer. I hope he pays him well because I am sure the Russians will pay him more to kill his boss Belenko.

Will Joan get to interrogate Belenko? Will he return to Virginia to the CIA Facility? Or, will the Russians be successful and kill him? We will probably wait for months until our favorite show returns to bring us action, adventure and enjoyment with Annie and Auggie as they fill our lives with entertainment and excitement.

I am Ready for Season 5 Episode 16---Gold Soundz

Grab your popcorn for Thursday night and drizzle some chocolate over the hot popcorn for a real treat. Thanks to USA Network for bringing us Covert Affairs. It is always sad when a season finale comes and it is your favorite show, and if the river doesn’t rise and the sinkholes don’t get me---I will be back writing about the return of season 6. Living in the country is not always safe and secure.

Thanks for visiting and reading about Annie and Auggie's adventures---I hope you enjoyed your time spend here.

Annie Walker


A Little Recapping

Annie and Ryan McQuaid were on the premises to rescue Auggie and Natasha from Belenko. Belenko left the building suddenly after receiving a message from one of his men. Auggie and Natasha managed to escape when Belenko flipped his dead man switch that destroyed the building. Joan and others back at CIA thought Auggie was dead and so did Annie for a second. Ryan expressions are unreadable at times---he is a master at covering his emotions.

When Annie saw Auggie she ran and jumped in his arms---she was so happy to see him alive. Annie and Ryan were there to rescue Auggie and Natasha, but Auggie managed to get them out in time before the building crushed them.

Home Again

Now, Auggie is home being treated for the abuse he received from Belenko. I hope Auggie does not forget Natasha’s bravery in the face of death. She is a keeper for him to think about---sooner than later. Auggie's blindness while kidnapped by Belenko was not an issue because Natasha helped by informing him of their surroundings.

Annie and Ryan exchanged the sweetest looks even in the middle of chaos. It makes one wonder what is next for the two lovers. If anyone can keep Annie’s attention long enough by staying alive---we might see some action between them. And, her background with men registered very low on the love scale.

I like it when Joan gets serious her blue eyes can drill a hole through someone---she told the Navy Colonel in charge of the rescue helicopters if his hesitation caused Auggie death---it would be on him. Finally, he moved his slow behind---he's a great example of why I like action men.

Is Belenko a Double Agent? I Wonder!

Annie, Auggie and Ryan will work to find and arrest Belenko, because Joan said he was more valuable alive than dead. I wonder how Annie feels about it? And, Auggie must think she is not thinking clearly. Belenko wants to find and kill Jim Decker the friend who saved Auggie’s life by killing the Chechen prisoner; who Belenko claims was his brother.

With the Chicago Bombing still in Belenko past; makes Annie wanted to bring him in or kill him for all the people he so nonchalantly killed. Joan should know one cannot tame a madman; like a wild animal they will turn on the unsuspecting one quick as a blink, without thought or regret.

I wonder why Joan thinks he is more valuable alive than dead. Unless, it might be his secret weapon of connections he might have that she wants. Joan has many pages to her story, and at the moment she is not talking.

Calder, Sydney and Eyal

Poor Calder he finally gets a real non-paying date with Sydney and a hired brainless thug shoots her. Sydney helped Calder get information when she put her life in danger, and now it seems the danger just knocked on her door and shot her.

Who we need is Eyal to add to the mix before the season is over. I would enjoy seeing him with Annie more. And, I am sure she would enjoy it too.

Grab your popcorn and maybe something stronger than a soda with all the action on Thursday night the 11th---fasten your seat belts for this roller coaster of a ride.



Belenko's Evil Ways Will be His Ending

Annie has Olga in mind when she leaves with Ryan McQuaid tracking the evil Belenko who has kidnapped Auggie. Olga died trying to avenge her husband’s death. And, when she wanted to kill Belenko Annie told her “NO!” Annie needed him alive to tell her where Auggie is being kept.

Is she thinking that she made a bad decision when she did not let Olga kill Belenko? Annie needs to focus on getting Auggie away from Belenko before he kills him.

Why does Belenko want to interrogate Auggie about Annie? Why didn’t he kidnap Annie or does he enjoy being chased. And, now that he did not get his injection from the doctor---how long will the evil, murderous bottom-feeder of a man exist on no medication?

Annie's Faith in Ryan McQuaid Takes the Relationship to a Higher Level

Annie made the right choice when she had faith in Ryan, because he is a great person and is a true ally; in the good times and bad. And, he is very lucky Annie Walker chose him.

Ryan and Annie stealthfully reached Russian terrain closing on Belenko’s trail; and none too soon. Why what Annie knows is important? This is because Annie interrupted Belenko’s agenda of the car bombing. He’s determined to complete it.

He needs to anticipate Annie’s ever calculated move; so he intends to beat the information out of Auggie. A friend of only Satan would beat a blind man; and so may the doors of Hell open; and take his evil spirit in. He will pray for that before this is over.

Auggie's Life is in Jeopardy

What will happen when Annie and Ryan find Auggie? Will he be alive? Will Belenko kill him in from of Annie? Will Belenko died before killing Auggie?

And, now I will be on pins and needles until December 4th when I find out about our Auggie. If anything happens to him it will break our hearts.

Pop your corn and be ready---I think I will need my glass of white wine with this one. What the fans must endure as we wait and watch.

USA Leaving Fans with Cliff-Hanger

Whose Love Did Annie Desire?

Auggie Anderson

Annie's True Love

Kidnap Auggie--- and Annie Will Visit You

If anyone knows about Annie Walker---do not mess with her friends and especially do not kidnap one of them. And, that goes double when it is Auggie Anderson.

Annie’s in the field tracking Belenko down when Ryan McQuaid calls her about Auggie. He said Auggie could be anywhere---and that meant no one had a clue.

Annie's intuition tells her if anyone knows where Auggie is---that person would be Belenko. So, she calls on her new friend to help her when they visit Belenko.

