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10 Cutest Shiny Pokémon of All Time!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

1. Shiny Charizard

Shiny Charizard is ultra cool and good looking. Instead of the usual orange color, it gets a black body with red color under its wings. Even though the shiny Charizard never appeared in the anime, the shiny Charizard card is one of the most coveted and sought after by Pokémon cards collectors. This card in the mint condition retails for over $500. Talk about shiny Charizard's popularity!


2. Shiny Metagross

Metagross, steel / psychic dual type, is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon that packs a serious punch. Shiny Metagross made 2 appearances in the anime, once as a wild Pokémon and another as the main Pokémon for champion Steven. Metagross is already super powerful with high attack and defense. Even though the shiny version is not more powerful than the regular colored ones, it just looks super amazing. Instead of its usual blue color, it gets changed to silver which compliment the gold cross mark on its face perfectly. What's even more amazing for Metagross? It get a mega evolution to boost its already very high stats. Watch champion Steven's mega Metagross in action! This Pokémon is really powerful and amazing.

Steven vs. Alain!

3. Shiny Greninja

Ash's Greninja stole the spotlight for Pokémon XY. But shiny Greninja is even more good looking than the regular one. Sometimes, it's all about the looks, right? Well, shiny Greninja is a black colored Pokémon which is more fitting for an actual ninja. They wear all black right? On top of that, shiny Greninja has a red scarf instead of the pink one. Black and red look so nice together. Shiny Greninja is definitely better looking than the regular colored Greninja.

regular vs. shiny Greninja

regular vs. shiny Greninja

4. Shiny Rayquaza

This legendary Pokémon is one of my all time favorite Pokémon. It's super powerful and able to mega evolve. The usual green color is signature of Rayquaza, but the shiny version puts this powerful legendary Pokémon to another level. The black Rayquaza in the Hoopa movie is so incredibly cool looking and powerful. With black coloring, Rayquaza looks even more sleek. To catch this legendary shiny Pokémon, I can't even imagine how other than being incredibly lucky.

5. Shiny Gyarados

Gyarados is one of the first shiny Pokémon introduced and is still one of the best looking to this date. Instead of the blue Gyarados that we are all familiar with, the shiny version takes on a red color. This Pokémon is so special that even Lance (dragon master and champion of the Indigo League) took an interest in it and eventually caught it. Being forced to evolve from a Magikarp (the shiny Magikarp is a super awesome gold color), the shiny Gyarados went on a rampage until Lance was able to calm it down.

6. Shiny Noctowl

With the introduction of shiny Pokémon, our hero Ash caught one during his adventure. This shiny Pokémon is none other than Noctowl. Ash's shiny Noctowl is a little smaller than the regular Noctowl, but its color is way cuter than the regular one. Other than looks, Ash's Noctowl has the intelligence to back up its looks. When Dr. Wiseman used traps to try to catch Noctowl, this shiny Pokémon was able to outsmart him every time. Ash never used any underhanded tactics like Dr. Wiseman, the shiny Noctowl was caught fair and square. And that's how Pokémon catching should be!

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regular Noctowl vs. Ash's shiny Noctowl

regular Noctowl vs. Ash's shiny Noctowl

7. Shiny Lugia

Yes, the beloved Lugia has an ultra cute shiny version. The difference is subtle, but sometimes being subtle is the key. Shiny Lugia has a color design that will sure appeal to female Pokémon fans. The fearsome white and blue dragon is changed to white and dark pink. Even though shiny Lugia never made an appearance in the anime or movies, many female player will still want this shiny legendary Pokémon regardless.


8. Shiny Jirachi

This shiny Pokémon is probably not one that normally comes to mind when you think about cool shiny Pokémon. But shiny Jirachi is a very good combination of colors in my opinion. The regular Jirachi has a blue ribbons on the its head and a slight blue toned white body. On the other hand, the shiny Jirachi has a warm color palette. With red ribbons on its head and a slight pink / red toned white body. Again, I think this shiny mythical Pokémon is super cute and appeals to female players the most.

regular vs. shiny Jirachi

regular vs. shiny Jirachi

9. Shiny Magneton

The shiny Magneton gets a ultra sleek and cool monotone color scheme. True to its steel typing, the shiny Magneton looks good with an all grey body. Even though it's hard to pinpoint exactly why shiny Magneton looks cooler than its regular version, this shiny Pokémon is sure to turn heads!


10. Shiny Mega Gengar

What list of shiny Pokémon is complete without mega Gengar? None. The shiny mega Gengar is really fitting for a powerful ghost type Pokémon. The shiny Gengar is a disappointment because it's only slightly darker than the regular colored Gengar. But the mega more than makes up for it. Mega Gengar turns white upon mega evolution which makes this ghost look very scary! I also have to Gengar on the list because this mischievous ghost is just plain awesome. Check out Team Meanies anime below and you will love Gengar even more.

regular mega Gengar vs. shiny mega Gengar

regular mega Gengar vs. shiny mega Gengar

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate

Tell me about your favorite shiny Pokemon!


Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 20, 2019:

One of my all time favorites. Thanks for the story.

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