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Q&A With Codie Prevost: Country Music Recording Artist

Sunshine likes to make artists shine! Hence, her interview series was born. Contact her for your moment in Sunshine's Spotlight.

Introducing Codie Prevost

Country musicians are a gift that keep on giving. Country songs consist of lyrics, music and vocals, all wrapped up and presented to the fans to treasure.

No matter where your journey of life may take you, chances are there is a country music song that you could relate to. Whether these songs make you happy, sad or yell yeehaw, you will always remember the lyrics that helped carry you along.

Join me as I introduce you to another amazing artist who is as passionate about singing country music as the fans are with enjoying the ride. And what a ride I'm about to take y'all on as I introduce you to a fantastic musician from Canada!

Codie Prevost was born in Archerwill, Saskatchewan, Canada. He calls Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada his home.

Let's go y'all and meet Codie Prevost.


Is There a Family History of Musicians?

My mom and uncle used to perform at family functions. I remember the joy music brought to people and that truly inspired me to pick up the guitar and start performing.

Favorite Food Weakness?

McDonalds French Fries and Dill Pickle chips.

Do You Have a Pre-Performing Ritual?

Warming up with Brett Manning vocal lessons and doing some physical exercise to warm up my body.

Musicians That Inspired You?

Was inspired by Canadian Country artist Paul Brandt as well as Keith Urban and Eric Church.

Who Inspired Your Love of Country Music?

My mom and uncle taught me that music could bring so much happiness to people. It is a very powerful experience.

Have You Been Signed to a Label?

I have a label Ceol Entertainment in Australia. I am independent everywhere else. It has been an amazing journey and I’ve learned so much along the way being an independent artist.

Do You Want to Be Signed to a Label?

If I found the right label that believed in the music, vision, and project for sure.

Have You Had Vocal Lessons?

I use Brett Manning’s vocal lessons. I have really grown to love these lessons for expanding my range as well as increasing vocal power and ability.

Do You Play Any Instruments?

I play acoustic and electric guitar. I also play the harmonica from time to time. I learned to play the harmonica while attending high school.

Do You Write Your Own Songs?

A lot of my songs I do write. There is something cool about writing songs that brings uniqueness to the music.

Have You Written Songs for Other Musicians?

I had a song recorded by Randy Kohrs a bluegrass artist from Nashville. The song was called “Quicksand”. That was my first song cut. Since then I’ve had more cuts by quite a few independent artists. It’s always an incredible feeling when someone wants to record a song you wrote.

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Who Is Your Musical Muse?

Eric Church to me is a songwriting genius. Love his writing and style. I’ve always thought of him to be one of the best songwriters in country music.

Who Is the Most Famous Musician That You Met?

I met Jason Aldean, Joe Nichols, and Florida Georgia Line when I got the chance to open concerts for them. It’s pretty cool to grow up in a small town and one day find yourself sharing the stage with these artists! It’s a very surreal experience.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

I see myself still writing, recording, and touring. I see myself touring in the United States more often and continuing to grow the amount of people that listen to my music! I see my team expanding to grow my career to new levels.

How Long Have You Been in the Entertainment Industry?

I have been singing and performing for 13 years now. Boy time sure does fly.

Any Advice for an Artist Just Getting Started?

Get out and perform. Take any shows you can even if you don’t always get paid. When I first started this was the best thing I did to get experience. I performed anywhere and everywhere and learned how to entertain a crowd with just my guitar.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Evolution of Country Music?

I think it’s amazing to see the way music has evolved. Everyone has their own style and I think that's important in music. It’s neat to turn on the radio and hear elements of Rock, Pop, Bluegrass, R & B, etc on one station.


Will You Share a Story About a Song You Are Working on Now?

I just wrote a song with a couple friends called “All About Me Kind Of Day.” It’s a song about taking a day for yourself every once and awhile. Life can get pretty busy and sometimes we can forget this part.

Which Song That You Wrote Is Most Special to You?

I wrote a song called “I’m Okay” for a good friend of mine who lost her brother at a young age. I always wanted to find some way to help the family and finally realized my way of helping was through writing this song.

Your Favorite Inspirational Song?

Really like John Mayer “Waiting On The World To Change” he does a great job and the song has a very powerful message.

Your Favorite Song Lyric?

I love the intro line to Eric Church’s song “Love Me Like Jesus Does”. It goes “I’m a long gone Waylon song on vinyl.” It tells you so much in so few words.

Your Favorite Musician?

Keith Urban. That guy is one heck of a guitar player and entertainer at the same time, a true inspiration for any musician.

Favorite Concert That You Attended?

Garth Brooks.

An Artist You Would Like to Collaborate With?

Would love to sit down and write a song with Eric Church.

Most Memorable Musical Moment so Far?

I had the honor to open a show for Garth Brooks during a Children’s Hospital event in Saskatchewan. It was incredible to see him perform acoustically at the event.

Which Musician Would You Want to Portray You in a Movie of Your Life?

I would say Dierks Bentley. We seem to be similar in some ways when I think about it.

If You Could Perform a "One Night Only" Concert Anywhere in the World, Where Would That Be?

Grand Ole Opry.

When Will You Release New Music?

I’m currently working a brand new album that is set to be released in 2017. I can’t wait to share the new songs with everyone.


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Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 17, 2016:

Hi Sha! Thanks for visiting with another country musician. Codie is awesome!!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on November 16, 2016:

I love Codie's sound, Linda. He's opened for some big C & W stars. That must be such an awesome experience for an up and coming artist.

You must be making a name for yourself. I see in one of your comments you mentioned artists are now reaching out to you. You go girl!

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on November 11, 2016:

Talented, nice and gorgeous - Codie has what it takes!

Great interview in your series, dear Sunshine.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2016:

I agree. Even better when they follow up.

Shannon Henry from Texas on November 09, 2016:

That's part of the fun- they reach out too!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2016:

HI Shyron, Thanks for stopping by to check out Codie!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2016:

Thanks, Shannon! I have musicians reaching out to me now, but I'll check out PEAR.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 09, 2016:

Hi Paula, Yes...I email the questions, it's a fun process and I enjoy learning something new from each musician I interview.

I voted a month ago via absentee ballot, I like to have the first say. Ha! I guess I got the last laugh. Ugh.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on November 08, 2016:

Linda, you eased my day somewhat, I love the music videos. Country music is what my musical family played, Mom, Dad, Uncles, Cousins and lots of friends. My grandson just went from Country/Pop to Opera.

Thank you for the introduction to this fantastic singer.

Have a Blessed day.

Suzie from Carson City on November 08, 2016:

GF.....Did you personally create this questionnaire & email it to him for his answers?! It's really great. There's not much he doesn't tell about himself. Another Cutie Pie.....mmm mmm, I give up. There just is no such thing as an unattractive C&W artist! (I am not complaining!)

I'm guessing that all of these new artists you have so generously shared with us here, will one day soon be very big names and probably Super stars. It seems to me the C&W genre is being literally flooded.

Thanks again for keeping your readers apprised of all these wonderful ADORABLE C&W artists. The music is always GOOD!

(What time did you go out & vote today, SFAM??) Were the first person at the polls?? LOL Hugs, Effer

Shannon Henry from Texas on November 08, 2016:

This guy is super nice. I've interviewed him before. I spoke with him about Canadian country music as I recall. It's on my website, not here, but I remember his music. I still like to listen to his music. And if you want another really awesome Canadian duo to interview, check out PEAR.

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