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Control Z Season 3: Plot details


Control Z is a Mexican teen drama series created by Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, developed for Netflix. First season premiered on 22 May 2020, it became one of the most popular titles on Netflix. It was renewed for another season on 29 May 2020. Season 2 aired on 4 August 2021.


Season 1

First season tells story about group of students that are targeted by unknown hacker who threatens to reveal their secrets. Since very first scene, series reminds of Gossip Girl, there are teens obsessed with new technology and other people’s opinion that their secrets eventually make them appear as they really are and not what they want people to think.

When it comes to characters there is huge amount of complexity of their personalities, if we look closely we can see things under the surface.

At the end of the season, the identity of hacker was revealed and Javier was accidentally shot by Gerry.


What happened in Season 2?

Second season takes off where season one ended, Javier was shot and immediately taken to the hospital. He survives the shot and several months later, new hacker makes appearance trying to get revenge for Luis’s death. Meanwhile, Sofia’s love triangle with Javier and Raul takes different turn. Raul comes back to school and tries getting back together with her but he still seems to prefer blackmailing school principal in order to achieve it. Javier, on the other hand tried getting closer to her but each time it happens they lack of chemistry.


Raul and Sofia

Sofia gets back with Raul eventually, it was cliché and cute, good girls always go back to bad boys but this TV show somehow manages to make excuses for people’s bad behavior. Raul is now in charge of earning Sofia's forgiveness, as he decides to help her find avenger, it actually takes one hacker to now another hacker. Alex was doing what Raul did in first season, she didn’t expose everyone’s secrets but she tries to take revenge for Luis and all the bullying he was suffered before his death.



This season was another rollercoaster ride and for me it’s what makes it special, in first season we get to meet every character, their secrets and their weakness’s, now things take different turn.

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What I mostly like about it is the power of storytelling, especially when it comes to romantic relationship and youth trouble we see every day. There is something familiar in all that, with another hacker out there everyone are lost and they need to find direction.

Hacker becomes more powerful and we find out a lot of things regarding Luis, there is big character development with Gerry, he doesn’t only portray homosexual character, but someone who feels really guilty and in the last scene it’s clear that he is willing to do anything to earn forgiveness, at least from people that were close to Luis, especially Luis’s mother which triggers his decision to go to jail instead of keep running and hiding.


Natalia and Javier

Other character development was Natalia, she used to be popular and mean girl in first season, but since she owns a lot of money to drug dealers this season focus on her trying to do absolutely anything to find money. Natalia and Javier take romantic interest in each other after they share a kiss at Rosita’s party. Javier’s strong personality filled with warm feelings and understanding makes great contrast with Natalia’s personality; she changes because of him. Even though they were falling in love at the worst possible moment due to her ‘’relationship’’ with his dad because of money, we can clearly understand Javier’s craziness and his love for her in the last scene. Javier takes gun and he was willing to point gun on his classmates to get Raul’s money and take it to Natalia’s kidnappers, but before that fairytale could happen new principal is pushed of building. Ending scene gives some How to get Away with Murder vibes combined with Pretty Little Liars.


What to expect from Season 3?

Third season is probably going to take off where second season ended, just as it was the case with previous season. Everyone might face consequence of what happened with principal and maybe even face trial. There are so many storylines left unfinished, neither romantic relationship really won in the end which is probably left for third season, with Javier’s and Sofia’s possible rekindled friendship, it seems that there won’t be another love triangle.

Will Sofia and Raul get back together?

Will Javier forgive Natalia?

What will happen to Alex now that everyone knows she is avenger?

Is Susana alive or dead?

If they follow the same timeline, we could expect season 3 in second half of 2022!

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