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Classic Cartoons - Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse is part of my Classic Cartoons series which have proved to be very popular and brought back a lot of memories for most people. It has been very interesting for me researching the information on my selection of Classic Cartoons. It feels complete knowing the history of classic cartoons and adds more to them when watching them.

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Mighty Mouse: Here I Come To Save The Day!

Mighty Mouse: Here I Come To Save The Day!

Mighty Mouse DVDs

'Here i come to save the day!'

Every time Mighty Mouse sings this line opera style, you know he will beat the crap out of the bad guys! He doesn't just beat the crap out of them, he makes sure they don't have any limbs left and crap in their pants so they don't come back to disturb the peace in Mouseville!

Mighty Mouse is an animated superhero who is obviously a mouse with super powers. He is likened to Superman because they have very much the same super powers. This cartoon is one of the most cleverest in the way that it manages to blend in comedy, violence and intensity very smoothly.

To start off, below is a video of how Mighty Mouse became the superhero he is: like other superheroes, there always is a reason behind how they got their powers.

Mighty Mouse: Mouse of Tomorrow

Mighty Mouse: Outer Space Visitor

Outer Space Visitor

This is one of my favourite Mighty Mouse episodes because it is very funny but serious, and you can feel the immaturity in the first parts of the cartoon when the residents can't figure out what to make of the egg shaped alien.

Things get really serious when the professor uses his interpreting machine to find out what the little egg shaped alien is saying, which proves to be fatal for the residents of Mouseville.

Mighty Mouse - The Beginning

Izzy Klein, the story man of Terrytoons, created a character called 'Superfly' who was most famous for defending the Alamo alongside Davy Crocket. Studio Head, Paul Terry, soon changed the character into a cartoon mouse. He changed the name from 'Super Mouse' to 'Mighty Mouse' because there was already a character in that name in comic books.

The superhero mouse first appeared as 'Super Mouse' wearing his blue costume with a red cape. He first appeared as a parody of the comic book hero 'Superman' in the year 1942 in a theatrical animated short called 'The Mouse Of Tomorrow'.

Mighty Mouse's suit changed from a blue bodysuit and red cape to a yellow bodysuit and red cape over time.

Mighty Mouse - Wolf! Wolf!

Mighty Mouse DVDs

Mighty Mouse's Super Powers

Mighty Mouse is very powerful, invincible and a ruthless fighter. He shows no mercy to his enemies by beating them up even when they are retreating! The punishment he puts his enemies through by punching them heavy blows left right and centre, especially his signature punch, the 'uppercut', sends the enemies into hiding never to return again!

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Mighty Mouse can fly at supersonic speeds and can lift tonnes of weight like Superman.

Mighty Mouse is full of humour, fun and light violence which appeals to all who enjoy watching classic cartoons.

Make your own mind up though, after watching some of the clips i'm sure you will have a better idea of what i mean. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for viewing this article.


Mighty Mouse movie to look forward to which will be on the cinema screens within the next 2 years! Looking forward to it! (It will be animated of coure).

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Gous Ahmed (author) from Muslim Nation on December 08, 2010:

@ Darlene

Thanks Darlene! Must have been great to work for Disney! And getting paid by him aswell!

gulnazahmad on July 26, 2010:

enjoyed reading and watching it:-)

Dobson from Virginia on May 21, 2010:

One time I was playing a video game with my son and I said "Here I come to save the day." My son asked about it and I told him about Mighty Mouse as he had never seen the cartoon. Later he used the phrase, only to have his game "life" end much quicker than expected. He followed in the same singsong way with "That was a very short day!"

Thanks for the memories. Nice job on the hub!

Peter from Australia on May 14, 2010:

This Hub certainly brings back great memories for me. Every Saturday afternoon off to the 'Flicks' to get my fill of Hoppalong Cassidy, Flash Gordon and of course the one and only 'Mighty Mouse' I must have been in the 40's .

Thanks for the memories :-)

Darlene Sabella from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ... on April 30, 2010:

Yes, this is awesome, I love this hub, I worked for Disney and I would tell everyone that I was the only person that had a mouse or rat sign my pay check. LOL, thumbs up, great hub

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