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4 Rock Artist Recommendations

Alexis loves many forms of entertainment. When she writes about her entertainment preferences, it's generally a list of some sort. Enjoy!

My Musical Choices This Week

I'm eclectic, or so I'm told, when it comes to my music choices. They get pretty out there, and I remain oblivious to what "out there" really means. This week, I dove into some rock tunes. I like to keep a rock twist to most of my music, but a friend has informed me that some of my choices turned out more country than rock while others could be classified as pop. I'll keep them all in the rock group for now because too many labels make me dizzy. Keep your blinders on—we're going on a musical journey!

The Script (Pop/Rock)

"Breakeven" was like a revelation when I heard it for the first time, years ago. I don't know why I was surprised to find out that the Script had a VEVO account, but I was. I'm also thrilled that they kept making music because now I get to go through their channel and find my new favorite album. I found this through the new song "Six Degrees of Separation," and it was like discovering the Script for the first time all over again. I'm ashamed to say that I missed the release of this song, though.

It's not too late, however, because it appears that they are still performing live on stage. It's not hard to find recent material from them, but there are currently no concert tickets on sale via Ticketmaster. It would be great to see them live, but I also made an entirely new Pandora station for them, so I'm not complaining.

Ron Pope (Pop/Rock)

Ron Pope was an entirely new find, so the mainstream isn't clouding my own opinion on him. My favorite songs are rarely mainstream, but I have to say that I love "A Drop in the Ocean" something fierce. The piano combined with his incredible voice and connection with the music make him one of my new favorite artists.

Ron Pope is another miss on the Ticketmaster chart. As summer approaches, I'm not losing hope that he will return to Chicago. This could be a great summer for music if he gets mixed into my concert options.

Anything you can find by Ron Pope has a different (but not too different) piano piece and amazing new lyrics. He's been added to my "sad" and "chill" playlists on the several music radio apps I've downloaded over the last month or two.

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Keith Urban (Country/Pop/Rock)

I fell in love with Keith Urban's music a long time ago, and I'll always love him. "My Better Half" seemed like the perfect description of love when I first heard it. To an extent, it still does, but he has made so many other great songs since then.

The genre that Keith Urban falls into depends on the album, but I tend to gravitate towards his rock tunes. They're all broadly defined as country, but Keith has always broken the boundaries of the genre—just a little bit and in a good way.

His new album that came out this year has me excited about going to another country concert. I haven't been to one in at least a decade, but this will be well worth it. I'm not sure if his concerts still sell out like they used to, but it's probably wise to buy them sooner than later.

Matt Nathanson (Folk/Rock)

A long time ago, I loved the song called "Come on Get Higher" and I couldn't get the lyrics out of my head. Now, I'm looking back at this artist beyond the one song I heard on the radio. His hit single was on the radio daily, but I never heard anything else from Matt until a couple of months ago. I was pleasantly surprised because I don't usually like folk music, but Matt didn't seem too folk-like for my ears. I'm choosing to hear the subtle rock in his gentle tunes.

My new favorite song is, hands-down, "Adrenaline". He also has a song with Sugarland, and there is still a "folksy" sound to some of his others. For the most part, though, his voice has found a way through my ears anyway. It's always nice to find an artist outside the box. Matt Nathanson now holds my #1 Favorite Folk Artist title.

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