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Classic Soul with the Delfonics (Interviews)

The Delfonics, Continue a Legacy of Outstanding Music

Powerful videos, photos and interviews with the Delfonics, who sang "Didn't I Blow Your Mind, La-La Means I Love You and Ready Or Not Here I Come and Somebody Loves You." Check out my interviews with them below.

Powerful videos, photos and interviews with the Delfonics, who sang "Didn't I Blow Your Mind, La-La Means I Love You and Ready Or Not Here I Come and Somebody Loves You." Check out my interviews with them below.

Ladies, do you remember such powerful tunes as Didn't I Blow Your Mind, La-La Means I Love You, Ready Or Not Here I Come, Hey Love and the lists goes on and on. Greg Hill, Benny Daniels and Tommy Moore, continue to carry the torch of soulful sounds that tantalizes the depths of your musical heart. The #Delfonics' lyrics is compelling and very stimulating. Their poetic sequences touch your very soul. They combine a baritone, second tenor and first tenor which create an array of outstanding music.

The original group of the Delfonics, originated out of Philadelphia. They were very popular during the late nineteen sixties and early seventies. Members at that time were such major performers as William Hart, Major Harris, Wilbert Hart and Randy Cain. Regardless, of the group members today, their music still remain impeccably memorable and appreciated.

An Interview With The Delfonics

I asked Benny, Greg and Tommy, how long they had been performing together as a group? Benny and Greg acknowledged that it was about six or seven years. Greg went on to explain how, "Our #music is timeless and we work hard to keep our music clean so that it is more appealing to all ages." When asked, what other artists do they admire? Benny acknowledged, "I have always been a fan of Johnny Gill and Maxwell." Tommy admitted, he was a fan of R. Kelly. He laughed as he stated, "Just his music not his lifestyle." I explained to the guys how much we miss their type of music in today's industry. They expressed how there are future plans for them to return to the studio in order to create a new CD. With great anticipation, we look forward to that music in the future. Benny Daniels, closed the interview by stating, "We thank God first and foremost. As long as people come we will be here forever." The Delfonics, are truly one of the most harmonically talented groups that exist today.

The video below features groups that performed for the evening. This includes The Delfonic, Sheila Song Bird, Touch'e of Clazz and Diversified Group. Please enjoy these amazing tributes to outstanding musical talent that continues to draw the interest of true lovers of good music.

Now That's Good Entertainment Presents the Delfonics, Sheila Coley, Touch'e of Clazz and Diversifed Group, S

Promoter Rick Coley, along with his son Troy Rick

Rick Coley, provided an evening of outstanding music, delicious food and good association at a reasonable price.

Rick Coley, provided an evening of outstanding music, delicious food and good association at a reasonable price.

A variety of rhythmic talent was featured by Now That's Good Entertainment. Sheila Song Bird Coley, started the show. She sang songs from her new CD entitled, Move With You. Sheila, is the wife of Rick Coley, who served as the promoter for this special event.

Audience members were then delighted with a pure jam session based on a tribute to such outstanding artists as #Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Cool & the Gang, Frankie Beverly and Harold Melvin's Blue Notes. This cogent group of talented individuals put on a show where audience members were beguiled as they danced and clapped their hands to the music.

An Evening Filled With Delicious Food and Soulful Sounds

Guess of the Now That's Good Entertainment performance, arrived to a tastefully decorated ballroom with posh black and white table settings. Bathetic lighting filled the room as audience members were immediately directed to a delectable buffet of such dishes as Beef and Broccoli, Baked and Fried Chicken, Spanish and White Rice, String Beans as well as #Macaroni and Cheese. A variety of cakes were served for dessert. Mr. DJ Marvelous, played modern and classic #music during dinner. Audience members appreciated an evening of good music and tasty food at a reasonable price of just $65. Fans came from Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Sheila Coley, wife of Promoter Rick Coley, served as the caterer of this delicious food. After dinner, it was now time for an abundance of supreme talent.