And, if there is one thing we know---this is not the soft, sweet Annie Walker anymore, this is the seasoned, experienced, hurt, tortured, and put in a foreign prison; tough spy. This Annie Walker will not flinch when she needs to apply pressure to get information. Belenko will not know who or what hits him with Annie and her new field ally.

What is Really Behind the CIA Sending Joan on an Assignment?

Joan Campbell and Ryan McQuaid are in the field, they are on an assignment, and it must be very important when they send a valuable person like Joan. Could Joan end up in visiting the placed she dreads to discuss? And, that’s the Balkans.

Calder, Calder What are You Doing?

I am not too sure what Calder is doing anymore, other than being close to Sydney. If he cares for Sydney he had better watch what playground he sends her into. She could wind up a statistic in Calder’s wild game of spying. I am not too sure about him anymore because his better judgment---I believe vacated the premises.

Be ready for another surprise ending in Annie’s rescue mission for Auggie. And, where is Eyal? I don’t believe he’s trying a second time with his wife. I believe he just told Annie that because he could see she cared deeply about Ryan McQuaid.

Pop your corn and be ready for tonight---I am ready for Auggie to come home.

Annie in a Rare Silent Moment

Annie in a Rare Silent Moment

Is Eyal Really Annie's Genie?

I am happy to have Annie Walker back with us and all her associates in the Covert Affairs life style.

Like magic Eyal appeared in Istanbul to help Annie. I am beginning to think he is a genie just for Annie. However, I see romance in the worst of places---that is just how I think.

Eyal helped Annie again out of a tangled jam with Aleksandre Belenko, a man whose every evil deed is not just premeditated, but sometimes a surprise. Aleksandre knows Annie is smart and will not stop until she gets her answer. And, that is why she is such a threat to him.

Annie and Eyal were talking when she received word from the hospital that Ryan’s complications put him in the operating room again. Annie looked worried and Eyal sees she cares deeply for him.

As always Eyal is a good friend telling Annie he understands and that he and his ex-wife are trying for the second time. This could be because of his son, or he is saying this to Annie so she will seek what she wants in life. Why could he say that? I believe he loves Annie that much and she’s unaware of his true feelings. It was not convincing enough for me to believe it. And, it might be true and if it is---Eyal’s heart is not in it.

Auggie's Safety is a Concern for Annie

Annie seems concerned about Auggie after his discovery of an unscrupulous chemist and finds a surprising link to the violence in America. Then, Annie goes to Germany to search for the chemist. She’s worried about Auggie because three of his associates in the field are dead and he might be on their list of termination.

In the mix is the woman assassin who attacked Eyal when he and Annie were searching in a house for bags taken from the abandoned car on the street. The woman surprised Eyal knocking him down as she escapes out the door. This is not the last we will see of her.

Auggie needs someone to watch his back; when he is out and about in the streets. In this case America is no longer a safe haven for him. Will Auggie with all his training be able to defend himself, because he know he is in great shape, but he still cannot see his enemy until he strikes. Only then can Auggie’s defensive skills come into play against a known enemy.

What is Joan Hiding?

Meanwhile, Joan has her own little issues when she is questioned about her time in the Balkans comes into the mix. We know she spoke to Arthur once about her fear of this happening; and now it appears to stare her in the face. What happened in the Balkans? Did Joan kill the wrong person? Is this why she no longer works in the field? Can Arthur help her this time? She has just returned to her position in the CIA, and now this pops up like an evil twin. Can someone fool a polygraph? We will see how Joan handles it.

Pop your corn and be ready for a surprise ride Thursday night as we watch Starlings of the Slipstream.


Aleksandre Belenko

Annie is still looking for the man responsible for the bombing in Chicago.

And, I believe that Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Doyle) and Caitlyn planned everything together to take over Ryan McQuaid’s company and more.

Caitlyn’s radar should have alerted her that she was being used, but some women as well as men think with their emotions in lieu of facts.

And, this becomes a liability, which got her killed.

Because she shot McQuaid in such an unfeeling manner---I have no empathy for her. Caitlyn’s shocked look betrayed her feelings; and because she called out Blenko’s name when he shot her--- Annie knew a lot was going on between them.

No-one close to Annie believed that Blenko shot Caitlyn to save Annie; he did it because she was no longer useful to him.

Blenko is not going home to stay; he will be back to finish his evil scheming agenda.

Blenko is back to finish his agenda---he and his men forced Annie into a building by gun point; and that was their first mistake because we know who always comes to her rescue.

Yes, Eyal saved her once again. These two are constantly saving each other---and why hasn’t their relationship developed into something more?

How long will Eyal be with Annie this time---I think he should stay for at least three episodes. Give us some eye-candy please.


Ryan McQuaid in his business suit is ready for action, and maybe Annie.

Ryan McQuaid in his business suit is ready for action, and maybe Annie.

McQuaid Security

I hope Ryan McQuaid recovers quickly, but in the meantime I am sure McQuaid Security will experience a power struggle to run the company until Ryan returns. Arthur Campbell is the senior executive so he should run the company until McQuaid returns.

How deep are Annie's feeling for Ryan? Will she want a deeper relationship when he recovers? Will Ryan remember who he is when he wakes up? Will he remember Annie and their close relationship?

Only time will tell and the answer awaits us on November 6th---I am ready for my favorite show to return.

Annie and Auggie Friends and Spies Forever

Annie and Auggie are always fine because they are love and respect each other as friends and spies. Sometimes being a spy is not easy on one’s family, friends and even one’s husband; but it is part of the job, and lying could save a life.

November 6th is a long time to wait to see Annie and Eyal in “Tiger Cut” on Thursday at 10:00 p.m. Thursdays is a new time for Annie and her CIA friends.

When Annie needs help Eyal is always there to rescue her in all his dark handsome glory.

My popcorn will be ready and on November 6th and, I might need a class of white wine---with all the action, mystery, mayhem and murder coming our way.

Mark your calender for the special return date---Annie is waiting for us.

In "Sensitive Euro Man" Is Annie Disappointed by CIA Treatment?

