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Country Newcomer Dave Herrera Releases Debut Single “Hollywood Sign”

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When you think of California, what are the first things that come to mind? Hollywood and the famous sign are almost certainly among the first things. For Dave Herrera, it is the perfect location for his debut single “Hollywood Sign.”

“Anytime I drive through LA and see the Hollywood sign, I feel an energy and excitement come over me,” he says. “It is a symbol of so many people’s hopes and dreams, and it is just so powerful. When you think about how much history has been made in Hollywood and what the sign truly represents, such as actors and actresses, artists and bands, producers in film, television, and music, and more, there’s no question as to why this landmark has become such a cultural icon.”

The native Californian began singing as a teenager while growing up with his mother and grandparents. But it was his real estate career as an adult that propelled him further into the music scene. When Dave met the former owners of Ace of Spades, a music venue in Sacramento. The two men, Bret Bair and Eric Rushing, teamed up with Dave to open several more live music venues. His work with these men has served to encourage him to also take his musical talent to the next level.

Recently, Dave took the time to answer some questions about his music career thus far. You’ll find that he has a passion for music in the answers he gives as well as in the way he sings “Hollywood Sign.” Take a listen as you learn more about him.

Real success is if you helped someone along the way!

— Dave Herrera

"Hollywood Sign"

Shannon Henry: Please share the story behind “Hollywood Sign.”

Dave Herrera: Hollywood Sign tells the story of a couple ending their night sitting on the hillside with the iconic Hollywood sign above as city life carries on below. A true testament to enjoying the simple things in life as it continues on. The sign stands as a symbol, like that of a special person, who is always looking over you.

SH: How is California country different from, say, Texas country or from what comes out of Nashville as mainstream country?

DH: Now, this is only my opinion and can and will be looked at differently from others, however, there are many different sounds starting from a macro level with the culture around the world, moving to a micro geographical area or specific regions that have a distinct sound or vibe that comes from that particular city, state and its lineage. That's why music is so great, especially country music because of its many different styles. These states have their own unique sounds, especially California, with its edgy/jam feel and rock progression, Nashville with its poetic traditional, very tight style and, Texas with its outlaw and swing dancing vibe. Nowadays it seems that you get a mix of at least two of the above states in today's country music.

SH: What drives you to succeed?

DH: The challenge of being told NO so many times in my life has been my drive to work hard and strive for success. it does wear on you to be told "NO," causing anxiety and overthinking at times but, all in all, it makes you push to get through whatever you are working on to succeed.

SH: And what is your definition of success?

DH: I would define success as completing something - anything - that you started until it is 100% done, that is a success. Real success is if you helped someone along the way!

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SH: What’s on your musical career bucket list?

DH: To perform for audiences that are singing my own lyrics back to me. I would also love to perform in some cities that I have never visited, and be able to spend some time exploring those cities.

SH: Is there a particular song you will not sing for a crowd? If so, why not?

DH: I have a few songs that haven't yet been heard by anyone. They are stuck away; I may keep them that way.

SH: If you could share the stage with any artist or group (past, present, dead, or alive), who would it be?

DH: I would have enjoyed sharing the stage with Prince, he was such a great entertainer and multi-instrumentalist. Presently, I would like to share the stage with Willie Nelson.


Just For Fun

SH: You’ve reached a crossroads. One path leads to what appears to be a dark, gloomy forest. The other leads to a desert with no oasis in sight. Which path do you choose and why?

DH: I would definitely head towards the dark gloomy forest, it might have more opportunity and excitement with things that are unexpected; as compared to the desert where you can see what you might run into in the distant future.

SH: Name a food combination you love but most others find the thought disgusting.

DH: I think a favorite food combination that others would find disgusting would definitely be top ramen with hot sauce and a few jalapenos.

SH: What is the dumbest thing you’ve done that turned out well for you?

DH: When my wife and I met at a party, we were both drinking and went in for a kiss without realizing I hardly knew her :).

SH: You’ve been cryogenically frozen for 100 years and you just woke up. What’s the first thing you said?

DH: I would probably say something to the effect of "take me back a couple of years so I could try and notify the world of what would be going on in 2020!"


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