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Continuation of Padme & Anakin! Chapter One!

I have always been infatuated with the love story between Padme & Anakin. Even still to this day I love watching all of the Star Wars movies

The end to their story!

Padme's funeral.

Padme's funeral.

Anakin's life transitions.

Anakin's life transitions.

How it ended!

So the movies ended their love story with Padme dying. After the birth of their twins and Padme's untimely end, the twins were split up for their own safety, whilst Obi-Wan hurried through with her funeral so as to not to draw suspicion that she had given birth henceforth making Anakin believe that he lost her and their child which had actually turned out to be their children.

After the major battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, Obi-Wan left Anakin on the side of the mountain to burn to death. Henceforth leaving Anakin unprotected and back into the hands of the Sith Lord who had turned him to the dark side in the first place. Then becoming Darth Vader after believing that he had killed Padme and that his one true love was lost to him forever.

So I am going to write a different ending for the two of them.

He promised to save her!

He promised to save her!


Padme awoke with a start, feeling the stabbing sensation to her heart slowly ebbing away. She looked around frantically with her heart in her throat, hoping to see Anakin but also knowing that who he is now is no longer the man she fell in love with. She didn't know which was worse, the poison still beating at her heart trying to pull her back under, or the broken heart that yearned for the one man she had ever loved. Padme saw movement out of her peripheral vision and turned her head quickly to find Obi-wan coming towards her. She fought hard not to break down. Obi-wan hurried to her side and pulled her into his arms. "Padme, shh. You're okay now." Padme sat there frantically shaking her head. "I am so far beyond being remotely okay Obi-wan. I had to fake my own death in order to keep my twins safe from their own father because he chose to turn to the dark side. So don't for one minute tell me that I am okay." Obi-wan looked off into the distance at the ruins of the Jedi temple. Padme refused to look at what destruction that Anakin had wrought. "Where are my twins Obi-wan?" It took a moment for him to answer. "Leia is with Bail and Breha Organa at this precise moment, and Luke is with Owen and Beru on Tatooine." Padme sat there in silence for several minutes trying to think of what the next step would be. She didn't know how she was going to be able to keep the secret that she was actually alive from the one man who could always sense her whenever they were near to each other. Padme turned to Obi-wan. "How long was my heart no longer beating?" Obi-wan looked her straight in the eyes and said "You were technically dead for three days." Padme's jaw almost hit the floor. "Three days! You left me without a heartbeat for three days? That was not the plan Obi-wan." She stopped speaking once she looked upon his face. "I did not have a choice. Anakin showed up at the mausoleum and would not leave your tomb for three whole days and I couldn't risk him seeing me lurking otherwise he would have gotten suspicious, not to mention he trashed every part of the mausoleum except for your tomb." Padme's heart picked up speed upon hearing Obi-wan's words. "I told you there is still a small part of him that is still the man that I fell in love with." Obi-wan swiped at his face, it was fast becoming a habit of his when he got frustrated. "Padme, I am not going to argue over this again. The monster I saw standing above your tomb is not the young boy I trained and turned into a Jedi apprentice, that man is once lost to me." Padme decided to leave the conversation at that. She slowly stood on shaky legs, trying to get her bearings. "Where is my ship Obi-wan?" Obi-wan pointed off into the distance beyond the mausoleum. Padme started to walk towards her starship but grew faint due to the poison still running through her veins. Obi-wan gathered her into his arms and carried her to the ship and carefully laid her down in the med bay. He could see by the look on her face that she needed to rest so he left her to sleep. He went into the front of the ship and got the engine started while checking her vitals on the monitor. Her vitals were stabilizing which is a relief. Once he checked on Padme once more he returned to the head of the ship to wonder if he should head towards grabbing the twins, or if he should try to find a safe house somewhere first. He decided to do the later seeing as how Padme was in no shape to care for the younglings at the moment. Obi-wan sat there for a moment contemplating and finally decided on the only place that he believed Anakin would never step back on. So he headed to Naboo. Upon almost arriving at Naboo, Padme finally stumbled into the cockpit looking more lively. "What are we doing here Obi-wan"? He looked toward her and answered her honestly. "I didn't know if you were up to caring for the younglings yet so I decided we needed to find a safe place for the three of you to stay, so I have brought you home." Padme looked around with tears brimming her eyes. There were too many memories here of her and Anakin, but she also understood where Obi-wan's mind was at. She took a deep breath and walked off the ship followed by C3PO and R2D2. She looked towards the distance to see the lone structure that stood in the middle of the path, causing her heart to ache all over again knowing that all her dreams became shattered once Anakin had turned to the dark side. Padme looked toward Obi-wan and said, "Bring my younglings home to me." Obi-wan nodded and headed back towards the ship. Padme took another calming breath and headed into the home that Anakin had built for their family, knowing that she would be living the rest of her days here alone keeping her twins safe from the monster that their father had turned into.

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Pat Mills from East Chicago, Indiana on October 31, 2020:

This piece belongs in the Creative Writing section of HubPages. This is fan fiction, and not a review of any Star Wars movie.

Ivana Divac from Serbia on October 27, 2020:

This is great!

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