I am disappointed in the CIA for suspending Annie over her keeping her heart condition a secret and doing her job.

After all Annie has done, for the agency and it doesn't support her and called her a liar; when they let Henry Wilcox, a murder walk the halls of the CIA and do nothing about it.

The CIA even let Henry Wilcox give orders because the weak person that was in charge of the agency at that point in time never said no to Henry.

Their incompetence reminds me of a saying: They gagged at a Gnat and swallowed a Camel

Auggie is a Faithful Friend Forever

Annie knew from the information she received from Roger that someone deep in the Russian Embassy said Nathan Mueller was not responsible for the Chicago bombing of the CIA Headquarters. Annie is back to square 1 on finding the responsible person.

She is not alone as she always has her faithful friend Auggie to help her through all her decisions of the moment; as the two of them work forwards the same goals in the future. Auggie always puts Annie first before his career---he is a rare friend. We all need an Auggie in our lives.

Has Ryan McQuaid Stolen Annie's Good Judgment?

Annie went to work for Ryan McQuaid to get the evidence she needs to verify if he was or knew the parties involved in the Chicago bombing. A few employees in Ryan’s company may be a threat to Annie.

Will Annie's personal feelings about Ryan; change from what she might find out? Will Annie be manipulated by Ryan McQuaid? Has his blue eyes and the one kiss closed her mind to his possible quilt? Or, Annie may use her instinctive feeling that Ryan is being set-up by someone in his company who is close to him? It could be payback for an unknown reason to him.

We shall find out on August 26th when the “Sensitive Euro Man” is viewed on Covert Affairs. Be ready with your popcorn because it will be an edge of the seat ride as Annie has to decide who are her friends and enemies.

In Spit on a Stranger is Ryan McQuaid---An Honest Guy or a Crook?

Annie is still the savvy multi-lingual spy and she is no one’s fool. Ryan McQuaid has his own secret agenda, and at this moment it may be on the dark side against the CIA and Annie. It makes one wonder if he had a motive for hiring Arthur other than he needed him to increase his companies’ assets in the future, or so he said.

It is possible McQuaid’s company was conducting surveillance on Bennett? And, if that is true the man Bennett and Annie saw in the hallway was working for McQuaid. He is also the same man who came to McQuaid’s home the morning after Annie spent the night talking to McQuaid.

And, McQuaid probably confiscated his $100,000 back from whomever Bennett paid for the valuable information. And, of course the proof for Annie was taken from Bennett’s suitcase leaving documents of conspiracy schemes; making him appear as a person with emotional issues and not trustworthy.

Did McQuaid Know Bennett Would be Killed?

Annie should now suspect McQuaid used her to find Bennett and since he knew the location it is possible he sent someone to eliminate him before he talked to Annie. If McQuaid is crooked, then he is dangerous---making this a tempting spoon full of honey to Annie---she loves the sweet taste and feel of danger.

And, if McQuaid is using Annie for his own surveillance of what she might know---he had better get up early because Auggie and Annie take no prisoners. So, McQuaid may be the “Spit on a Stranger” guy that gets inundated with smiles from Annie while she is investigating him.

Joan suspended Annie which was an asinine decision since she has clues of what is going on. Annie is without the CIA support---only Auggie’s forever support---they work well together.

McQuaid Wants Annie's Trust

Annie has not forgotten what Bennett told her, and Auggie about Kravec returning to Russia after the CIA traded him for another spy. Bennett had an informant in the Russian task force who would trade the truth for $100,000. It seems if working for the CIA---one has to walk through a lot of brown stuff for one to get the green stuff---meaning you take a lot of BS to get paid.

I believe even though McQuaid shot Kravec to save Annie, he was unknowingly a spy for Ryan McQuaid. If all this is true---what will Annie face in her future assignments in Russia?

McQuaid wants Annie to trust him. Does he think his good-looks and blue eyes will make her ignore the evidence? McQuaid probably thinks all women want the same things---money, gifts and his attention. Then, he does not know Annie. And, I was beginning to like McQuaid.

Will Annie Work for McQuaid in the Future?

Will Annie ever work for McQuaid? If she does, then maybe I was wrong about him or not. I am sure Auggie does not want her near him or working for him in the future; but we shall wait and see. Will Calder question Auggie about Annie and her heart condition? I bet he will because he thinks no one knows about his little secrets.

What I want is Eyal to come back---what is wrong with McQuaid and why doesn’t he hire Eyal. He needs to get his headhunters out there and find Eyal and hire him---like now.

Anyway, we have one more episode for the summer to enjoy after this one---which makes me sad as this is one of my favorite shows. So, pop your corn, drizzle your chocolate on it---and get your favorite wine and enjoy the best life has to offer in television.

Annie Walker has the Sweetest Smile and it Melts Many Male Hearts.


Season 5 Episode 8 "Grounded" Annie Knocked Down By Green-Eyed Monster

We all knew Annie was in trouble with her job when Hayley Price saw Auggie kissing Natasha on the street. The green-eyed monster called jealousy consumed her as she was bringing coffee to Auggie.

She had previously talked to Auggie about Annie’s medical condition. And, stated she would wait before reporting it because Annie was working on finding the person responsible for the bombing that killed 12 CIA employees.

Haylie hurried to her office to report Annie’s medical condition. I cannot tolerate jealous people. If she had any hope of a lasting relationship with Auggie---she killed it.

Are the Interrogators Innocent?

Annie was called into a meeting with Joan and Calder leading it. She was asked about her medical condition and why she lied about it.

They did not consider anything she had accomplished for the CIA agency because they were concerned if she lied about this---what else had she lied about to them.

So Annie had to sit there and take the abusive remarks just because of a condition she could not help, but she also knew it was wrong to not tell them. She kept it a secret because she loved her job.

Annie was grounded and I am sure an investigation will be conducted. When Annie is in trouble a lot of people who love her will come forward; like Arthur Campbell. (He is one handsome man---Joan is a lucky woman.)

They will go after Auggie next because he is Annie’s handler. I wish Auggie would tell then that Hayley told him---because she should swim in her green-eyed pool of jealousy. And, be grounded or fired.

