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Civil War Review

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Superhero movies have gone through a lot phases. To Marvel taking over the box-office, to DC trying to cash in on the same thing. Though Marvel has always been the more dominate in both the box-office and even critically success. They've basically ahead of DC in the movie department. This movie is no exception with Captain America Civil War being the more superior film to a BVS. The two hero feud movies are totally different and Civil War just does it a lot better. Civil War is great in ways that BVS should have been. This is because of the directors of the Russo brothers just being more superior to the Zach Snyder. They give us a well rounded action packed movie that doesn't try and set up future installments. Its focus is to stick to what makes a movie good and provides us with one of the best superhero movies of all-time. It's not because of gimmicks or tricks. It's just here to prove that the MCU still has some great and fresh ideas. This makes Civil War the first great blockbuster of the summer.

A building has been destroyed in wakanda, killing many people. Crossbones had tried and killed himself to kill one of the avengers. Scarlet Witch tried to save them but made a bigger problem instead. Now the UN has signed treaty which makes every hero have to register as an employee with the government. The treaty creates a rift in the group of heroes and makes the heroes choose a side to be on. Iron Man believes that there needs to be order and people need to be responsible for their actions. Captain America says it's a breach on their personal lives. This rift is even more ripped open when Bucky comes back into the scene. Bucky was hypnotized into being a super solider and killed a lot of people. Everything comes to a head when the heroes fight it out to try and stop the other side from succeeding. This fight causes a lot of pain through the group and creates a true monster of each other.

The best part of the film is it doesn't create a villain in the group of heroes. There's a true villain in the film, but allows each person to have its "right" moments in the film. It would be easy to create a villain of Iron Man like the comics. However, the Russo Brothers decide to go a different route and create a hero and villain out of both. The story itself allows for these moments to go through as well. It doesn't get bogged down by a typical superhero story where there's a villain, an incident, and then the end battle. It allows for the "villains" and "heroes" to shine equally. They're villains that jump to heroes and heroes who become villains.

Though we are of course here to see the clash between the heroes. Because they created the villain and hero dynamic, there's real heartfelt moments when each side gets hurt. It is fun to watch these heroes get punch, blown up, etc. Though the Russo's show that they are in fact heroes and we don't want to see them get hurt. The likable actors also show a rift in the audiences heart. This is clearly the best part of the film.

Overall, the story of Civil War will get you hooked. You'll be even hooked for the likable actors and characters. You'll get exited when new characters show themselves and you'll get excited for the action stunts that are the best that's ever been seen in the Marvel film. Those fans of the movies or comics will already see it. Those who are a casual fan like me will go and see it. Those who have hero fatigue should go and see it because this is different than any other MCU movies to date. It is truly one of the best movies of this year and should go down and top 3 best movie of the MCU.


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