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Colorful: The Movie


What Are Your True Colors?

An artist stares at his blank canvas, pondering about his next masterpiece. He grabs a brush and mixes the paints on his palate. Greens and yellows melding together , blues and reds coalescing. He paints with the beautiful vibrant colors on his canvas. He pauses, and looks back. He shakes his head in disdain. The painting is too bold with a lack of balance. He squirts a bit of white paint on his palate and mixes it with the bright colors, creating a softer pastel shade. He adds the pale delicate colors to his painting, again pauses and looks at his painting. But there is still something wrong with it, it lacked dimension. Finally, he mixes the colors with some black paint, creating dark shadowy ugly colors. He paints with them, and finally his painting is complete.

Just like in paintings, humans have different shades of colors that make us what we are. Not in the literal sense, with the color of our skin, rather the color of our character.

Based on the first person narrative by Mori Eto, Colorful is a film directed by Keiichi Hara that details the story of a soul that committed a grave sin. The soul is chosen to have a second chance at life to remember the sin it committed. It possesses the body of a 14 year old boy who committed suicide, named Makoto Kobayashi. During its stay at earth, through the eyes of Makoto, the soul begins to realize and accept the circumstances of real life and begins to learn that about the harshness and beauty of reality through the colors of humanity.

It is a beautiful movie that is worth to try, especially if you like drama and supernatural things. However, it is roughly 2 hours long, and very slow paced, so if you are someone with a lack of attention and prefer something fast paced with action, don't watch this. There are parts that detail the banality of real life, which do make it boring in between. The animation is gorgeous with clear attention to detail, so that is a definite plus. All in all, this is a good movie if you have a lot of time and patience, and if you are a deep thinker. Maybe you'll realize how colorful you really are.

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