First, Joan tells Annie they put a lot of trust in her. Well, hello Joan---look at all the secrets you and Arthur kept from the agency---you are not innocent.

Calder put the security of the CIA at the risk when he had an affair with a call girl that is probably a spy. Your halo has slipped around your neck lover boy.

Annie made a decision not to tell and it was her personal choice---she still has the right. But we know they will put Annie and Auggie at a desk researching.

Annie and Auggie are Successful at Researching

She and Auggie will be working closely together---and I do not mean in a love relationship---that boat has sailed.

Ryan McQuaid is the man for Annie, he is kind, brave, and intelligent; the best asset of his---is he cares for Annie. I just hope she will give him a chance.

When Annie and Auggie work together their results are great and this time a plot was exposed that may give answers about the attack on the CIA bombing.

While Joan and Calder meet to discuss a problematic resolution that needs a conclusion. And, I hope it does not affect Annie and Auggie in a negative way.

So pop your corn because “Grounded” will be a tearful viewing with Annie and Auggie’s careers on-the-line. But knowing McQuaid he will be the life saver that rescues them from drowning in the sea of CIA stupidity.

Ryan and Annie are in Azerbaijan looking for a former CIA Officer.

Ryan and Annie are in Azerbaijan looking for a former CIA Officer.

Annie's Narrow Escape in Brink of the Clouds ( 5x7)

Annie had a narrow escape at the Russian Embassy of being sent to a Russian prison by Ivan Kravec. Because someone did not secure Annie’s CIA connection before and after the first visit.

It was done later by Auggie and the Hi-Tech guys at the CIA office ---after she acquired an invitation-- to the Russian Embassy. What is wrong with this picture? Is Auggie’s head so full of two women he is juggling that he is not being a good handler?

Thankfully Annie had Ryan McQuaid to save her again. Has Ryan taken Eyal place in saving Annie? I don’t believe he has---because Annie needs them both in her line of business.

Covert Affairs: Season 2---- I Receive Customer Referral Fees from Companies Mention on this Blog/Website

The Republic of Azerbaijan

Joan has given Annie an assignment to search for one of their own; a former CIA officer who is in Azerbaijan. One of Annie’s assets is she’s multilingual and she uses it to her advantage.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is confined by the Caspian Sea to the east, to the north is Russia, the northwest is Georgia, to the west is Armenia and Iran to the south. Any land close to Russia makes me nervous.

Annie has McQuaid with her this time and I am sure he finds this a personal pleasure. It is evident he wants more than a working relationship with Annie. I am glad he is with her because this can become a fight for their lives.

Ryan McQuaid and Annie Walker Work Well Together

Over half of Azerbaijan’s land is made up of mountain ridges, crests, high elevations standing tall above the summit area and plateaus. Therefore, hiking and tracking in dangerous territory will be the norm of the day for Annie, Ryan and his men.

Was it Joan or Arthur’s suggestion that Ryan accompany Annie? I cannot wait to find out. I am sure Ryan will keep his eyes on Annie as well as any danger they might be facing.

Is Annie holding her feelings in for a man who has touched her heart? I believe it might be Eyal, and then it could be someone we have not met, but will in the future. Or, maybe she is rethinking who should be right for her because of her double life. We shall find the answer in the future.

At Home in the CIA

At home Joan and Calder disagreed about his current activities. And, Auggie received bad news about a friend. Could it be that Natasha left Auggie’s apartment to explore on her own? Is she the friend Auggie received bad news about?

Pop your corn and be ready for Tuesday night August 5th for more excitement, action, mayhem with Annie and her CIA family and maybe sprinkled with a few kisses---I hope.

Joan Campbell is Annie and Auggie's boss, but she is also a friends.

Joan Campbell is Annie and Auggie's boss, but she is also a friends.

Joan and Annie Work Well Together--- Season 5 Episode 6

Joan gave Annie an assignment in Paris where she will meet with Ivan Kravec again. When he and Annie were last together she drugged him and left him with the assumption that he and Annie they had a night of passionate, wild sex.

So he was not suspicious of Annie when he awoke, which left it opened for a return visit if and when she needed it.

Joan wants Annie to determine if Kravec is connected with the Chicago bombing. This assignment is very important for the CIA agency and very dangerous for Annie.

The agency knows the money for the Chicago bombing came from someone in Paris. So Annie will follow the money trail and see where it leads down the cobblestone roads of Paris.

Remember When it All Started?



Auggie's Women

At home Auggie is juggling his women and trying to keep them apart as he sorts out in his mind who, is the woman for him.

Is it Natasha from his past---a woman he loved years ago? Or, will it be Haylie Price a woman who is sweet and really cares for Auggie.

I wonder if Auggie know what he is doing with two women in one city---there is no way he can keep them from meeting.

Natasha knows Auggie receives calls from Haylie, which Auggie says she is calling from work.

I cannot wait until Haylie finds out about Natasha, and I am sure she will handle it like a lady. I do not feel that Natasha cares about anyone, but herself. And, I could be wrong----or maybe not.

Joan, Arthur and Caitlyn---Will they Become a Triangle?

Joan knows Arthur and Caitlyn went to Iraq, but she does not know exactly what happened while they were there. However, we know Joan will solve the mystery and learn all the particulars of Arthur and Caitlyn’s business trip.

Arthur and Caitlyn were each fascinated with the other’s courage when their convoy was attacked. Will Joan find out how dangerous Arthur’s work in his new job can be?

Will she find out how brave and skilled Caitlyn is and will it be a sore issue between Joan and Arthur? I hope not. Their baby is beautiful and their happiness as a family has just begun and may their joy grow each day.

Where is Eyal? It is time he and Annie worked together again.

Pop your corn and be ready for another action, adventure with Annie on Convert Affairs on Tuesday night July 29th.

Annie and Auggie work well together and he always has her back.

Annie and Auggie work well together and he always has her back.

