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Country Vs Pop Music

Country Vs Pop

You may have wondered why some people listen to pop music and why some people listen to country music. These are some reasons why people have different opinions about different genres. Even though your foot may be set on pop music, here are some reasons to second guess what you're listening to.

Some people may have different points of views on why they listen to country music or pop music, here are some of the main reasons why they do. Many people who listen to country music just don’t like all of the beats and “Electronic Made Sounds” that come with listening to pop. They might just say “it's too artificial!!!” That brings me to my next point on why people listen to pop; they would just much rather hear something that is up-beat, than just music coming from an instrument like a guitar. If you listen to pop you might not also like the lyrics since most country songs talk about (Girls and Beer)

Here are a few reasons why you should listen to country music instead of pop. First of all, like I said, most country songs all use a guitar, and you don’t have to hear something that is artificial, and that is made with electronics, which personally I don’t like. If you listen to country music, you can make a lot of connections with songs, for example when you are 21, and “opening up a cold one and drinking legally”. You could also be “racking up the overtime hours' ', or eating green bean casserole on thanksgiving that was “Grandma’s Recipe”.

In spite of these very strong reasons why people should be listening to country music, there are still some people who disagree with me. Certainly some good reasons why you should listen to pop instead of country, is because maybe you don’t like the country accent. Or maybe you just don’t like an instrument such as a guitar, and you would rather listen to upbeat type music. If you don’t like the country and you listen to pop, a lot of the time, not all the time but a lot of the time you don’t get to hear the artist's real voice, because they use electronics to change the tone.

Those were reasons why people like to listen to pop instead of country. There also were reasons why you should listen to country music over pop. I hope I persuaded you to listen to the best genre of music country. And even if you weren’t persuaded to keep trying country music you might end up liking it

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