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"Copshop" Movie Review

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I love it when you go into a film completely blind, not expecting much. I saw this film had Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo in it. That's literally all I knew going in. Gerard and Frank both make action/bad boy type films so seeing the two of them together ought to be fun, right? It was an absolute blast. But don't go into it thinking it'll be nonstop like Gerard's Has Fallen series. It's a drama first, a psychological thriller second, a comedy third, and an action film fourth.

The film follows Teddy, a former FBI informant who decided it'd be a good idea to steal millions of dollars from them and run for it. The feds tasked hitman Bob Viddick to hunt Teddy down. Teddy gets himself arrested, thinking he's safe for the night. But when Bob ends up in the holding cell across from Teddy, it becomes a psychological cat-and-mouse game among the two men and a detective.

First, props to the director for deciding to make the film feel timeless. The opening credits felt like an old spaghetti western and the film, while modern technology was used, still felt like it was s brilliant homage to 80s thrillers. So much love was put into this film as you can tell the director was honoring the films that inspired him.

Second, Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo had remarkable chemistry together. They played off each other so perfectly that you'd almost think they actually were Teddy and Bob.

Third, Alexis Louder was spectacular as Detective Valerie Young, adding to the believability and suspense of the situation. She was "the man in the middle" so to speak, and having her dish out just as much as Teddy and Bob gave was a real joy to see.

My only issue with the film is essentially the last 10 minutes or so. It all felt like a real cop out move (no pun intended) and was just catering to star power. I won't spoil it but once you see it, you'll know what I mean.

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All in all, I was impressed and had a great time, so I give the film a 3.5 out of 4.

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