Annie and Auggie “Elevate Me Later”/Annie and Auggie in Paris

After Annie confided in Auggie her medical secret; Auggie felt better knowing the truth. He said it was her personal decision not to tell the agency.

Joan gave Annie and Auggie an assignment together in Paris. What a beautiful place to be assigned and with someone you trust. Annie feels great about being on an assignment with Auggie.

Auggie becomes emotional while he and Annie are working together in Paris. Could Auggie be trying to win Annie again to be more than friends? Maybe he forgot what she told him when they met in the park on her return from the dark side of her last assignment.

He smiled, made a joke and agreed with Annie’s decision. And, now has he once again become disenchanted with another woman? And, his current one is Hayley Price, and one can tell she cares for Auggie. If this is true---I do not know what to think about it and Auggie. What is Auggie thinking about?

Joan and Calder

At home Joan is trying to be a good friend to Calder by finding him a new love interest. My main concern with his current lady is---she is a spy--- and is she using Calder.

She might be spying for the CIA to either expose him or promote him. I would like to know how they met and if he is using her for any reason besides paying her for sex. I cannot believe that he is that uncalculating.

Ryan and Eyal

What is Ryan McQuaid doing? He could become a great asset to Annie as well as a possible friend. However, I am still thinking about Eyal for Annie---and I believe that Annie likes him more than just a friend. She trusts him with her most guarded secrets.

Eyal eyes tell it all when he looks at Annie or when he is hugging her. Bring him back soon---he is the main character for my eye-candy.

Arthur Goes Overseas for McQuaid Security

Arthur goes overseas on his first assignment for McQuaid Security. Will Arthur run into Annie and Auggie?

Will Ryan McQuaid make it his business to run into Annie or be her knight in shining armor? Is Ryan really interested in Annie on the personal level or does he just want her for his company? He knows Annie’s secret---so, which space does he want to fill?

Covert Affairs is getting more exciting and surprising each week. I will pop my corn and for this week I will drink a glass of white wine---because Auggie is confusing me----and that makes me over tax my brain.

Auggie is Annie's handler and his information helps her to stay safe..

Auggie is Annie's handler and his information helps her to stay safe..

Annie Goes Home---Season 5 Episode 4---Silence Kit

When Borz Altan died it put a hitch in the investigation of who hired him and his family to bomb the CIA building, killing 12 federal employees. Now the CIA will need to gather all the information and sort it out with what Annie found out; and maybe what Ryan collected in his hour with Borz. The CIA cancelled Annie’s stake out and brought her home.

At home Annie is investigating how terrorist are receiving confidential intelligence and who is the one selling and/or giving it to them. This is a very dangerous road for Annie to walk, but we know what she will say, “This is part of my job” and her search continued.

Ryan wanted to hire Annie for his company---but she said, “No”--- to his offer and I am sure a man like Ryan McQuaid will not give up easily. Ryan and Annie will run into each other in the near future; like it or not, I am sure Annie missed him a short time when their work together finished.

Annie and Eyal

Annie has a face of an Angel and a backbone of steel and will go into terrorist territory to find the answer of who the traitor is in the CIA Agency.

She has made many friends in her world of traveling for her assignments; but the one I like best is Eyal.

Annie and Eyal are like earth’s north and south magnetic poles when referring to their origin.

And, like two magnets they---have a strong pull towards each other.

Eyal is always there for Annie and Annie is there for him when they are working in the same area or hear that the other one needs help.

They have a powerful friendship on the personal and business levels.

I believe a love affair between them would touch the stars and soar to through the galaxies.

Annie would not want to make a stipulation to Eyal like she did to Auggie when she returned home.

Eyal is back for a short time and tells Annie to be careful in what she is doing.

He is very concerned for her. I wish he would stay for a few episodes if not longer.

Annie and Eyal's Memory Lane

They met on assignments for their countries and at first Annie did not trust him. He was always honest with her about everything, but he wondered if she shared his honesty.

They became friends after so many of their assignments crossed over---with their own agenda to reach the same location and conclusion,

Eyal's eyes told his feelings for Annie, and she seemed happy when she was with him. Even through they might be on the run from the ones who wanted to kill them.

Annie was there for him to the bitter end and he would give his life for her. I would call that love, and i hope their characters get to enjoy being in love.

Joan, Arthur, Calder and Auggie

Did Joan and Arthur discuss the possibility of his new job interfering with Joan’s department in the CIA? Now they will need to deal with it because they are both after the same government funding. Sometimes one jumps too quickly into a job without first researching to find any conflicts, which might be in one’s future dealings.

What has Calder gotten himself into with his personal life? We know he cannot go very long without calling her. Is she a call girl or working undercover as one? We might find out in “Silence Kit” on July 15th.

Is Auggie changing or am I just not with his train of thought which seems to be sex with no strings attached? Is Auggie changing or am I slow at reading between the lines---or should I say---between the sheets?

Annie is ready for Season Five-- Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

Annie is ready for Season Five-- Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

Annie and Ryan---Season 5 Episode 4

Annie has a heart condition---Myocarditis—and no one at the CIA is aware of it---it was her secret only.

And, now because of circumstances beyond her control; Ryan and a doctor on his staff knows about Annie’s condition.

When the doctor asked Annie what was wrong with her so he could help her---she told him she had a heart condition---Myocarditis;

Ryan had a stricken look when he heard Annie’s reply. Does he care that much for Annie already?

Ryan told Annie he would keep her secret, and that makes me nervous because he might use it against her.

We know Ryan wanted to hire Annie, but she said “No.” It appears---Ryan has the best of both worlds---he is a professional spy and does not have a boss to answer to---only his clients.

Eyal and Annie on a friendly walk together.

Eyal and Annie on a friendly walk together.


It would be great if Eyal came back; and soon. He and Annie have great chemistry together. And, he is tall, dark and handsome---something I am sure Annie is aware of it---because she looks too.

Eyal does not care who sees him looking at Annie when she is around him---he has tunnel vision for Annie. It has become a habit with Annie and Eyal of saving each other’s lives and being there when the other one needs help.

