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Cinematic Hell: Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

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Bradley Foulk is a Film critic, Razzie Voting Member and aspiring Oscar voter. His specialty is ripping apart the worst in all of cinema.

Poster for Basic Instinct 2. Property of Sony and Columbia Pictures.

Poster for Basic Instinct 2. Property of Sony and Columbia Pictures.

You know, Basic Instinct (1992) is not a good movie at all. But it's one of those So Bad-It's Good movies with a lot of style, atmosphere and a decent mystery to it. It's basically a classier version of Showgirls. It's a bad movie, but I don't think I'll be reviewing it here in Cinematic Hell anytime soon. The sequel on the other hand.... that particular film just happens to be next on my repentance list. Yay...?

The strange thing is the first Basic Instinct, despite all it's problems, had a really good ending. It was kind of freighting and solid. So in other words, the first film didn't even leave itself open for any type of sequel. However, if any of these people involved wanted to make a sequel they would have to strike while the iron is hot. Anyway 14 years later we finally got a sequel. Yeah do you see the first problem? I don't think anyone involved with this sequel (with the exception of Sharon Stone) were all that enthusiastic about making this movie. In fact, there was a time when this sequel was completely cancelled. This was back in 2001 or 2002 and anyone who was involved with the first film had given up on trying to make the sequel come into fruition. Then Sharon Stone sued the producers for not upholding a contract to make Basic Instinct 2. After some private settlements and selling of souls, Basic Instinct 2 was green lit and released in 2006. Oh did I mention this movie only made 5 Million dollars on a 70 Million dollar budget? So Sharon I'm going to ask you the same question I asked "From Justin To Kelly" producer Simon Fuller. After all this contractual blackmail for a movie nobody saw... was it worth it?

Basic Instinct 2 takes place now in London, England where Catherin Tramell (Sharon Stone) has moved to get away from her past in America. This time, she's back in trouble with the law by being accused of murder AGAIN. Yeah the first big problem with the film's plot, it's the same story! I would understand if Catherine just wanted to get away from America and distance herself from all that drama. But no, she's killing people again because... hell if I know. Anyway, this time instead of a detective we get a therapist who falls into her web of sexual charms named Michael Glass (nice last name buddy boy). And really... that's it.

Not much is going on in this movie except there's a lot of murder and sex for really no reason. Yes, I know people can kill other people for no reason but even in Basic Instinct there was a method to the madness of this story. There was a pattern to the murder and there was logic (granted very little of it) in Catherine's games. In Basic Instinct 2, Catherine just comes off as a troll who's fucking with the dumb therapist. Not much is at stake here in this movie except for Michael's sanity and quite frankly even then I don't give a shit. Granted, Michael Douglas' character in the first film wasn't that interesting either but at least WE HAD Michael Douglas. I'm not sure how good or bad of an actor David Morrissey is because he doesn't have really good material to work with here. But man, he is just so boring and dull to watch. It's like a piece of driftwood came to life and still hasn't realized he's a piece of driftwood.

But that's nothing compared to Sharon Stone's god awful performance. Here's the thing, I can see why the first Basic Instinct made Sharon Stone a star. She really did give the character a lot of intrigue, sexiness and even some depth in a couple of scenes. To put it simply, Catherine Tramell was an actual character in the first film and Sharon Stone was pretty good in the role. But time hasn't been good to both the character and the actress. I'm not trying to "age shame" or say Sharon Stone was too old for this role but god she's just so off her game in this sequel . You can probably blame the script for this, but Sharon Stone and her character come off more desperate to be sexy than you know.. actually being sexy. Every scene both character and actress have only one emotional performance: sexy voice. It really doesn't matter what scene she's in, Catherine always sounds horny.

Basic Instinct 2 is truly one of the most worthless sequels ever made. It's right up there with Exorcist 2, all of the Freddy sequels and of course Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. It's the same movie as the first one exception it has no idea how to be mysterious or sexy anymore. It's a desperate attempt to revive the erotic thriller after movies like Sliver, Showgirls and Jade pretty much destroyed the genre. It's a nothing movie and it has no purpose in it's existence. But if you do want to watch it on a So Bad-it's Good level, I would recommend watching it once. Beyond that, Basic Instinct 2 is so boring that not even an ice pick can make it interesting. Score: 2/10.

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Lalabyeissa on August 11, 2016:

At least your review was entertaining ♡ thanks Brad!!!

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