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Coming 2 America (2021) Movie Review

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.

Coming 2 America is a 2021 movie follows the life of Akeem and his family years later after the original Coming to America.

Coming 2 America is directed by Craig Brewer who previously gained massive recognition with his 2005 movie, Hustle & Flow and other subsequent movies.

The movie is based on characters by Eddie Murphy and a story by Barry W. Blaustein, David Sheffield, and Justin Kanew.


The Actors

The cast was a great match for the movie seeming well-chosen and well-suited for their roles.

Coming 2 America stars award-winning humorous actor Eddie Murphy who portrays the main character, Akeem, and other characters in the movie including Saul, Clarence, and Randy Watson.

The top 9 actors based on credits in the movie include Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Kiki Layne, Shari Headley, Wesley Snipes, James Earl Jones, and John Amos.

Behold! Prince Akeem in his natural element, cowering at the mercy of the women in his life.

The Characters

The main characters in Coming 2 America are Prince Akeem, his daughters Meeka, momma, and Tinashe, his wife Princess Lisa, Semmi, and Akeem's son Lavelle. One General Izzi is the villain of the story.

The characters have memorable names(or funny names, depending on where you come from." Look at Totosi Binana, Bogota, Mutombo, Mirembe, and Bopoto.

The Plot

In Coming 2 America most scenes are in Akeem's palace in Zamunda Kingdom, unlike the first movie which had more scenes in USA.

Akeem is an African Prince who learned a lot from his last visit to America and has tried to implement some aspects of his travels in his palace. Apparently, there is even a McDowell's Zamunda!

King Jaffe Joffer is on his death bed. He has one final demand to Prince Akeem since he has no son, and only men are allowed to take the throne.

A seer informs Akeem that he might have a son in America sired during the time he had traveled there and that he needs to go look for him so he can have a son to take over his position as required by the tradition.

Akeem together with his right-hand man set out for a trip to America, once again. the shame of the genetic make-up of his offspring propels him to look for the probability that he had a son. Akeem comes to surprising discovery when he gets there based on one instruction that he is given, "Follow the thunderbird."

Meanwhile, Akeem's eldest daughter Meeka, tries to seek his father's attention in the hope of being a ruler of the land. Unfortunately, she has to fight against a patriarchal system.

The major conflicts are with Meeka who raises the question of whether a suitor has come to woo her. She even has better training on royal duties than the son that Akeem seeks, who also needs to undergo training before becoming a prince.

A woman isn't allowed to rule Zamunda, it's the law.

— Meeka, in Coming 2 America

Also, General Izzi from Nexdoria has a thirst for power and thinks the way to get it is through marriage into Akeem's family; a quest that began with previous generations whereby Akeem refused to marry his sister, and now he is after getting Akeem's daughter together with his son.

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General Izzi brags about himself and his power stating that he is " the conqueror of countries and hearts, the wrestler of lions, the tamer of elephants, the inspiration for Mufasa."

If you have watched the anime Lion King, you would notice the allusion to the movie at the mention of Mufasa. Other alluded films include The Black Panther and Tarzan. They also allude to the Kardashians and Queen Latifah.


Major Themes

As you have probably noticed, family is a strong theme in the movie. It goes hand in hand with love, friendship, and romance. Indeed, "the king rules, but the family reigns."

Family is the one thing that the hero and the villain in the movie share, that is, a strong reverence for family.

Akeem says to Lavelle, "I wanted to find more than a wife to find someone that I connected with on every level. someone who knew where I came from even though we came from entirely two different places."

General Izzi loves his family and the effort he makes to overthrow Akeem from Zamunda Kingdom seems to stem from his desire that his family gains power and to live in the palace.

He is also obsessed with the issue of marriage into power. He seems focused on joining his family with Akeem's royal family even though Akeem had previously refused to take his sister.

Akeem also has a strong relationship with his daughters and his wife. furthermore, the movie is based on his desire to look for a son and fulfill his father's wishes.

Other themes include kinship, parent-child relationships, gender, racism, culture, tradition, and betrayal.

It is better to be bound by blood and marriage than be divided by blood and war

— General Izzi


If you are a fan of Eddie Murphy's movies, this one will be no exception. Prince Akeem's character is delivered in a way that only Eddie Murphy can deliver it.

Coming 2 America is funny with witty speech and humorous scenes that will have you bent over with laughter if it's the kind of humor you enjoy.

Akeem says, "I used to quite enjoy mopping, it was simple and made sense."

I am from Africa and considering that the "imagined" way Western actors portray our accents is quite unrealistic, but they really tried to "Africanize" their accents.

I think General Izzi's interjections (eh! uh ay! ts ts ts!) and words are funny most of the time. Although sometimes they were bordering on obscenities. For example, when he mocks Akeem as a "king without a heir with a n*t s*ck."

On the other hand, Akeem is more 'euphemistic' since his words are more subtle. For instance, he tells his father, "I did not sow my royal oats." Other euphemism occurs in instances where "the scepter" and "stray bullets" refer to aspects of a man's anatomy.

Coming 2 America contains instances of offensive language and adult content mostly in words and not in actions. There is a fair share of sex jokes.

I enjoyed the numerous funny scenes, witty dialogues, some action, and funny facial expressions by the actors. The plot was fast-paced and keep me longing for more to see what happened next.

Also, the movie incorporated storytelling through the music and poetry, which added to the humor, enjoyable moments, and strong emotions evoked by music and dance.

A lot of creativity seeps through this movie, beginning with the title itself. First, the names are creatively chosen to suit the characters such as "Izzi" and "Meeka" which is a palindrome of "Akeem."

Therefore, my rating of Coming 2 America is a 5 out of 5 and it's not because of John Legend's stunning performance of the old song "She's your Queen" that first appeared in the original Coming to America.

They must have had a lot of fun making this movie!

It is a great movie that I would recommend to viewers who like comedy and want to laugh while walking through complex themes that are present in society today.

It's not the golden arches, it's the golden arcs.

— Cleo in Coming 2 America

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