Annie and Auggie made small sparks together and it was sweet for a time---she and Eyal so far only have a friendly working relationship---but it sizzles.

Annie Choose Eyal because he loves you and always has your back.

South America

Now Ryan is on the scene---and on the same page as Annie, and if she can trust him---he might get the chance to win Annie’s attention for a short time. We never know what will happen---with his connections and money; he might find a cure for Annie.

The urgency at the moment is for Ryan and Annie to get Borz Altan (Michael J. Goorjian) out of South America. Evidently it will be necessary for them to fight their way out of the country. All the law enforcement agencies are searching for them. Uniformed police are running around like ants searching for Borz Altan; they probably need to question him about the dead man in the street.

Just apprehending a terrorist is not the end of it when it’s done in another country---it is essential they end up on American soil in order to be brought to justice. Clearly it is easier said than done---especially if the apprehenders are not as skilled and professional as Annie Walker and Ryan McQuaid.

Auggie and Hayley

Auggie is still the ladies’ man even when he does not like being question by Hayley Price (Amy Jo Johnson) from NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center). She asked questions Auggie did not want to waste time answering because they were about Annie. So, he got huffy with her, but in her calm voice settled him down.

Later that night, when Hayley and Auggie accidentally met at the same bar---things lead to something better for them---and they did not let it slip away. Some might call it a one-night stand---but it did not look like one night would be the end of it. Auggie was not thinking about Annie when he was with Hayley, and his blindness has never been an issue with the ladies, which is wonderful.

Joan and Arthur Campbell are dressed for their professional jobs.

Joan and Arthur Campbell are dressed for their professional jobs.

Arthur and Joan

It was Arthur’s first day at his new job for Ryan McQuaid, and he met Caitlyn Cook (Perrey Reeves). She introduced herself to Arthur and then planned a business dinner in the office so they could strategize together.

Arthur arrived home late and found the baby already in bed asleep. Joan had previously asked Arthur could he make it home for dinner. So, when the business dinner with Caitlyn happened, Arthur could not say “No.”

The moment Arthur mentioned the name Caitlyn; it was obvious it rubbed Joan the wrong way; although she smiled at Arthur.

Is Calder Falling in Love?

I think Calder Michaels might be falling in love. And, I am suspicious about her something does not ring true---I believe she is being paid to get close to him to gain information. Maybe, I am wrong---but I have my doubts.

Pop your corn and be ready for “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence” on July 8th, 2014—it is getting complicated.

Annie in a sexy black dress holding her weapon in readiness to do her job.

Annie in a sexy black dress holding her weapon in readiness to do her job.

Annie Has Returned Home---With a Secret. (5x2)

Annie has returned home to the CIA with Auggie as her handler. Annie has a medical condition and she is not telling anyone where she really was for four months, after she terminated Henry.

And, my guess is she was in a hospital or clinic under the care of the doctor she called when she had an episode while running. It appeared Annie has respiratory issues, which she had medication for and applied it through her clothes.

Annie evidently did not want anyone to track her, while she was under the doctor’s care---she gave a pseudonym to the doctor’s nurse whom she called after her episode. Using a false name will protect Annie---for a while anyway. Neither the CIA nor anyone else will ever know unless Annie tells them----or maybe they will.

Ryan McQuaid meets Annie Walker

Ryan McQuaid meets Annie Walker

Arthur Campbell Will be Ryan McQuaid's New Employee

Keeping secrets from the CIA as an operative is very dangerous to one’s career and I hope Annie knows what she is doing.

Annie will soon meet Joan and Arthur Campbell’s new baby. Joan is returning to work in her old position as head of the DPD, and it appeared for a short while that Arthur would be babysitting and staying at home as a home dad.

But not so---Arthur has accepted a position with Ryan McQuaid who owns a private security firm---in other words he is a spy without adhering to CIA or any other agency rules.

Ryan seemed interested in Annie---and is it personal or does he want her for his business. He told Annie about his opinion of spies ---Annie told him she was not like most spies.

Will Annie and Ryan Become Partners and More?

Will Annie and Ryan McQuaid work together as partners? And, I can guess who initiated this idea. Is Ryan really what he seems? And, did Arthur take the position with him to find out more about his business? Or, just maybe Ryan is a good person---and my vote is still out on this one.

Annie has made it clear with Auggie that she just wants to be friends because an emotional relationship in a job does not work for her. Auggie has nothing to worry about as other women are always after him.

And, Annie needs someone to love her and make her feel human again after all she has experienced. Annie needs a lot of TLC from the right man.

So Tuesday night pop your corn and get ready to watch another edge of your seat episode with Annie Walker in Covert Affairs.

Season 5 "Shady Lane"

Annie Walker will have a complicated relationship with the new Special Forces officer Ryan McQuaid (Nicholas Bishop) who also has very deep pockets. What will Mr. Moneybags bring into the CIA and Annie’s life?

Will he be the man Annie needs or will he just muddy up the waters to her already full agenda in her CIA career and private life?

If he thinks he can win her with expensive gifts---he might have a rude awakening.

Yellowstone Season Four Summer is played by Piper Perabo Who is Annie in Covert Affair

Will Auggie Still Be Number One in Annie's Heart?

And, will Auggie just sit back and watch this Special Forces guy take over where he dropped the ball with Annie? Does Auggie still have a place in Annie’s heart as a lover?

Or, has he been demoted to a friend? I felt Auggie heart was split between two women; Annie and his wife whom he thought was dead.

Auggie realized he had chosen the wrong one after they made love. However, it is how Annie feels now that will make the difference in their relationship.

And, she may not want to decide or think about it for a while---she has faced too any issues in the past few weeks; now it is time for her to come home for some R&R.

Annie Excels in Season 5

This season will be even better than the previous ones because Annie’s skills are enriched with her experience and she is not afraid of using them. She was in a dark place for a while---but now she is in the sunlight again---shining as brightly as ever.

Beautiful Annie returns home to work again with the CIA.

Beautiful Annie returns home to work again with the CIA.