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Promoter Rick Coley, May Stop Booking Large Venues

Before the show started, I was able to interview Janice, who has worked with Rick, for more than 15 years. She admitted that, "We are thinking about shutting it down because Rick is sick and its just been difficult. It has been very stressful for him. When someone tell you that they are going to do something, you expect them to fulfill that responsibility. People keeping their word has been a major problem for us. Therefore, we may still do shows in New York, DC and North Carolina. If we can sell out this location, we may still do something here once a year. " When I had the privilege to speak with Promoter Rick Coley, he reiterated similar concerns. Rick, may continue to do the smaller venues but stop promoting performances at the larger venues because it is just too stressful for him.

The First Performer for the Evening Was Sheila Song Bird

Sheila, expressed during an interview that she had stayed up to 4 a.m., preparing the food for this special event. She was also responsible for decorations, table settings and flowers, along with the assistance of other family members and friends. Sheila, has always and will continue to be very supportive of her husband Rick in these endeavors. The Song Bird, did an outstanding performance of her hit Special Day which is from her current CD, Move With You. She went on two sing such powerful hits by #Celine Dion's, My Heart Will Go On. For more information on Sheila's new CD, or future events, contact Rick Coley at (302) 290-8257

The Very Powerful Touch'e of Clazz


Touch'e of Clazz Gave An Impressive Performance

I had the privilege to speak briefly with members of Touch'e of Clazz, before they went on to perform. Dennis Bradwell, did an outstanding performance in memory of the amazing Teddy Pendergrass. He admitted, "I do not like rap. I wish they could go back to #ballads. I do not like songs that denigrate people out of their names. I feel they are tasteless. I would not want my son using some of the lyrics they use. What they do to girls and all that #slang. They suppose to get teachings from their parents not from the street. I love harmony and old songs. People want to remember love songs and that is one reason we do what we do."

During an interview I also spoke with Andrew Domocase, who has been with Touch'e of Clazz, for more than a year. He went on to explain, "The social value of music today, its trends and values have loss its traditions of ballading and transcending the feeling of music." Andrew, went on to give this advice to new artists in the music industry: "Learn English and how to write. Understand the value of the writing process. Once they understand these values, they will write from their hearts in a more stylish value." Touch'e of Clazz, was determined during their performance, "to tell a story with our music tonight and transcend the audience." They performed such outstanding hits as This Is Dedicated to the One I Love, Ladies Night and The Love I Loss. Their performance did transcend their audience into a time where powerful ballads were vital. Their vigorous performance was really a touch of class.

Diversified Group, performs with their powerful band as Mary-Law plays the trumpet.

Diversified Group, performs with their powerful band as Mary-Law plays the trumpet.

Diversified Group Is A Source of True of Talent

The diverse talent of Alan Blair, Kenny Barnes and Andre Jackson impelled Diversified Group, to an memorable performance. Songs dedicated to the multi-talented Frankie Beverly, such as Joy and Pain, Bad Boy and Happy Feelings, were creatively fulfilled by Blair. Next, in memory and dedication to one of the most powerful singers that ever existed: Kenny, sang Luther Vandross,' Oh My Love and Creeping. The final lead singer was Andre Jackson, who did an amazing act in memory of the idyllic voice of Teddy Pendergrass. He belted out such tunes as Get Down Get Funky Get Loose, Close the Door and Turn Off the Lights.His performance was compelling and all these singers "Tore it up. That group is so talented," said one audience member.

Diversified Group, would not be the conglomerate of talent that they are without impressive band members such as Thomas Jackson on drums, Wanda Brown and Shalan Bond, who do an amazing job as background singers. Ron Butler, is the percussionist. I spoke with Mary Lawrence, who plays a mean trumpet with the group. She explained how people call her, "M-Law which is short for Mary Lawrence. I have been with this group for about a year. I have been playing for 15 years." Mary, has her degree in music and has her own band which is called The Prophets of Jazz. "I am glad to have the opportunity to play with Diversified Group," she stated. The young lady does have some skills which contributes to the harmonious performance of this extremely talented band.

It was an evening filled with tremendous talent, good association and delicious food. We look forward to the next event of Now That's Good Entertainment.

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