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Contemporary Music Review: "Further and Further" by Michael Vignola (feat. Francesa Dardani)

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Further and Further is perhaps one of the more tragic, sonorous pieces of music that Michael Vignola has written yet. Along with his trademark delicate, gently flickering piano, he has also enlisted the talent of Francesa Dardani, a virtuoso violinst based in New York City. Her sensitive, nuanced playing lifts Further and Further to another plane of expressive power.

Soft piano opens the piece, playing delicately repeating notes that rise and fall lightly, flickering gently through the silence. All we have is the plain piano before the rich sound of Francesca Dardani’s violin calls out over the top, slightly tentative and warm. Her playing is full of resonance and clearly delinates the melancholy that permeates Michael Vignola’s composition.

As Further and Further progresses, the piano and violin interlock, the piano gaining a little more strength. The aching sound of Francesca Dardani’s violin is gentle and pained, full of feeling as the deeper, more powerful piano chords continue to support the elegance of the composition and the beautiful tone of the violin moving over the top, driving melancholy right into the heart of the listener before the track fades to silence.

Although I do appreciate Michael Vignola’s more minimalist work, the more intricate and richer composition of Further and Further was a welcome change. I am also pleased that he enlisted the talent of Francesca Dardani. Her abilities as a player gave added depth and expression to the music that Michael Vignola composed. As a whole, this was a very enjoyable listening experience.

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