Piper Perabo--She is very Talented and Beautiful

Annie Returns the Summer of 2014

Anniie terminated Henry Wilcox and is on her way home. She cannot wait to see her friends and Joan and Arthur’s new baby boy.

I want Annie to bring back the sunshine in her hair and be herself again as a blonde. Will she and Auggie be a couple again? I don’t know---everything that should be simple is a puzzle and she is the only one who can fit the pieces of her life back together.

I feel there will be another love interest for Annie, and possibly for Auggie. Calder needs romance in his serious life---so we will see in July of 2014 when the new season 5 returns for the summer. I cannot wait.

Annie will start anew back at the beginning with the CIA in the same building she walked into her first day. However, she cannot be the same Annie inside now---she is tougher, stronger and knows she can do the job---no matter what it takes.

So one can only wonder will the new Annie Walker still have the same soft feelings she once had for Auggie. Or---is there someone else on her mind? I believe there is another someone who will be working with her again---very soon.

Coyote Ugly--Piper was just beginning her career--she was great in this movie

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Sendhil Ramamurthy is a Handsome and Multi-Talented Actor

My Favorite Country Male Singers

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Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on January 09, 2015:

Mandy YP,

Where did you see that? I have not check lately---that is bad news to all the fans.

Thank you for telling me---I will check the Internet,

Bobbi Purvis

Mandy YP on January 09, 2015:


I know. Hope you have a good 2015 too. I am upset with USA that did not renew Covert Affiars. Here's hoping it may find a new home elsewhere or online.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on January 05, 2015:

Hi Mandy YP,

Thanks for your visit and I like Ryan too for many reasons, but it will Annie's decision in the end. I am hoping for many more season and by then she may find someone else.

Have a great 2015.

Bobbi Purvis

Mandy YP on January 05, 2015:

I hope you have a happy new year as well and I do hope we get many more season for us to enjoy Annie and Covert Affairs.

I have always liked Eyal and his relationship with Annie as friends. Working for competing spy agencies even as allies is a no win situation for romance so I don't see it as viable. That is one reason I like her relationship with Ryan. It has the potential to get complicated yet workable since they are both in the US intelligence.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on December 31, 2014:

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for your visit and comment. I wish you a Happy New Year and many more seasons for us to enjoy Annie. I really liked the chemistry Annie had with Eyal. How did you feel about him?

Take Care,

Bobbi Purvis

Mandy YP on December 31, 2014:

While I have no problem with Annie returning to the CIA to work with Joan. I think she should marry Ryan. They balance each other out well Besides this way she can have it all not only the job she loves but also the man she loves and does not want to lose.

Even if the CIA has agreed for Annie to be a field op again, it will probably come with strings attached such as mandated help and/or a way to monitor her since she has blacked out several times in the field. I could see them having McQ and probably Ryan taking on that responsibility especially in Auggie's absence. I would not mind Barber or the temporary return of Reva as Annie's handler until Auggie gets brought back. I remember when Annie was dark, Calder had Auggie develop Project Hummingbird which was a GPS biometric monitoring device which might be a decent thing to have Annie test to see how effective it is.

While I definitely want Auggie to decide to return to the CIA, I don't like the idea of Tash dying. I love them and their history. He ruined trains for her and I think if he still had his sight, he would have gone on the run with her in Season 1. Joan was right wanting something and having it is different. Right now, Auggie thinks he wants a normal life with Tash, he deserves to have the chance to see if it really what he wants. Besides having Augge outside the agency may prove beneficial to having Auggie and/or Natasha assist Annie if the need arises and could even lead him to decide to return to the CIA.

Even though Annie is blown in Russia, I suspect whatever intel Belenko shares about the Russians plans will be followed up on in other places. Perhaps one of her former Russian classmates will be useful or maybe Zaria can pop up again under the alias Annie gave her and provide assistance.

In any case, there is definitely too much work to do and life to live on Annie's part for there not to be a Season 6, 7, and/or 8.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on December 14, 2014:

Hi Nell Rose,

Great to see you. Covert Affairs is one of my favorite shows. I will write my review on the finale probably Tuesday, and then I will pray they are renewed for season 6.

As you can tell Annie and Auggie's active lives in the CIA keeps everyone on pins and needles. I hope you enjoy Covert Affairs as much as I have in the last 5 seasons.

Have a great new week.


Nell Rose from England on December 14, 2014:

Came back for another read as this is on in England now, so needed a catchup! lol!

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on November 16, 2014:


I see we have great taste in shows and I enjoy following Annie Walker so much because she is real with the issues and she is stronger now than when season 1 started.

Each year brings a more savvy Annie and now she has a weapon---and I am glad of that. I wanted Eyal to be a love interest in her life, but I am wondering what the writers are thinking in this area. We shall find out soon I am sure.

Have a great new week.

Bobbi Purvis

Rachael O'Halloran from United States on November 16, 2014:

You seem to follow the same TV schedule that I do! lol

I love Piper Perabo. Her portrayal of Annie couldn't have been done any better by another actress.

In the season when Ryan McQuaid was introduced, I must admit that I was very skeptical and doubted if he was a good guy. I kept waiting for the shoe to drop that he was a double dealing louse, playing both sides of the spy game. Now they have managed to make him so likeable that if he ends up being a louse, I'm going to be very ticked off.

Joan being earmarked for bigger job seems to not ring true to me. I thought there is something shady going on with that deal after Arthur told her about it after the lie detector test. Why would they want to do another test only 2 months after the 1st, esp questioning her actions in the Balkans? Something is up there.

I don't like Harper Hill's character at all, he stomps on Joan every time she offers advice or guidance and he is a runaway train, I think. And do we really need to get into the sex game with his new "informant" - let her inform and let's stay out of his "love life." lol

I'd much rather see Annie's love life on the screen than his!

