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Comedy article

* Well done, God, you made a man wise *
* You hid everything in a room running after money *

* !! At that time, a man was in a man, even though he had a sling on his head.

* !! Then the man was in the man, when there was a game of Kacha Kawadya, there was a match of Nanand Bhavjayi, the padar was not falling from the head, the wind was not flying like a blanket * !!

* !! At that time, man was in man, when the big ones had value, life was not fun, people were sweet with each other, longing was for blood * !!

* !! At that time, a man was in a man when Porgi was not in love, mother-in-law did not quarrel because he did not want father-in-law, daughter did not walk with her mouth closed.

* !! When the man was in the man, when the farmer was my king, his band was playing at the wedding, Sarja-Raja was at the show * !!

* !! Then the man was in the man when the farmer did not want a husband, the daughters did not cry, did not break the word of the father, did not leave the husband blind in love * !!

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* !! Then the man was in the man, when the grass was in the grass, he was interested in the man's behavior !


Ganesh Sakunde (author) from Satara on September 16, 2020:

Ok sir

Keith Abt from The Garden State on September 16, 2020:

There must be some other definition of "comedy" that I'm not aware of. I was under the impression it was supposed to be funny.

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