Thank you for writing about my favorite TV programs. I loved reading this one, Bluebloods and Jesse Stone.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on October 22, 2014:

Hi John,

Thanks for your visit and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I enjoy watching Annie Walker and her exciting life in the CIA.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Bobbi Purvis

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on October 04, 2014:

Hi Paula,

This is one of my favorite shows and I know you will like it. Annie Walker has come a long way since Season 1 and has become a stronger CIA Operative and person. A great storyline to follow.

Thanks for reading.

Bobbi Purvis

Paula Atwell from Cleveland, OH on October 04, 2014:

Okay, so obviously I am missing a really good suspense show. I am surprised that I have never heard of it. Hmmmm . . .will have to see if I can catch up on Netflix. Incredible write up. Thanks.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on September 12, 2014:


Thank you so much---I can not remember where I got that date from---I had a senior moment I suppose. Thanks again for telling me. I wish you well.

Bobbi Purvis

RayMimsJr from Orlando, Florida on September 12, 2014:

Just wanted to point out that October 17, 2014 is a Friday, not a Thursday, and Covert Affairs usually airs on Tuesdays. So what is the correct day for the return of Covert Affairs? USA Network has no useful info.

Never mind, just found out this it returns on 11/06/2014, which is a Thursday.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on July 21, 2014:

Hi Dragonflyzzz,

Annie is still there doing her job with her heart condition; and she is the reason I watch the show. It is one of my favorites.

I like your name Dragonfly. And, a few years ago--I wanted a tattoo of one on my ankle, but it never happened.

Thanks for your visit and have a great week.

Bobbi Purvis

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on May 05, 2014:

Good Morning Sunshine625,

Thanks for the visit and comment. This is one of my favorite shows. I love action movies and Annie and Auggie are very special characters.

Don't forget to watch and see if you like it as well.

I am still so happy I got to meet you and your husband. Have a great day. I start rehab tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Bobbi Purvis

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on May 05, 2014:

Wow! What an amazing tribute to Covert Affairs! I've never watched the show, but I enjoyed the photos :) and learning about the characters. Great hub Bobbi!

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 25, 2014:

Hi ferdibe,

Thanks for your visit and I agree with you. This is one of my favorite shows.

Bobbi Purvis

ferdibe on April 24, 2014:


Covert Affairs is a very good series. I hope the writers keep Auggie & Annie as a couple together. With Ups & Downs though. That makes things even more exciting. Especially if Anmnie gets into dangerous situations. SO Senario / script WRITERS. Many crime and suspense with a little love, we continue to watch the serie.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on March 26, 2014:


Thanks for the visit and the update on the date it returns.

Bobbi Purvis

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on August 31, 2013:


I know it is sad, but it for this season it might not happen. We always have next season.

Bobbi Purvis

Addi on August 31, 2013:

I like Covert Affairs very much and would like the authors to

keep Auggie and Annie together, with their ups ans downs, but


Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on May 20, 2013:

Hi Cyndi10,

Yes it is one of my favorite shows---without a few that is returning for the summer---it would be a long hot summer without them. Also Rookie Blue is good and returning in June with love and action.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Hope the weather is great in Georgia---such a beautiful state.

Bobbi Purvis

Cynthia B Turner from Georgia on May 20, 2013:

Glad to see there are other fans waiting for the return of Covert affairs. Never would I have thought I would enjoy a show that I personally think is so implausible. But good writers will draw you into anything, won't they? The characters happen to work really well together and it's very entertaining to watch Annie get into and out of harrowing situations with Augie "at her back."

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on February 19, 2013:


Thanks for your visit---I cannot wait either. Have a great 2013.

Bobbi Purvis

Shantel on February 19, 2013:

Boy am i glad that finally Annie and Augy are together ......

I hope they have the best relationship every !!! Can't wait for season four to start..

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on September 10, 2012:


Rory, I totally agree with you. I wanted a relationship to developed with Jai---I think his character really liked Annie. Auggie, is friend material not a boyfriend for Annie. I do not like the last episodes where she has sex with someone she hardly knows just for the job and to get information.

I know this is probably done in the real CIA and other agencies, but not with Annie. The writers get F- and the ones who terminated Jai get F---.

They are killing their own show.

Thanks for your comment and I really appreciate knowing someone out there feels like I do about Covert Affairs.


Rory on September 10, 2012:

I think it would be completely idiotic for Annie to hook up with Auggie.

nowadays, do men and women are truly incapable of being friends?

they should have kept Ben and made a true romance.

in my opinion, Annie came off a bit slutty when she gave up going with Ben and stayed for a date with doctor - what's his face -, for then to give up on that one too, is like they can't make up their minds who to hook up Annie with.

anyhow, I would have preferred Jay in favour of best bud Aug, he was lame playing the stud so many times: with Liza, Tash, the man who blinded him etc., is he really going to be Annie's love interest? I mean, he's cute and all, his handicap makes him more lovable, I still remember him as Jake the geek, though not with some muscle on - but I do not see him with Annie.

I was cringing when I saw she almost hooked up with Oded Fehr's character, for me he represents a truly unique type of man and I do not see him with a floozy like Annie, even though is just pretend on the screen.

if they keep up this insecurity about Annie's hook-ups, I honestly do not see a future for Covert Affairs... it just makes me sob for that true honest love between Syd and Michael *sigh*.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on March 28, 2012:

I think you would like it, because it has romance, action, suspense and a lot of "Hunks" nothing against my husband--but it is like I tell him. God gave me eyes and I gave him my heart so I am going to enjoy the beauty all around me.


Tammy from North Carolina on March 28, 2012:

I haven't seen this show before, but this is a very enticing article! Awesome!

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on March 26, 2012:

Thanks Christy,

I will write it on my Face Book when I find out. You are one of my FB friends--I hope.

Your Hub Friend,


Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on March 26, 2012:

Sounds like a good show, yes please let us know the date when you find out! Good explanation here about the show.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on March 26, 2012:


Annie is great and the men on Covert Affairs are very handsome, and there is a lot of action and surprises.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment.

Your Hub Friend,


cleaner3 from Pueblo, Colorado on March 25, 2012:

Wow, I am going to start watching this season. besides I think that Annie is hot.!!! great hub.

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